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  1. Totally classless. I support Pix having the right to his opinion. I support you having the right to yours as well.
  2. Someone put part of that on X and was making a big deal about how accurate Williams was on warm up throws to receivers who were jogging.
  3. Almost by definition there will be significantly more KR and therefore more KR TDs. It will affect the outcome of games just as Hester did for us. I like it because I'd rather not see the league beholden to the teams with the best QBs. Keep it a team sport in all phases. Poles thought enough of special teams to use a 4th Rd pick on a punter. I still enjoy watching the kicks and kick returns precisely because of that unknown factor... be it a fumble, muffed punt, big return to flip the field, etc.
  4. How is a team “better” if they can’t cover kick or even punt returns?
  5. Hard to imagine anything worse than watching touchback after touchback. What is the point of paying millions of dollars for coaches and players and running a non competitive play?
  6. Believe it or not that is actually just a minimum wage contract for the NFL. Go look at min salary for each year. No risk to the team whatsoever. If he makes the practice squad it’s done on a different deal. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cba/minimum/
  7. AZ54


    It certainly feels like we're going to add one more decent vet FA. I'd say most likely on the Dline but can't rule out Williams at Center.
  8. AI is complete and utter BS. To borrow a phrase from the 1980s.... garbage in garbage out. Plus on the top of the "data set" they are using or not using you have absolutely no idea how that AI is programmed. The most common AI systems in use today are simply plain text readers. Meaning you can interact with the computer via everyday language. Which is cool but you still have no clue what the underlying program is designed to do. Drug company using AI to find new cancer drugs... but does it program it to find drugs that maximize profits? Is the most economical for consumers? Most efficacious? Just using a theoretical example people can relate to.
  9. I watched the Kay Adam’s interviews from Halas Hall today. It’s safe to say it’ll be game on in practice.
  10. I’m just joking around a little bit although I am at the point where I just want to see him throwing too NFL caliber receivers. Fortunately we actually have some of them on our roster now. Smile.
  11. The past doesn’t matter. Now that it’s done he must be the one.
  12. I agree. Caleb needs that extra time as does everyone with a brand new offense. I don't expect we'll see much of anything with the new offensive starters during this game but I'll gladly take that extra week of practice.
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