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  1. Because I was curious, Hurts’ QBR (whatever that is) is 44.2 and his team is 3-0. Kirk Cousins QBR is 59.5 (ranked 12th) and his team is 0-3 like us.
  2. Drew Brees was notoriously short at 6’0 (although really I think it might’ve been shorter). I remember reading a number of years ago about he often had to stand on his toes to make throws. Then of course there was Doug Fluite. Its all about making adjustments. And maybe a reason why they design more rollout options for Justin.
  3. I would say the current issues with Fields is a microcosm of the systemic issues that are the current Chicago Bears. I would think the macrocosm is the overall system (aka organization). How far up does the dysfunction go is the question to ask. To the pic below I would add that there are a bevy of other issues that factor into the equation to include injures and third stringers starting in key positions (oline and def secondary for sure).
  4. For now. I’ll put Fields’ overall QB career over Getsy’s OC career. Signed ~ Homer.
  5. Not always but a lot of the times ‘yes’. (Source: swiftys review).
  6. Again, are we trying to play to HIS strengths (and likes) or force him to do more of what he isn’t comfortable doing? Over the course of the game, how many play action, crossing routes screens or short routes are called? From this film it doesn’t appear too often. I can’t tell you if the calls are because that’s what Justin wants or because Getsy doesn’t know how to design them. But I can say in the review I commented on, Chase mentioned a few plays were favorites of Aaron Rodgers (hence why Getsy would try them).
  7. I know most of you guys like Swifty reviews. He does a good job of good and bad analysis here.
  8. Most of the routes reviewed were long distance routes (not within the hashes) with single man coverage. And yes, the receivers were not getting open. I didn’t see hardly any flat, slant, comeback or dig route. Why wasn’t there more or that style sprinkled in? I realize this was just a sample size but as you said, Justin was getting little relief from coaching or his recievers.
  9. Like Jay Cutler? Who said “fuc# Mike Martz” and did this to Mike Tice? https://youtu.be/E3YORvqu4cw?si=4CRoS4sp99eHTTWX
  10. If I’m reading this correctly that’s the point. What they’re trying to do isn’t working. Square peg, round hole.
  11. It was about 50/50 inside the hashes and some outside. Actually there's an even better video that shows this but it had NFL copyright issues. This was a shorter version of that same video (about 1/2 as long). From my count there were at least three to TE's (between the hashes - or in the seam) at least two to ESB, and another to Harry for a TD (although that was on the fringe of "the hashes"). Speaking of...since when did we suddenly hyper-focus and critique a QB on their ability to hit passes in the crease? Isn't this about him "not being able to see the open receiver" wherever that may be? At the risk of using a punny cliché but it seems the goalposts are getting moved in expectations for Fields' performance. The point here is that I see more a coaching problem than QB problem. These highlights were from last year. Some of the passes; inside the hashes or outside were designed passes. Some of the passes were a result of him scrambling and not necessarily designed plays. Why are the "coaches" not using his talent more and letting him play more freely? There's been a heck of a lot of talk, here and amongst the experts, that he has adjusted his footwork. Why? So he could be a more true pocket passer. Why is that? Theory has said its so he can survive longer but as we saw last week, Mahomes makes a living out of improvising. Is Fields the next Mahomes? No, but I really don't think he's the next Bortles or JeMarcus Russell either.
  12. This will line up perfect for being able to draft Arch Manning in 2026/27. 😏
  13. And why is that? What is different from what we saw last year (below) to what is going on now? Is it him or the “coaching”?
  14. I have further thoughts on Justin I’ll continue with later BUT… many here predicted AT BEST the team would win 6-7 games. We all agree there’s still a rebuild in progress and after three weeks both the Oline and defensive backfield are down to third stringers in some cases. IF the team still manages to win 6-7 games (as you predicted) then what?
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