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  1. Explains why they signed another QB this week. And hearing more and more like Justin will start Sunday.
  2. Flus gives a vague response to whether Leatherwood plays this weekend. But a guy who is not Coach Flus suggests a good reason to start him.
  3. And in typical Rodgers d-bag fashion. Gawd it would be so nice to beat him. Alas I don’t think it’s in the cards.
  4. The Boyle signing sorta makes sense (with his familiarity with Getsy) but the signing of Brown (a DE) with all the injuries in the defensive backfield, to include now backup Safety Cruckinshank(sp?)?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Saw somewhere else that claimed both Jackson and Mooney on IR:
  6. Wife and I were just discussing this. If Simien and Justin could stand on the field together and Simien could tell Justin when to throw the call, he’d be golden. Justin just needs more time to ‘see the field’ and have things slow down for him. He also needs to trust his throws. Most of the passes Simien has thrown have been contested. For Justin, it’ll come. Remember Simien was drafted to replace Payton Manning. And has been with four other teams since before coming to Chicago.
  7. After not taking any of the blame for last weeks loss to the Pats and his general ineptitude as a QB, Jets Zach Wilson will be taking a seat this week against the Bears. Man I’m so glad we ended up with Fields.
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