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  2. Well hes surely not competing for WR1, WR2, WR3 or WR4. So youre right hes no pro bowler. But the question is between him and Velus Jones Jr. for WR5. Carter just turned 31, Jones just turned 27 Carter ran a 4.44 40, and Jones ran a 4.31. As a WR, Carter has 108 receptions for 1259 yards and 6 TDs. As a WR, Velus has 11 receptions for 127 yards and 1 TD. Carter's best WR season was 2022 when he had 46 receptions for 538 yards and 3 TD. Jones' best WR season was 2022 also when he had 7 receptions for 107 yards and 1 TD. neither is a WR3 even for sure. As a kick returner: Carter has 118 returns for an average of 22.4 yards and 3 fumbles and 1 TD (2.5% fumble percentage) Jones has 38 returns for an average of 27.4 yards and 0 fumbles and 0 TD (0% fumble percentage) as a punt returner: Carter has 132 returns for an average of 9.8 yards and 11 fumbles and 0 TD (8.3% fumble percentage) Jones has 5 returns for an average of 7 yards and 2 fumbles and 0 TD (40% fumble percentage) And we remember a lot of Velus fumbles in preseason too. Neither one looks that impressive. Carter has the clear edge on punts, and then Velus has a slight statistical edge on kick returns. Maybe they'll put them both back there.
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  4. Higgens will for sure be gone next year. If Caleb grows into what we hope, I believe the Bears resources will start going to the trenches, which I assume will be strong on the draft side which helps keep the cap down. I would take a team friendly extension with Keenan over Higgens since he seems like a great fit for this year and next while Odunze grows into a force. Scott/Jones need to take a leap in production and eventually win the #3 spot since I don't see the Bears investing in WR draft wise early for a few years.
  5. Readdressing the WR position. I'm looking at the Bengals and wondering how they are going to manage Burrow, Chase and Higgins. They will account for 120 million a year. Is the cap rating enough to support that? Will it be sustainable if not?
  6. The new kick off rule allows teams use two deep. Poles mentioned in an interview, that once it was announced, he put together a "special" team just to learn what they will need to be ready and excel at it. I am guessing they will have a handful of players to put in those duties.
  7. It's wild that the Falcons can tamper with 3 players and only lose a 5th rounder. It feels like they got off too lightly.
  8. I like Carter, and from what I am hearing, Special Teams coaches are planning to use two guys back deep. I thought that was not allowed, but I guess it is.
  9. and the messed up, they have Miami as the wrong playoff seed on the inside of the ring.
  10. LMAO, so funny Pix. Start saving cause your opportunity is fast approaching.
  11. Unrelated, but I found it interesting. KC just released images of their SB rings from 2023. Sweet. I can't wait to see what our next SB ring looks like. I need to win the lottery so I can buy one off a player. LOL It stated that these rings usually cost 30K to 50K each. I'm guessing this one was high-end. Then I discovered that teams not only give their players (52 roster + PS), coaches, and front office staff but also often include support staff. Strength coaches, Equipment Staff, Cheerleaders, and even janitors are sometimes rewarded with rings. We are probably talking close to 100 rings. You don't even need a calculator. We are talking anywhere from 3 to 5 Million for the rings. WOW!
  12. The dude was with the Bears in 2020, easily forgotten, as he was nothing special. On the Bears in ‘20, he returned four punts for 30 yards and lost a fumble. I looked up his stats. In his career he has a total of exactly 250 PR + KR Out of 250 KO + PRs, he scored 1 TD. Maybe they need extra legs to work out the new KO return schemes in training camp. Beyond that, I am not excited with this signing. I think V Jones shines, and we have several good options to pair up with him. Herbert, Johnson, Pettis. Camp fodder would be his ceiling. 😉
  13. Deandre Carter is also 30 years old. That tells me Poles thinks the window is open now. That tells me he will pick up another DE this year.
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  15. its hard to play QBs like they are in the top 3 in the league when they arent. And thats the game. Pretty soon, itll be all rookies, and the very few QBs that really are worth their $ will win all the superbowls. I think we might have one.
  16. Sort of Bears related, Lawrence signs $275M 5-year extension - $55M per year with $200M guaranteed. He already had his 5th Year option (for next year at $25.6M) so they have to shed $30M from their cap after 2025 with Christian Kirk the only player with salary to shed. It is going to be fun to see how these teams handle the QB bump. He is not Mahomes, so it is not like his performance along overcomes the loss of other players. The Bears would be in the same boat with Fields, if they kept him, and maybe not this offseason, but next one for sure.
  17. He's fast too, so this may be competition for Velus' roster spot.
  18. I agree that any more major acquisitions would be in the trenches. We are stocked everywhere else. I think it could come in two ways: 1) an excellent player who fits the long term plan on a 4 year deal 2) an aging vet who can fill in until Booker ascends, and/or we draft another DE - kind of like Keenan Allen for the WRs until Odunze is fully ready. For #1, it would have to be a top notch player. Not sure who would be available to fit that, but Poles has surprised us before. This could happen at the trade deadline, if as you say, we are on our way to the playoffs, having won enough games in September and October. For #2, there are lots of options still around. We could well pick one up cheap before the season starts if Poles thinks they are better than Dom Rob.
  19. With only seven teams making the playoffs, that's definitely on the wish list. It's not going to be an easy road, especially when we have two teams ahead of us in our own conference. Are we better than any of the following: Detroit, Green Bay, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas? Then, someone automatically gets in from the NFC South, leaving one spot open. A lot of things have to go right for us. We could possibly have a ten and seven record and not make a wildcard. In the end, I don't believe it would take a SB run for him to make another Sweat type of trade. Heck, I would do it just because it was and will be a no brainer. Taking advantage of the market is what the smart teams do. Poles has put is in position to do so. Until our QB begins elevating the team, the money needs to follow the ones that do. Once the QB is established, those deals are off the table.
  20. Looks like this cost the Falcons a 5th round pick next year. Eagles have been cleared.
  21. WR/KR/PR - another body to compete with Velus Jones and Dante Pettis in return/WR duties. They may use 2 deep in the KR, so having a few bodies that can is going to be necessary. I won't say it means the guys we have are not showing progress but having bodies here when you can will help make the team better.
  22. I think IF he has sights of going to the SB, then he may add to make that run but i think he will let new players fail first before he takes that step. His mind already has this team making the playoffs. i would be disappointed if he didnt think that way.
  23. The Bears just signed DeAndre Carter. A kick returner, who isnt showing preogress on the team?
  24. I'm following that line; I think if Poles sees that if Caleb can play and that we are also in contention for a playoff spot, he will definitely spend on a good player. That good player would definitely have to be of the OL DL category to make sense.
  25. I think Poles has shown that hes willing to spend the money for the right players. Is Hendickson the right player? I dunno. But I think Poles knows we need more there, and is still going to make some sort of move. Maybe at the trade deadline if not now.
  26. As much as a star player would be nice, I dont think Poles is going to add a big contract to the team. He can work numbers to make it happen but Troy will want Sweat money if not more. I think he will run with the options on the team. If he adds someone (Yannick) that will be on a team friendly deal. If Allen has a good year ,that wont be cheap bringing him back. If he keeps Jenkins that wont be on the cheap. As he builds this team , he keeps an eye on the cap. I thnk he may want to extent DJ Moore before he spends bigt money to fill a weak spot. He has made several comments on not being able to fill all his needs in this season.
  27. just like Sweat, there are players who are not currently free agents who might be available in a trade without being openly on some list of available players? For example, the Bengals have a real stud in Trey Hendrickson (17.5 sacks last year) who is disgruntled, wants an extension and has requested a trade. That's one example. And we will be seeing him up close in joint practices soon with the Bengals, and the same for the Bengals seeing Herbert etc. But there may be others that none of us are aware of, just like we all thought it was Chase Young we were looking at, and suddenly it was the DE on the other side that got traded. I am just saying that there is a gaping hole at DE2, and Booker right now may not be enough to fill it?
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