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  1. Crazy to think that the WR Corps could look like: Claypool, Pringle, Harry, and Jones. None of them played or were on the opening day roster. I think I have seen enough of St. Brown.
  2. I am shocked the line is only GB -1.5. They must be assuming Fields will play. We don't even know if Rodgers or Love will start. It will be interesting to see the injury report for both teams on Wednesday. I assume Fields is going to be another game time decision, but GB may know more about Rodgers my mid-week. So for right now, if Fields starts, I am going Bears 23-20 and if Siemian starts, Packers 27-17.
  3. I expect Mooney to be out the rest of the season, and Jackson to miss at least next week against GB. I would even consider shelfing some of the other vets that we know won't be on the roster next year to bring up some PS guys to evaluate.
  4. That is cool and goes to show you how expendable Roquan was. Not that he wasn't good, but $18M for that type of LB is an overpay.
  5. adam

    Hurts vs Fields

    I think part of Fields problem is the O-Line and the WRs, and potentially the scheme. Hurts has all day to throw and is throwing to 3 top 20 receiving options, so making reads and going through progressions is much easier under those conditions. What is wild is even given those differences, Fields still outperformed Hurts over the last 6 games, and the only difference being the game outcome due to the quality of the rosters. I agree that Fields has long way to go as a passer, but that would be signifcantly accelerated with a better supporting cast.
  6. adam

    Hurts vs Fields

    So last night Hurts had 153 passing yards and 157 rushing yards, with 2 passing TDs, and the national media is now saying he is in the running with Mahomes for MVP. What is wild to me is using Fields last 6 games, Fields is averaging over 160 passing yards a game, 1.7 passing TDs, 107 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD. In Hurts last 6 games, he is averaging 200 passing yards and 55 rushing yards a game and 2.5 total TDs. So 255 total yards and 2.5 total TDs to Fields 267 total yards and 2.7 total TDs. So Fields is playing better than an MVP candidate over the last 6 weeks. Oh by the way, Philly has a top 5 Offensive Line and AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, and Dallas Goedert as their top 3 receivers. You can even go back 7 games, and Fields still has more total yards and the same number of TDs. Wild how the narrative is completely different even considering the players and circumstances around them.
  7. This now makes for an interesting remainder of the season. Now Detroit, courtesy of LAR, has the #3 pick, and SEA, courtesy of DEN, has the #4 pick. Both of those teams could be in the hunt for a QB, which makes the #2 pick even that much more of an asset. DET - 3rd and 12th SEA - 4th and 16th CAR - 6th (4 slots) + 37th + 2024 1st LVR - 9th (7 slots) + 40th + 2024 1st + 2025 1st IND - 14th (12 slots) + 45th + 2023 3rd + 2024 1st + 2025 1st ATL - 15th (13 slots) + 46th + 2023 3rd + 2024 1st + 2025 1st + 2024 6th It feels like anything out of the top 10 is too much draft capital for one team to give up, so I don't think INDY or ATL bite. However, like some have said, a top end veteran could replace one of those 1st rounders. ATL is interesting just because of Pace being there. Would he trade up to #2 in a second organization? Seattle is still in play for #2 and a trade with the Bears. They could move ahead of Detroit for #4 + #35 + #67 and a 2024 2nd rounder, so they would only have to give up one 1st, and keep their second one this year. That would give the Bears #4, #35, #54, #65, and #67 in the 2023 draft in the first 3 rounds. 5 picks in the top 70 would be insane.
  8. Wow Jacksonville, huge double win for the Bears. A Jaguars win bumped them up to 4 wins and a Ravens loss boosts the Bears 2nd round pick. That was awesome. So now the Bears are only tied in wins with 3 other teams. LAR and PIT play each other. So DEN is the only team that has a chance to be worse than the Bears that is currently behind them, wow. TLDR, other teams play each others, Bears basically guaranteed no worse than pick #3. 1. HOU 1-9-1 2. CHI 3-9 3. DEN 3-8 4. LAR 3-8 5. PIT 3-7 vs IND (MNF) 1. HOU 1-9-1 CLE @DAL KC @TEN JAX @IND (1-15-1 to 3-13-1) 2. CHI 3-9 GB BYE PHI BUF @DET MIN (3-14) 3. LAR 3-8 SEA LVR @GB DEN @LAC @SEA (3-14 to 5-12) 4. DEN 3-8 @BAL KC ARI @LAR @KC LAC (3-14 to 5-12) 5. PIT 3-7 @IND @ATL BAL @CAR LVR @BAL CLE (3-14 to 5-12) The best scenario would be for DEN to beat LAR and LAR to beat LVR with PIT beating CAR or LVR (or both). The loser of LAR vs DEN is the team that will compete with the Bears for #2. PIT should win 1-2 more games. So if the Bears lose out, they will get between the #2-3 pick, if they win one game and finish 4-13, they will pick between #4-8, and if they win two (plz no), they will pick between #9-13. They basically have auto losses to PHI, BUF, and MIN. That leaves GB and DET as possible wins. If Fields doesn't play vs GB next week and others are out like Jackson and/or Mooney, that is probably a loss too leaving DET as the only possible win. The next 3 teams all have some winnable games down the stretch. The only team I am concerned about is Carolina. They could easily lose out, so they would pass the Bears if the Bears win one. I figure NO and ARZ have at least 1-2 more wins in them. 6. CAR 4-8 7. NO 4-8 8. ARZ 4-8
  9. adam

    Bears /2023

    Poles has a ton of free agency money. Even with some extensions, the Bears will be able to bring in at least 5 top level free agents and with the draft at least 3. So that is 8 at a minimum.
  10. Denver is so snakebitten, they now have the 3rd pick but they traded it to Seattle for Russell Let's Ride Wilson. LMAO. Can you imagine if that was the Bears? It almost was.
  11. BEARS NOW WITH THE #2 PICK!!! This is insane, CAR beat the hapless Broncos (Let's Ride!), so the Bears are the only 3-9 team (right now).
  12. The wheels have come off, but man, the refs (again) are doing the Bears no favors. On the Johnson TD run, Adams (#44) is clearly being held, but no call. On the Bears drive, Jones does way less of a hold and a big Monty run is called back. It is hard enough when you are starting your backup QB, with 5 defensive starters out, but then have to compete against the refs? No way.
  13. Jets lead only 17-10 at half. If not for a non-PI call against Claypool and Jackson's injury, the Bears probably lead 14-13, which is comical. 96 yards given up on 2 plays. Outside of those two, the defense, which is missing 6 opening day players, is actually not playing that bad. Mooney was not targeted in the first half. Kmet with 1 target. Claypool 3 targets, 2 catches.
  14. If the Bears put anyone but Vildor on the field, they would have 3 more wins. I have never seen a DB so far off his guy on every play than him. Jets have scored 14 on him, 0 on the Bears other 10 players. Jackson down on on non-contact injury. Holding his foot/ankle, probably achilles, which sucks for him.
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