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  1. That...maybe James Daniels. We have to hold on to something on the OL. that isn't straight garbage or on the verge of retirement.
  2. Sell all those. Although I don't there's any buyers fro Graham or Trevathan. I wouldn't buy any of those. You cannot give up any draft capital anymore. I'd also sell Mack, Hicks, Quinn, and possibly Monty. The one thing the Bears can draft, and draft well, is RB. And Herbert looks good. It's worth the gamble to get something big for him now. Mack, Quinn and Hicks are are getting too old to legitimately be around when Fields is ready to deliver on his potential.
  3. Even Stevie Wonder can see that it's time to bounce Nagy... He's GOT TO GO!
  4. Fire Nagy. The sooner, the better. Pace should go too, but you gotta start somewhere.
  5. Agreed. I've seen damn enough to know Nagy ain't the guy. Anything good that happens is despite him. And at the worst opportune time, he will insert himself into whatever because of his enormous ego and we will fail. We deserve better. Fields deserves better. Hell, the freakin' McCasky's deserve better.
  6. Adam, I really want a puff of what you're smoking. My stuff is rotten. I don't see a snowball's chance in Aaron Rodgers' living room that we make the playoffs...
  7. Strange thought...what if Rodgers owning us is better than current ownership?
  8. Pardon my French, but F&ck no on Nagy. I don't care what happens with Fields. If he progresses, it's despite of Nagy, not because of him. Nagy has to go. If he doesn't go, I'm buying up cases of Scotch like I'm preparing for the Zombie apocalypse. F'ing McCaskey's will show that don't give a F about how this team really does if they keep him another year. Then, we know for sure it's only the money that we fans pour into their coffers like lemmings jumping from a cliff... Let's let GB and the national media laugh at us another season. Time to invest in a large paper bags to wear for the season then. For the past 3 years, for the first time in my life...I'm kind of embarrassed. SERIOUSLY! WE ARE A JOKE! THE PUNCHLINE! There is no more embarrassing a team than us. The Raiders are a different real world ick. But we are a joke. I'm damn tired of it. My next letter to McCaskey won't be as nice...
  9. Yes and no. Is he better than Nagy. Yes. Hell, I'm better than Nagy. Is he good enough. No. At least not yet. With 6 games as DC, we don't even really know if he's that good of a DC, let alone a HC. More often than not, great coordinators don't make great coaches. Just look at Fangio. Wanny. The NFL is lettered with them. Honestly, I want Doug Pedersen. He's won a SB as a HC. He's experienced. He has QB acumen. I want a guy that's done it. Not a horrible retread. But, someone who can handle the job for sure. We cannot waste Fields on guys that have not done it and might be awful at it. If we were going to give other guys a chance...I'd at least consider Les Frazier. he was a HC, knows the pitfalls and has legacy. Also, maybe Dave Toub. He knows a lot about everything and wouldn't be hamstrung focusing on the O or D. Daboll sounds great...but it's a gamble. Id' be OK with that gamble. But, not on Desai. Certainly not yet. Let's revisit at season's end.
  10. I see no other way this game goes other than TB winning. And I don't think it'll be close. They will carve us up on D. And Nagy can't score more than 16.3 points a game. We are in trouble.
  11. Exactly! everything we do looks really hard compared to other teams.
  12. Have fun! I think they might have Wilson back by then...yikes. :S
  13. I texted this to my dad yesterday after the game... "Another loss as expected. Fields didn't look great. But it's only his 3rd game. There is some hope. But the scale starts balancing in the wrong direction today". Prior to yesterday, I felt he was going to 100% be "the guy". After seeing 3 full games, what my friend and I are seeing is a lack of speed/elusiveness. I have no doubt he's win races going from A to B, but in the pocket and avoiding rushes, he looks slow. Dare I saw even less elusive than Trubisky. I know it's early. But, I'm going to watching that closely from here on out. Still tons of potential and could learn from it. But, I'm no longer feeling it's 100% settled.
  14. We need to bang the drum of removing Nagy/Pace as often as we can. Yeah, it's flogging a dead horse for some of us...but I will flog that horse until it's dust. Keep speaking the truth Mongo!
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