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  1. Yeah, I guess he technically can ask for one, but seems like that would be like Poles conceding all of his leverage to a rookie who has yet to take one official snap for the team. Also, it seems like a waste of time for Williams because if he is as good as advertised the Bears would be crazy to tag him instead of extending him to a 10-year deal.
  2. Now Florio is saying that Williams didn't sign as they are haggling over the franchise tag after his 5th year. I don't know how that is possible if he practiced yesterday?
  3. I guarantee Poles will be active at the trading deadline dangling the Bears 2nd round pick as the Panthers pick is going to be between 32-37. If the Bears can get a Montez Sweat level player for the Bears late 2nd rounder, that is a great deal for the Bears.
  4. Dalton and Green are the only QB+WR duo to connect for 1K yards passing/receiving as rookies. I think Williams and Odunze have a great shot at that, especially with 17 games. Odunze would need to catch 4.33 balls a game with 13.5 yards per reception. Even with all the other options, it seems like that is very realistic, even for a rookie. Odunze will more than likely get CB2 or 3 on every play, which should be a mismatch in almost every game.
  5. Skill x effort is a thing. That is why if you can find guys like that, you will be in good shape because at worst, they will play to the average of their projections. However, there is a good chance because of their character, that they will exceed their projections. I have a feeling this entire draft is going to hit, and they will hit sooner than later. Even a guy like Booker. I could see him as a starter in Year 2, same with Amegadjie.
  6. adam

    Nickel DB

    Pretty funny to think the Bears had Vildor starting a few years ago, what a train wreck that was. Now we are discussing CB4/5 and S3. Good times.
  7. Bears going 17-0, Super Bowl victory over Houston 34-17. No other team was able to sign two top 10 picks before the start of OTAs, amazing work by Poles and Co!
  8. adam

    PFFs Top 32 WRs

    lol, I doubt he would trade within the conference. I heard Denver as a possible landing spot.
  9. adam

    PFFs Top 32 WRs

    If Aiyuk is out in SF, that really hurts their WR Corps as Deebo would be their WR1 with 892 receiving yards last year. The next best was Jennings with 265 yards and rookie Pearsall. I know they have Kittle and McCaffrey for receptions, but as a WR Corps, no Aiyuk really knocks their roster down.
  10. Yeah, I think they are going to see how Bates/Shelton look, but they will have space to add someone, but I doubt they can afford 2x additions. So I assume it would be C or Edge, not both.
  11. Yeah at the end of the day, that made a ton of sense considering Hard Knocks.
  12. Yeah, I am reading that a lot now. People close to the facility said Hard Knocks crews were there, so this makes a lot of sense to get this on tape.
  13. I did not consider the Hard Knocks effect, that makes sense. I am just saying from the competitor side, if these guys are true ballers, they are not going to let something contractual get in the way of their performance, especially with a rookie deal that is largely locked in based on draft position.
  14. Right now, as far as I can remember, Rome and Caleb are the only two rookies left to sign their deals. I would be more concerned if it was just Caleb left, but if Rome is still unsigned, then this might just be a formality thing where they show up on Monday, the 15th and sign their deals to start work the next day. I believe it is tied to restrictions that are set in the contracts. There are certain things they can't do once they sign their deals, so I am sure they are just trying to maximize the amount of freedom they have before they are locked down in the contract. Most of the stuff is safety related, but I am sure there are more things in there that they are required to do once they sign it. So signing on Monday makes the most sense. If by Monday night, they haven't signed, I will have concerns.
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