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  2. I just keep getting hard on pills ads. hmmm LOL Im kidding of course, but the ads do suck. I could re-engage my adblocker, but then it wont load tweets that people paste.
  3. i think Poles has shown he doesnt draft for need. He has been disciplined to wait the requisite years to fill out the roster. The previous Bears GMs were always about filling holes. We'd sign someone to a high contract, or draft someone high, and they would be overvalued because of need. We'd end up married to a 75%er for four years. Poles knows that when you find the right player at the right point in their career, you pay them what they are worth, but you cant reach because you have a hole and are thinking about this year only. Claypool is a perfect example of why not to do that. So I think Poles takes value at the #9 pick, regardless of players he may have on cheap deals who are doing OK. If that means OT, then so be it. It sure doesnt rule out the top WRs ot Bowers either. It just depends who falls to us.
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  5. After QB what are the most important positions? You can look at what their paid. Not in any order LT, WR, Edge and CB. We don't need a CB, so those are the positions that will be drafted top 10. People like Bowers or a Jaylon Carter type pop up once in a while but not the norm. After QB, which players would have the most impact right away? Figure in our needs and it's probably edge or WR. Bowers and Newton could be considered. I think our LT is good enough to not consider in a top 10 pick. Poles is a OL guru ( self clamied) so it could be a LT, if he thinks Braxton can play somewhere else.
  6. I think we need help at a lot of positions, and there are lots of ways to get help; trade, free agency, the draft. So your question, which non QB should we get in the top of the first round, is about finding value at KEY positions, that you dont have to overpay for like you do in free agency or the draft. So before I look at team needs, or even the Bears at all, the answers to that question are always the same: QB, Edge, Left Offensive Tackle and game changing impact players (who are rare) and any position. Usually that last part means WR or TE. Those are the generic values by position. So for example, if JPJ is going to be the best center that ever played the game, you still don't draft him in the top 5 picks. He's trending like he's gonna go around pick #20, which means he's a hell of a prospect at center. But I cant think of any center who can take over a game. They can do a lot, but for example, you dont normally think of a LB being able to take the team on his shoulders the way a championship QB does - but Ray Lewis did. But even still you wouldnt put non-edge LB in the top 10 of most drafts. It'd take a very rare player to do that. So I think the answers in this draft at #9 are QB (probably not the 9 pick! and outlawed by your rule here anyway), LOT, DL (could be edge could be 3T), WR and possibly Bowers too. If you stack all of those up, you get a choice of at least a few of them at 9. The way you listed it makes perfect sense, but add in the LOTs, and the edge rushers you mention later, and then you've got your full list. That's my answer anyway.
  7. These pop ups are pissing me off. They've become more random...
  8. Just click on ( watch on YouTube)_ to see video. If you love Caleb Williams, best not to watch it.
  9. I don't think we go OT, so receiver or edge for me. That includes Bowers.
  10. The last 5 #9s: Jalen Carter, Charles Cross (OT), Patrick Surtain, CJ Henderson, Ed Oliver.
  11. So I was thinking, regardless if the Bears use #1 on a QB or trade down, they will have at least one pick in the top 10 to draft a non-QB. Knowing that, and with the assumption that 3 QBs will go in the top 10, what group of players must the Bears get at least one player from? For me, it is a group that includes MHJ, Nabers, Odunze, Bowers, or Alt. With 3 QBs, there is a chance that all of them are gone at #9. If that is the case, would you be ok with someone else in this group? Someone like Turner, Verse, or Latu on the Edge? Fashanu? I would rather trade down if none of those 5 are there. Thoughts?
  12. Turner, Newton, and Robinson + Nubin. Oh dear ,I pity anyone playing against out defense.
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  14. Yeah, the thumb thing is sort of concerning. He should be 100% healed by now. Hopefully it's just on for extra protection against reinjury.
  15. No way, no 2024 2nd rounder, and Bijan is awesome, but swapping him for Herbert is the equivalent to a 3rd round pick. So only a 2025 1st, 2024 3rd, Bijan swap, and a 2026 2nd to move to 8? I know they tried to mimic the Carolina trade, but I would rather do Pitts and a 2024 2nd instead of the 3rd.
  16. Now, you are just toying with the last emotion I have...🤣
  17. If this could happen, it would sway me to keep Justin.
  18. I didn't blow it this time. Doubled down on the both lines.
  19. 26 in the top 101 but missed one of the top three centers being greedy so its more of a failed draft for me.
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