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  1. Fields Mechanics

    I read today that Flus is excited about Fields' ability to throw accurately deep, downfield. (Something he was known for at Ohio State). Couple that with the crazy speed Poles has brought into the WR Room and it makes me excited imagining what this offense will be like. Fields rolling out of the pocket, throwing to Jones over the middle or downfield to Mooney, OR running the ball. Our offense should cause opposing DCs to have a few sleepless nights preparing for us. Pass the Kool-Aid =
  2. Roquan accused of rape

    NFL.com, BearsWire, NBCSports, WindyCityGridiron, etc... I've searched everywhere I usually go for news on the Bears and no one is posting anything about this rape allegation. I would have to believe if there was an ounce of credibility it would be all over the news.
  3. Supporting Cast False Narrative

    Also agree. I'm reading that some predict we would get draft picks in exchange for Quinn that would equal or possibly eclipse that which was received for Von Miller. The added bonus, if such a trade took place, is that we will have even more cap space for the next FA period.
  4. Supporting Cast False Narrative

    I'm anxious to see what happens after June 1st cuts. With 15M in his bank, is Poles waiting to see all options available to him before he makes any further moves? It would make sense. There will be a few more surprise moves before the season begins.
  5. Tarik Cohen

    I suspect it is time for him to retire from the NFL and move on. He had trouble recovering from previous knee injury, This may be just too much for him to overcome. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Off Topic Question

    Sorry, I know this is not "Bears" related. Watching reruns on NFL Network today, a question came to mind that I'm sure one of you guys could answer for me. Are there any black place kickers or punters in the NFL? I cannot think of any.
  7. Free agency begins

    The G Gabriel interview was fantastic. I really enjoyed listening to this guy. I feel a lot more confident in our WR room after listening to his take. I truly believe St Brown and Pringle are going to shut up a lot of critics. Mooney, St Brown, Pringle, & Jones are going to be a huge upgrade for Fields to target. As far as the OL, I have my fingers crossed. This should be Poles' strength because of his background. Are the pieces to the puzzle already aboard or is he biding his time to pick up a vet fa after the dust settles?
  8. 2022 Schedule

    I'm also optimistic. Much easier schedule & improved coaching staff will give us a boost in the win column over last year. Add to that some solid roster moves by Poles & Flus and I see no reason why we can't be in the 9 to 10 win spot. In a 17 game run, for us to win slightly more than 50% of our games is not unreasonable.
  9. Tarik Cohen

    There has been an essay by Tarik Cohen published. It had to be one of the most difficult stories I have ever read. The personal tragedies that Tarik has experienced are so extreme it's amazing he was able to survive. To resist the temptation to commit suicide. A link to the full essay is below. I know Tarik is no longer with the Bears, but I always liked the guy. Was sorry to see him released, even though I could understand why he had to be let go. I hope everyone takes a few minutes and reads his self portrait. Letter to My Younger Self - by Tarik Cohen
  10. Free agent WR Keith Kirkwood

    I'm sorry but I must ask, what in the hell would Kirkwood add to our roster? Do we really need to sign any more camp bodies? There is nothing I have read about this guy that, IMO, would justify his signing or his taking up a roster spot.
  11. Supporting Cast False Narrative

    Adam, Great writeup. Loved your analysis and agree with you 100%. Thanks for taking the time to put that together for us.
  12. UDFAs

    I'm not much for highlight films, they can be so misleading. If you made a highlight film of my life, you would think I was an angel. Like I said they can be misleading. I did watch the one for Jack Sanborn since many of you seem high on him. He looked awesome. Did Eberflus' defense in INDY incorporate a lot of LB blitzes? If the answer is yes, Sanborn could fit right in.
  13. Draft Class Thoughts

    It's certainly an eye opener. A very well researched article. Does anyone know why he transferred to Tennessee? I assume that the change of teams/systems may have slowed his development. He also, like many others, had a lost season because of Covid. The damn pandemic slowed the development of many players. So I wonder, if he hadn't changed systems (why did he?) and wasn't slowed by the pandemic, would he have had his breakout year a year or two sooner? Would this have changed the entire discussion (skillfully presented)? I'm hoping this proves to be the exception to the rule established by the writer's research because of the variables I mentioned.
  14. Draft Class Thoughts

    I also read this about Brisker and Gordon. Amazing! A combined one TD allowed over the course of 2 years by the duo is awesome.; The fact that they did this while playing disciplined, penalty free football, equally amazing (especially when you see how many penalties our secondary was guilty of last year). I've read so many good things about V Jones. Why some knock him just because he is 25 yrs old baffles me. It's not like he is a washed up veteran on his last contract before forced retirement. LOL I'm anxious to see if our new OC can make use of this man's unique talent set. If he can, we may have the next Deebo.
  15. Back to Cliff Stein Way of Doing Business

    I was thrilled to see Cliff Stein back in charge of getting our guys signed. However, FWIW, I was surprised when I read about KC today. Like Chicago, they also signed 7 of their 2022 draft picks. The difference being KC's signings included two 1st rounders and a 2nd round pick. Impressive. Stein has always signed late picks first, then moves on to early picks. Historically, this has always been a very successful strategy, usually resulting in the Bears being the first team to sign all of their picks.