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Les Frazier won't give Favre ceremonial one snap...


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Favre’s streak won’t be extended with a one-snap cameo

Posted by Mike Florio on December 10, 2010, 1:13 PM EST

The 297-game regular-season Ironman streak of quarterback Brett Favre hangs in the balance. And the Vikings won’t thumb the scales for him via a ceremonial appearance.


Peter King of SI.com asked coach Leslie Frazier whether the Vikings would give Favre a courtesy snap on Sunday, and Frazier didn’t hesitate.


“No,” Frazier said. “I wouldn’t do that. We wouldn’t do that. And I can tell you Brett wouldn’t want it that way. That isn’t what Brett’s about. Whoever’s writing that or saying that . . . it’s just not the way we do things. I can tell you this: If we decide to play Brett, it’s with the mindset that he’ll play the game, and play well.”

It’s unclear whether Favre will indeed play. The fact that he has fought through so many injuries in the past creates a sense that he’ll find a way to play despite this one, too. But this one — a shoulder injury — could be worse than the others.

“He can bring his arm back to start the throwing motion,” Frazier said, “but when he brings it forward through the motion, there is tremendous pain. . . . This injury is different than the other ones he’s had. The pain is different. I don’t know if he can play. We’ll have to see how he does [Friday] and make a determination.”


Favre has not yet practiced this week. If he can’t play, Tarvaris Jackson will get the nod for the 5-7 Vikings


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