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  1. That's a strong opinion. One I flip flop on. On one hand, adding a new QB on an already built nest is a really good environment for a young QB. We truly don't know how good or bad Flus and Getsy are. Yes, they anger is. Yes, they make mistakes. They are both first timers on a huge rebuild. Pace knows what's up and he'll have his hand full.
  2. And if Fields balls out, you can trade the young gun. I don't like this one as much. It just seems like a dick move. I just see the team saying, ah hell nah...
  3. The NFL must hire full time officials. With billions of dollars on the line every week, they are concerned with saving thousands and it's ridiculous. They also need to start with team's having the ability to challenge any penalty they want. It shouldn't add too much time to the game, especially since they already have a video crew in new york looking at everything. TJ Watt had spoken out about officiating, saying the officials must not like him or something.
  4. I'll go Maye, Daniels, Williams, McCarthy, Nix, Penix, Sanders. Crazy, that's 7 in the first two rounds.
  5. Both are massive upgrades. MHJ is 6 inches taller, with a much larger catch radius. This would also put Mooney in the slot, where he belongs. Tonyan is terrible and needs to go. He misses blocks and drops important passes. Bowers is extremely talented. He's faster and shiftier than Kelce. Great hands and great blocker that runs like a RB with the ball after catch. Best prospect at the position I've seen in a long time.
  6. Everyone would if they knew it was "good" Randy. He was a team destroyer for a few years. MHJ is a good dude, just like his dad. He'll run great routes and block when asked. Here's the million dollar question: is he a bigger difference maker than Brock Bowers? I'd kill to draft both...
  7. Yes. Thing is MHJ isn't close to the freak in athleticism. What you will get is a bigger, stronger version of his dad, which I'm very good with.
  8. My pops would say, "you're looking up a dead goats ass". 😂
  9. Nobody hates you. Remember when grizz was one of the first ones off the Trubisky train. He took a ton of crap. I got him a couple times. In the end, he was the one holding the scepter. Some folks have more patience, while some see enough. As of now, I'm 75% out on Fields and hoping the light turns on.
  10. IMO, one and two are spot on. I often talk with my dad about the Bears and the ups and downs of it all. What always galvanized me, is that he and I see the game exactly the same. It's kinda freaky. To your point of basing an offense, rings the loudest bell. Pops and I are of the opinion, that offensive football is a symphony. It must have a tempo set by the conductor, which is Justin. In football, being on time is the most critical component of every offense. Snap count, ball fake, line assignments and routes must be at a precise place and time. For the main piece of the puzzle to be out of sync, that has to be a nightmare for an OC. The clock is ticking.
  11. He didn't say he couldn't do it. It's that he generally doesn't. Or offense is designed for YAC and we honestly don't do that well, due to Justin being late. We often see our receivers fighting for extra yards, due to late delivery.
  12. Mongo3451

    Bears Defense

    Poles: Jaylon, we're placing the transition tag on you. But first, I'm going to give you this one time offer. You can choose to accept or be tagged. If your tag value is down with other teams, this offer goes down with it. Please remember that teams can't outbid us, so they really won't try as hard as you may think. We want you to be a Bear for life.
  13. Definitely keep the quality depth.
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