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  1. If anyone remembers, this is who we were predicted to be. It's ok for the next 13 weeks. If Justin is not quicker delivering the ball by then, we'll be drafting accordingly. And we are in position to do so. This year is base level. Next year, the first floor gets built...
  2. My question is, could we have afforded to pay Cooper, plus lose what pick to get him? If he was affordable, that type of reciever, with his route tree, would be perfect for Fields. If healthy, Pickens will be a stud, but had red flags all over the place for his behavior, so I don't find fault in the Bears for passing on him. He too would be a great compliment to Cooper because of his physicality and jump ball ability. I'm sure they will try to trade Quinn and Monty before the deadline and maybe Roquan. That would make the rebuild complete with extra picks and whatever trading Quinn would net in future cap space to add to our 103mil. As always, the huge prayer is that a QB emerges. Fields has 13 more games to prove it or I feel we'll draft one.
  3. Mongo3451

    T. Jenkins

    Patrick and Mustipher both caused sacks last week for blowing their switch offs.
  4. I wouldn't pay him. We can have for 15-17 mil next year as a franchise tag player. In the meantime, draft a guy and see if he's a keeper. Then you can decide whether to franchise him again or trade, with the young guy waiting in the wings.
  5. I find no peace of mind in it. In the NFL, it's rare to have multiple people open on a route, so you gotta hit the first guy you see. He's beating himself up by his own indecision. The only solace I find is that the commentator shows us that Justin sees it. That can be corrected.
  6. I replayed our 17 pass attempts to break down the ugly. We had 8 completions, so I had only 9 to critique. Take away 2 quick sacks that Mustipher and Patrick gave up and that left me with 7 off target throws out of 17 for a disastrous 41%. I wanted badly to be able to blame the OL more, but simply couldn't. One thing I enjoyed reviewing was Khalil Herbert. Not only did he have a good game, he is legit good. I'll be totally damned if he doesn't remind me of Emmitt Smith with his running style. The way he glides combined with his balance and vision really impressed me.
  7. I want to mirror what Jalen Hurts career looks like. When he came in as rookie, he looked like garbage. Three years into it, he's a MVP candidate. Hurts had the best OL in the league, a stud WR plus depth and good TE and RB. Hurts is also into multiple years with his OC. Get to Fields and we see a dumpster fire at OL in the pass game, terrible reciever depth and top end talent. There is a dilemma that a coach has between winning and developing. The is also the talk of the stigma that a lot of coaches coach the aggressive nature out of a QB by harping on turnovers too much. I wish I were a fly on the wall to see how he's being coached, because he does look lost. Hopefully, Eberflus and Getsy get together and make a unilateral decision on the path forward. I personally believe they need to limit him to two reads with the emphasis on hitting the plant foot with a decision made, they do it. Yes, he'll miss opportunities, but he already is. Slowing the game down for him will help him with timing and mechanics. If I can provide an example: the first time I played 5 on 5 basketball it was a complete disaster. It got a little better after time, but things improved too slowly. Then, out of heaven came a 3 on 3 game and my eyes were opened. It went from a twirling bowl of spaghetti to a beautiful rigatoni. After getting the most out of 3 on 3, 5 on 5 was much better.
  8. A win is a win and that is a building block. In a game that Fields looked terrible, other people stepped up. We expected growing pains and they come in all forms. I'm judging this season as a whole; see if Justin progresses and learn who your core is. That's it.
  9. You hit the nail on the head! Thank you. I like the jacket, but think they give too much of the design to the pigeon in that particular application. I can everyone saying, "cool jacket, what's up with the pigeon"?
  10. I was looking at this jacket an am wondering what the pidgeon symbolism means.
  11. Mongo3451

    Poor Mitch

    He's enough to win with, but will never put a team on his back when he needs to.
  12. Yes, he mentioned it a couple of times.
  13. There's always hope. I'm ready for some decisive pass attempts.
  14. Forgive me, but what you about to read is purely conjecture. I am concerned about Mooney. Over the course of the off season, we read on numerous accounts how much time he and Justin spent together running routes. Fast forward to training camp and we have a rash of reciever injuries. Mooney never was on the report, but he did have to pick up the slack. While many 4, 5, 6 and 7th receivers are used for their camp legs, we did not have that luxury. We had to use our #1, giving Mooney a lot of extra reps in practice and all three exhibition games. Also, what role did Eberflus' "always hustle" mantra play into this? You know where I'm going. His legs look tired. I could see it Sunday night. When Justin overthrew him on that deep post, the safety was easily outrunning him. I saved the game and watched again yesterday, focussing on Mooney and he never really looked like he had burner speed or great twich in his cuts. In wrapping this up, how do they fix it? As of now, Justin has only thrown 28 passes and Mooney has a grand total of 4 yards. Next, is Kmet tired too? He has zero targets. Am I off base with all of this, because this isn't my first rodeo? It's all just a theory. Thoughts?
  15. The biggest issue I have with Fields is that he rarely hits his plant foot and is ready to throw. That is rarely an OL or poor reciever issue.
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