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Daniels Moving to Center

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I thought Jason would be all over this.  I think it was always inevitable.  Now after a season to adjust to the NFL and learn our playbook it's time for Daniels to take over leading the Oline.  I don't know much about blocking schemes but Daniels has better mobility and will either handle reach blocks better than Whitehair or will be better when pulling into space.  Whitehair likely is moving back to his more natural position too.  Will we get better snaps to Trubisky in the shotgun instead of those floating snaps that sometimes took forever to arrive?    



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I do think you're right that this is scheme related. Putting Daniels and his agility at Center is part of the quicker hitting inside run game that Howard wasn't suited for. Howard was a back with vision who had patience to let his blocks develop off tackle. Nagy prefers someone who hits the hole quickly, or one cut and go, and that means the blockerw reaching the LBs would be inside and move more quickly.

Moving Daniels goes along with adding Mongotmery and Davis to the backfield.


I have another silly point that wouldn't be worth thinking about if ANYTHING else was happening to talk about LOL

If they are looking to extend Whitehair, it seems that they're going to cost themselves some money if they do it as a Guard instead of a Center.

According to this site:


guards get paid quite a bit more than centers.

Here's the average salary of each for the past four years...

                         2016                2017                2018                2019


Guard              5.8M                6.6M                6.9M                12.9M

Center             2.6M                4M                   4.9M                6.1M

G/C                  +223%             +165%             +141%             +211%

You can see that in 2106 and 2019 OG made more than double what OCs got.

Even in the closest example, centers only made about 2/3 what guards made.

So switching Whitehair to OG might cost us a few million dollars each year on the cap.

Am I suggesting that we shouldn't move him over until he's signed? Nah. They should do whatever's best for the team. I'm just bored, and have nothing else to do but ask and answer this question. It's interesting though...


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