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  1. Bears sign Andy Dalton per the score. Foles 2.0

    Good thing he’s a super mobile QB. It’s going to work great with this oline. I mean just look how he played last year with a great trio of wrs... For real, atleast next year this guarantees he, Foles, Nagy and Pace will be gone next year.
  2. Russell Wilson

    Trade everything in the franchise for him imho. To see a QB of that caliber in a bears uniform would be amazing and build around him
  3. Is this Trubisky different?

    It all starts with the line and play calling. They have a productive running game going, which most games he’s throw a high numbers of passes he didn’t have one. The line is doing a little better giving him time. He’s also not having Tariq Cohen running up the gut on 3rd and 2 plays putting the team in a bad situation where he has to force plays as a result later in the game. I wouldn’t say he has changed, he’s just not in as bad of a crap show situation he has been in most games as a bear. Really, the changes that have been made are more of the team like letting him roll out, and less lessons learned by himself and changes he made. I think he can be an Alex Smith with potential for more with the right moves in staff and players brought in
  4. Fire Pace

    The offensive line is reason enough. I was against the hire from the start.
  5. Dwayne Haskins

    I just am curious where he would be development wise where he wouldn’t be rushed on those long throws, or more used to throwing them because his wrs could get open. I’m not saying he would be Mahomes, just as a QB he’d had a better chance to learn his progressions and the game better. Where he got a year to learn instead of being in the position he was to start
  6. Dwayne Haskins

    I honestly think Trubisky was as put into a position to fail. A coach that ignores the running game, a horrible offensive line and a lack of receiving options out of ARob. As a firm anti Grossman poster from back in the day, I won’t be hypocritical and push the narrative that he should be starting or saying just wait and see. I do honestly wonder what would happen if he had went to the chiefs instead of Mahomes and his situation. I’m not implying Trubisky would be better than Mahomes, only that I would like to see the QB he could have been. It was a situation molded for him to learn. You start out with a successful head coach and talent at every position on offense. He would have had a year to sit and learn behind Alex Smith, who started out similarly. Alex turned into a pretty smart and good QB, but was drafted based on his combine and having the prototypical QB mold. I think getting Trubisky would be a completely different qb if he had experienced being in that situation.
  7. Le’Veon Bell

    I would have loved to seen Bell as a Bear, but it’s just not realistic. The line is horrible, and the coach isn’t much help either. Bell looked like he still had it on runs he lost yards, but the jets line is comparable to the Bears and a guys calling plays that doesn’t understand the run game. The long term money would have better spent on the offensive line in the future
  8. They really should have went for a field goal on the last drive. I know it’s technically 2 scores down, but that’s with 2 2 point conversions. There was enough time to take the points and go
  9. State of the Bears

    Give Mitch a coach that knows how to run an offense, any running game, someone not calling pass pass pass and an offensive line, and then I’ll believe he was a bad pick. He hasn’t had a chance to succeed and hope he wasn’t ruined.
  10. TalkBears Keeper FFB Playoffs

    I scored 155 and lost to the 208 team. I know it was confusing how I said it, I said me and Pepe, so people would know which team was mine
  11. TalkBears Keeper FFB Playoffs

    Well me and Pepe our out, I sure picked the wrong person to play this past week. Just paid up my dues, good luck to the rest of you
  12. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    Im going to change a keeper. I am going to keep Alshon Jeffery and Eldeman. It will cost me a 7th and 8th rounder(moving both up 2) or a 7th and 9th ( moving one pick up two and the other up 1) however that works. I drafted them in 9 and 10 last year.
  13. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    Sundays are best for me usually, they don’t like to pay double time.m, but with the injuries and hold outs, I would be better off with an autodraft 😂😂, but I will try to make most things work. I’m in between calls so hard to tell when I will be free. I am going to keep two people I really probably shouldn’t, but I am going to keep Devonta Freeman, he was a third lose a second, and Eldeman I got in the 10th and lose an 8th
  14. Thought the bears should win this game and so far so good