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  1. What they do at 9 is dependent on pretty much every pick from 2-8. It would be amazing if ATL got docked their 1st rounder for tampering with Cousins, which could move the Bears to #8. No team would benefit more from an ATL docked pick than the Bears. 9 to 8 would be the biggest draft value bump (equivalent of a late 4th rounder).
  2. I think part of Caleb's confidence is the fact that the Bears already told him they are drafting him #1. You can see how relaxed he is in that interview.
  3. 4 days until Caleb Williams is a Bears.
  4. It's arguably a no-lose situation, which is rare. I think there are going to be a lot of teams wanting to move up for a QB. MIN at 11, DEN at 12, LV at 13, NO at 14, and technically PIT at 20 all could be looking to move up into the top 10 for a QB. That helps the Bears as that would allow more players to be there at 9. We know 3 QBs will be gone, but there is a chance that a 4th goes in the top 8. I bet someone jumps MIN and grabs the 4th QB before they can at 11. This is going to be an exciting draft, even after the #1 pick. The suspense of the top 8 playing out live is going to be crazy. Then what do the Bears do at 9.
  5. We have had our hopes up and have been let down so many times. However, this time is so different. There is zero correlation between past regimes and Poles and Co. Trubisky's play has nothing to do with Caleb Williams. To top off this day, the Bears still have their own 1st rounder, who would be the talk of the class. Now that guy is just icing on the cake. I am good with Edge, DT, OT, or WR there.
  6. We are 5 days away from getting the best QB prospect we have ever had since Sid Luckman. I am pinning this thread for Thursday's discussion.
  7. adam

    Would you?

    I would not. The value of a first round pick is huge when you consider the 5th year option. So any trade that takes away a 1st rounder would be a no-go for me. There are enough metrics and analysts out there who don't have MHJ as WR1. That alone would make me hesitate on something like that.
  8. I am just talking about any player in general. There seems to be a group of teams that are in the dead zone, and who don't look like they are getting out of it any time soon. Here are some teams and the last time they made the playoffs, a team like the Broncos is nearing a decade without a playoff appearance. The Panthers are right behind them. Other teams seem to be trending into the hole. Unless they nail their QB pick, these teams will more than likely stay right here for the foreseeable future. Broncos - 2015 Panthers - 2017 Commanders - 2020 Saints - 2020 Cardinals - 2021 Raiders - 2021 Patriots - 2021 Titans - 2021
  9. Just an interesting way to look at it, but if you think about it, players going to 8-10 teams have no realistic shot at a Super Bowl in their first contracts, maybe even their careers, just by being picked by the wrong team. That has to be depressing. You work your butt off for 20+ years to end up with the worst company in your sector, and you are stuck there at least 4-5 years.
  10. Interesting that only Chase was selected in the top 15, and only 2 in the top 20. It's obvious that players selected earlier are normally on worse teams, but it sort of speaks to the value of the pick compared to the overall success of the team. After QB, it feels like the trenches should be the only other picks used in the top 10, outside of generational guys like MHJ. Even then, just say MHJ goes to NE. What are the odds they are good in the next 5 years, potentially longer?
  11. adam


    Barton is shooting up boards for some reason. The team might not have used a top-30 visit on some guys, but could've visited them during their Pro-Day, at one of the All-Star games, or at the combine. Also, any player within the Chicago-metro area does not need to count against the top-30 visits and they don't have to announce those.
  12. I am sure this is the same for other positions, but the top drafted guys rarely win or make it to the SB (for elite WRs). Hopefully DJ Moore can beat that trend. Aiyuk was a 1st rounder and last one to make a SB, but for some reason he disappears in the post season. In 9 career post season games his most receptions are 5, most yards 73, and he only has 1 TD in those 9 games.
  13. adam


    In Shane we trust. Geno Smith on the list, Goff and Stafford. All related to Waldron. Williams throws for at least 35 TDs.
  14. adam

    Draft Day

    I am just hoping for a run on QBs in the top 10 to give the Bears options at #9. Also have a CB go in the top 8 would be amazing.
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