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  1. As everyone else has said health is the biggest key. We also have a difficult schedule so things could go a lot of ways. As of now I am really liking how the roster is constructed, I just have the same gripe I did last year about backup QB. I understand not wanting to add unneeded pressure on Mitch by having a backup that people will be calling for the second Mitch has a bad game or two. But at the same time, Chase Daniel is not an NFL QB imo. He looks lost when he plays in regular season games, and with how much of Mitch's game revolves around his mobility, it would be nice to either have a legitimate veteran game manager to keep the ship afloat if he gets banged up a few games, like last year. Or at worst a young guy with upside.
  2. I thought I had good keepers till I saw SUPERBEARSSUPERBOWL
  3. That was the impression I got too, but it was a pretty confusing thread so I just wanted to make sure everyone is ok with it for this circumstance.
  4. I don't think we ever officially specified if the player can determine which is their first or second keeper depending on the rounds lost, or if it automatically reverts to later pick loses two rounds and the earlier draft pick automatically loses one. Unless anyone objects I say this decision can be left up to the owner this year and then possibly next year we finalize that the later keeper is 2 rounds and the earlier is one. Everyone think that is fair?
  5. Also, Adam thanks for all of your help with the league, it makes it a lot easier to deal with when other owners are active and help inform everyone.
  6. Sorry I havent been on here. We will likely decide on a draft date/time on either the Tuesday or Wednesday before the season season starts. I edit the draft order when I put in keepers, it is the reverse order of last years standings. I am keeping Golladay and Chubb and losing a 10 and 11 I believe.
  7. There were a few things in this game that stood out to me. First, as everyone noticed, Mack may be even a bigger difference maker than we would have hopes. Even on plays he didn't record a stat, his impact was all over the field. Roquan's sack was because of Mack, a bunch of hurried throws because of Mack pushing the OL into the backfield and last his hustle on the long Cobb touchdown. Didn't really see anything at all I could complain about with him. Roquan looks fast and can cover a lot of ground sideline to sideline. We need him on the field more and he should help in pretty much every facet of our defense over Nick K. Hicks is still an absolute monster. Honestly didn't know anything about Robertson-Harris before the game, but he looked explosive coming off the line. If he can continue to play like that we may have another strong core piece for the defense. Callahan's tackling really impressed me. He seems to be able to really help with the run game. For offense, besides the first drive I wasn't impressed. The second half was a disaster and Mitch looked in way over his head. He went a decent stretch where he didn't even run through his progressions and just took off running every passing play. Then in the 4th when he threw a few deep balls they were terribly thrown. We need to see a lot of improvements out of him. It was at Green Bay in primetime, so not the end of the world, but I think allowing the comeback to happen the way it did proves Nagy has a lot of work to do with figuring out how to call games.
  8. I am probably alone with this, but I think Pace's early round drafting has been absolutely terrible (before this season at least) He consistently has drafted project/raw players who are clearly not ready for the NFL, and if they ever did develop it would be towards the end of their rookie deals and we would have to pay them before they really contribute. If Trubisky isnt a top 10 qb in the next 2 seasons Pace should be launched and would have had an abysmal run as Gm
  9. If you are in this league please make sure you are checking the message board in Yahoo. We are deciding on draft dates, upping the entry fee and adding a keeper.
  10. Most likely going to be the 3rd or the 4th around 7 CST
  11. We will pick a day for the draft soon. It has historically always been within 5 days of the season opener on Thursday night. Fortunately now that you can draft with the yahoo app, we have had a lot more luck with finding a time that works for anyone. Also, don't forget to check the message board on the league page. Most of the info gets posted there.
  12. Sent out the last invite. Once that is accepted we are ready to go. I will set up the leaguesafe and the polls for voting once the invitation is accepted.
  13. Grizzled Angst is available. There are a few decent keepers on that roster, it is posted in this thread. If you want that team please pm your email address and I will invite you.
  14. We have one spot left. I would like to keep it to people who use this site, so if anyone else is interested the roster of Grizzled Angst is still available and has some solid keeper options. If we don't get any interest in a few days I will branch out to find a replacement.
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