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  2. Explains why they signed another QB this week. And hearing more and more like Justin will start Sunday.
  3. We have a potential of getting a slew of picks if we end up at #2. Right now we have 4 picks in the top 101. If we get a trade we could get an extra 2 or 3 picks in the top 101 and a low one next yr. Either way we get several top end talent. I prefer to stay in the top 5 and get one of the D studs.
  4. This is the one game I want to win. Kick the owner to the curb. Cart his ass off!
  5. Last week
  6. yup - we need tryouts and we need to have "decent" players at every position before the draft. All GMs do that. They fill holes with worst case scenario guys so they have the freedom to go best player available or some version of it.
  7. Yeah I don't want to trade that high pick for a meaningless win. Hopefully our secondary is so depleted that Rogers can pick us apart.
  8. Fields was a full practice today on the field , so I think he will be playing. If we win, I will be watching the game with some Packer fan friends, so a win would be more fun for me but a loss would be better for the future.
  9. I think Carter was a LT in college not sure he ever played OC in college. I would just let him play the last few games instead of Whitehair , they know what they have in Whitehair. Just heard on the radio that Justin was a full practice on the field today. I think he's going to play.
  10. It seems clear we are now in a full on tryout mode. Signing a QB to the active roster for 3 weeks means they are going to protect Fields at all cost. Signing a DT means the off-season search for talent has begun. I agree we get leatherwood on the fields now before Fields returns. As far as I’m concerned make the change at OC too. I wouldn’t mind seeing Carter get some reps too but if a new OC is out there I think the best way to evaluate him is keeping whitehair and Jenkins on the field. No need to win the games we need to win the draft.
  11. This makes sense to me and I still think - with everything you know - you want Fields to play 4 weeks - giving him 2 more weeks of game rest is probably best opportunity to get to that point.
  12. Yeah - this is a must lose for the long-term. I mean if Fields played and went off and they won 40-36, I'll live with it. I'll live with any win where Fields is playing and the offense goes ham. What I don't want is a 13-10 win with Semien playing QB or a banged up Fields winning a game 13-10 . Its a vaccuum analysis, but getting a top few pick would be massive in accelerating the rebuild (as long as it isn't because Fields looks awful the rest of the year and/or Fields is obliterated and has long-term health issues).
  13. If Peterman starts it will be a bloodbath. Expect us to run 30+ times with Montgomery and Evans. It will not be an opportunity for the WRs to showcase themselves. Peace
  14. Agreed. There is no downside to playing him now. In fact, it's best to find out now if he has any value. Peace
  15. I wouldn't mind a couple of late hits on him. Not sorry for saying it either.
  16. He is absolutely a douche but turn the volume down and is one of the great QBs of our time. I hate losing to the Packers but this one is necessary to get the 2nd pick.
  17. I think he's next in line anyways, they are forced to. They invested money in him, so go for. He started for one year in LV, was the worst pass blocking OT in the league that year. He has all the measurements so its just getting his mental part of the game right. If he ends up turning things around, it was a great move by Poles and one spot we won't need to fill in the off-season. If not , he only wasted money of which he created a lot of it for next year.
  18. Flus gives a vague response to whether Leatherwood plays this weekend. But a guy who is not Coach Flus suggests a good reason to start him.
  19. And in typical Rodgers d-bag fashion. Gawd it would be so nice to beat him. Alas I don’t think it’s in the cards.
  20. The Boyle signing sorta makes sense (with his familiarity with Getsy) but the signing of Brown (a DE) with all the injuries in the defensive backfield, to include now backup Safety Cruckinshank(sp?)?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  21. EJ was leading the voting for FS in the league. He has played well. Hopefully he recovers fully. That would just be one more spot to fill. As of now we need 7-8 new starters which could make us competitive. .
  22. Maybe a broken bone on the arch of the foot where all the stress is supported. It is odd though because you'd think that would be so obvious that we wouldn't be sitting here still speculating on the severity.
  23. Watching Pickett last night throw numerous passes into the dirt, or nearly so, was almost as enjoyable as watching Pickens dropping them. Ryan Clark afterward calling them perfect passes that only the WR could catch. Sure, because every DB loves seeing a pass so low there is not a chance of any RAC.
  24. I wouldn't totally hate this, especially if there's an absolute haul to be had. I'd especially love to get picks back this year. I doubt Pittsburgh gives up on Pickett(They should) but if they wanna trade up in the 1st and give us our 2nd plus their 2nd, I'd sign up for that all day. It's gonna be Justin's 3rd year and I think these next 2 years they need to be all in before his contract gets silly. 3 top 40 picks to move down a few spots would be really nice. You'd also hope to get 2 more starters with the Baltimore pick and your high 3rd rounder. That's 5 top 65ish picks and 125 mill in cap space.
  25. I agree with all of this, but I dont know what Bears scouts think about this years' QBs, and what they think about where Fields is headed. From my perspective in the cheap seats, I agree with you, but Poles will do his due diligence on every possible scenario, and Id love to be a fly on the wall for those discussions.
  26. In the 2021 draft there are GMs that took Zack Wilson, Troy Lance, and Mac Jones. Dont know anything about the QBs this yr but those are 3 they thought would be stars and I would say none of them have shown that yet. There is still time, but I would think Poles goes with what is a better prospect that is on his team right now. He could trade back farther and still get the top OL and WR on the board, but hope he goes for the top 2 players in the draft plus gets some extra picks.
  27. There is also another interesting scenario. I want to make clear this is NOT what I want, or what i predict, but it's out there and worth mentioning. Poles could keep #2, draft one of the QBs and trade Fields for 2 firsts+. Now I'm not suggesting that he would do that just for the extra first round pick. That would be way too cute and risky. But if he truly doesnt think Fields will ever become a real passer (I think he will!) or if he is 100% sure the QB being drafted is the next Payton Manning, then it's a move he could consider. If it was me, I'd trade back to #4 or something and snag one of the top DL, while getting something extra for the trouble. But Id be happy with just staying at 3 or wherever we end up and taking the DL too. But Poles didn't draft Fields, and he now knows a lot more about his upside, and about the potential in these rookie QBs, than I do, so I thought it was worth mentioning that this is at least an option that Poles has to consider, even if he is as sure as I am that keeping Fields is ultimately the right decision.
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