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  1. Josh Freeman?

    Freeman would be Cutler's successor? When, 2019? Guys, Cutler and Trestman like each other a lot. Trestman went to Cutler's wedding. Cutler has never talked this glowingly about a coach. And face it, who else will be on the market this offseason? Do you want to draft a guy in the 20's and hope he can keep the team competitive in 2014 and on? Cutler's a very good QB and everyone is just realizing that now, unfortunately. He's never had this much around him since he made the Pro Bowl in Denver. They're going to continue to evolve as an offense, and unless Cutler seriously injures himself/dies/throws 20 INT's the rest of the year, he'll be back for at least the next 3 years. So no, bringing in a bad player and an even worse teammate to this organization is a bad idea. If they want to draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round, perfect! Maybe they'll strike gold and draft a guy like Ryan Mallett, Matt Flynn, or Kirk Cousins, someone who can impress in limited action and be a guy who can net them a 1st or 2nd round pick some day,
  2. Bears Shirt I picked up

    Is this the one? http://teespring.com/jaycutty
  3. Bears @ Lions, 9/29/13

    I just want a win. And Suh to get hurt.
  4. Deal with it Calvin...

    Reggie Bush will play.
  5. Bears Shirt I picked up

    I don't get it?
  6. Isaiah Frey

    Per coaches review, Anderson has 29 tackles, on pace for 155 tackles.
  7. James Anderson

    Terra... with an optimistic view point... wait...
  8. Isaiah Frey

    Anderson's on pace for about 102 tackles. That's pretty good. I wouldn't exactly measure success, especially when trying to make a case for a CB over a LB, on tackles. Chances are, if a CB is racking up a ton of tackles, that most likely means a lot of passes are being caught on them. For $600K, give me Anderson.
  9. Fantasy football advice thread

    I'd say Gordon and Rivers. Right now, any team would take Gordon over Gates to play one game, and at the moment, Rivers has the 2nd best QBR in the league (behind P.Manning and in front of Cutler) and Kaepernick is struggling.
  10. Not sure if this has been talked about

    Mills was a 5th round pick. Greene was their 2013 4th.
  11. Not sure if this has been talked about

    So far, Emery has drafted McClellin, Frey, Jeffery, Long, Mills, Bostic, and Greene. All of these guys are getting significant playing time- offense, defense, or special teams- and that's all you can ask out of drafts. Draft solid prospects who can make an impact on your team, and right now, they are all are on a 3-0 team. So far, so good.
  12. Isaiah Frey

    Alaskan- you think Anderson has been mediocre but Frey has been good? Really? I mean this respectively, but I think the exact opposite. Neither has been great, but I think Anderson has definitely played better than Frey has this season.
  13. Josh Freeman?

    To do what?
  14. All hail Jay Cutler!

    On his radio show yesterday, Cutler jokingly (I hope) said he's going to slide for awhile and lull the defense to sleep, and then in a few weeks, he's going to run through someone again. SO PUT IN MCCOWN, TRESTMAN, U DUMB CANADIAN! AT LEAST HE IS TUFF!
  15. All hail Jay Cutler!

    I didn't say that they suck.