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  1. Fields was never leading any team to 10 wins. This is a whole narrative that's been proven false now. No one wanted him, no one traded much for him, and the team that did get him didnt exercise the 5th year option. The real Fields in the real world is not a good NFL quarterback, and if Caleb leads us to 10 wins, that will be fantastic.
  2. for sure, and you want that special WR that Caleb can build ESP with where just a look tells them both what theyre doing. If the right WR is there at 9, that's a very tempting pick for sure.
  3. not really true tho. the average time to throw is similar, but the standard deviation is VERY different. There are many dozens of examples on film where Williams gets the ball out fast. And other examples where he buys a ton of time before throwing. So his average looks like Fields' but his game film definitely does not. This is one of those times where the stat doesnt really tell the whole story. Williams is nothing like Fields.
  4. and when he goes, we get a 3rd round pick.
  5. yeah those QB slots are not set in stone at all. Could be a lot of things that happen. Could be the QBs we expect are picked in the order we expect by completely surprising teams trading up to 2 and 3, or could be a total shock. I just hope more QBs go before 9 to help our choices.
  6. Well Im one too. Let's shake hands, and maybe this dynamic will fade? (shaking hand) Also, did you see the game? He had a lot of dropped balls and a lot of covered receivers.
  7. nah dude, youre being fighty - quit it. You can say "I dont see it that way" but when you say "no one but you" then youre making it about me - does that make sense? If you dont respond harshly to me, I wont have to say anything. I would MUCH rather be friendly, I promise. And yes I am very much looking forward to Thursday night!
  8. I said "Every QB and team has bad games, but Williams didn't quit or collapse, he continued fighting, and had a better second half than first half, showing grit and competitiveness." You said "Everyone, including CW, says it like it was. A BAD game. No one except you tries to make it sound positive. It wasn't. He had a bad game" Didnt I just call it a bad game? I think you need to sort out your feelings about me and read what I write instead of what you prejudge me to be and say. Because you sound fighty, and you misunderstand me to support your wrong opinion of me. Cut it out, read what I write. Thanks.
  9. Interesting that you took what I said that way. I didnt say it was a positive - I said he didnt fold and improved in the second half. I said he was competitive and showed grit. For comparison, Justin Fields only broke 200 yards 13 times in the NFL. We agree that one bad game doesn't determine a QB, but i also think there is something to be learned about his character and toughness in this game in which he played poorly, but better in the second half?
  10. you must have, since the USC offense only managed two field goals in the first half, but scored two touchdowns in the second half, after going down 24-6 in the first half. No one quit. Certainly not Caleb. Williams threw 3 interceptions that day, but he also had a 62% completion percentage and threw for 200 yards. Every QB and team has bad games, but Williams didn't quit or collapse, he continued fighting, and had a better second half than first half, showing grit and competitiveness.
  11. Also, if you watch that game, Williams rebounded in the second half and showed grit and competitiveness.
  12. I agree with this. I want to see him consistently make plays, and I know he will make a few mistakes too. I've used the word "flashes" but youre right, it should be more than just a few isolated flashes, what I really meant was a lot of damn good QB play, and some rookie mistakes.
  13. that would be the cherry on top of the sundae that's been unfolding since last years' draft when we traded out of #1 with Carolina. It's been a series of unlikely events that have led us to what could well be the redemption and resurgence of the Bears as a championship caliber team!
  14. lol well roll em again, because you nailed it!
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