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Bears vs Raiders OL Grades

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This is a breakdown of the entire OL in the 1st half versus the Raiders and the grading system is as follows,


[++]: Exceptional block showing good technique, physicality and finish.

[+]: Good block that may be missing one of the keys from above.

[/]: Stalemate or a block that does not do much to further the success of the play.

[-]: Poor block that may or may not affect the play.

[--]: Incredibly poor block that leads to the plays failure or a hit on the QB.


Quarter 1


Play 1: Run Right [7 Yards]


Bushrod: Good physical turn out of the backside DE [+].


Slauson: Physical surge into the backside DT and stoned him on the line and did not allow him off late to pursue the play [+].


Garza: Physical run block that turns the NT and knocks him to the ground [+].


Long: Gets to the 2nd level quickly and strikes Burnett, but does not lock him down long enough to be a dominant block [+].


Mills: Drives the backside DE down, but allows him off late however he does not get involved in the play and did open up the playside of the run [+].


*Exceptional blocks by the TE core [bennett, Maneri and Onubon].


Read the rest here:



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Agreed, great find. What is most interesting to me is how many blocks we're seeing that are truly moving the LOS. I see Long, Mills, and others make some mistakes occasionally on assignments but this line is different from the last few years in that when they get it right it's very right. In other words there were quite a few (++) blocks. Mills has surprised me with how strong he is, Long we kind of heard about his strength. When these guys both get it right they are pretty good in the running game. I believe the mental errors will drop quickly for both Long and Mills.

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I read this last night and liked the amount of effort it took to write the article. Can anyone provide info as to who wrote it and what their credentials are?

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That dude was/is(i don't follow ccs) a Webb supporter so he obviously knows nothing about OL play =p


I Webb supporter? I take back my compliment you hack!

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