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  1. I predicted 9 wins and have to step back to 7-8. This was a game we had a chance to win and made to many mistakes. We are not going to be able to stop the run all yr but Barkley I expected but we could have played better against the Jones runs. There was no gap integrity The Oline can run block but are terrible at pass blocking. This affects the play of Fields and why our play calling is bad . They try to stay away from putting Fields in bad situations. We need Monty back more for his pass blocking than running. The poor blocking of Herbert and Ebner affected our offensive production. With Whitehair going out our OL got exposed. Patrick is average and below average at pass blocking. Mustifer was terrible. We need to just go with Patrick at OC and accept the few fumbles that may happen. Fields actually looked better but with bad pass protection, it is going to stay inconsistent. The play calling was questionable . Is that because they know we cant pass block? I think we need to take him out of the pocket more even thou they had pressure off the end, get him in a run or pass situation Young players make mistakes and this is a process that will look bad in many situations. . As people say to keep it in perspective, i need to do that.
  2. If we end up winning this game we will be 3-1. It will be interesting to see the national media speech when we still have the worst passing game in the league. Some only predicated us only having 3 wins. I hope we go 6-1 and see what them idiots have to say then.
  3. Stinger226

    T. Jenkins

    I think the IOL is doing fine , our weakness on pass protecting is off the edges. I think Patrick at OC will just be more consistent than Sam.
  4. There are WRs getting open but Fields aint seeing them, or doesnt have time to throw to them. Our room is okay, but injuries hurt it.
  5. I think teams are going to attack the edges by watching the tape. The OTs are our weakness. The IOL blows up once in ,awhile but are more consistent. What I see on the tape is the offensive game plan is getting people open. We have a combo of outside pressure, Justin pausing to throw, dropped balls, just a lack of consistency but more reps should correct some of these. One of these games, Justin will explode and he has a big game. I think it's heading in the right direction. We could end up being 3-1 and end up complaining about the overall look of the offense. We have a lot of winnable games coming up. Minny and NE won't be easy but are possible. If we can keep Barkley to 100 yrs , we have a chance to beat NY. I think it comes down to TOs again.
  6. Fields lost his confidence then backed it up by playing bad. Its a work in progress. Defense made to many mistakes and didnt have a good pass rush but we won because we could run the ball and got some TOs.
  7. Not a good game but we won,. Bad: Fields Monty hurt OL Secondary Good: Herbert Roquan ESB keeps showing up
  8. Mooney is #1 by default. No #1 s were available this off season. All of them stayed home except for Hill which was a trade. Pickens has 5 receptions in 3 games, not exactly rookie of year stats. The offense is a work in progress, for players and coaches. The next 2 games will have better results, if not we will have a long season. We played 2 of the top 4 teams in the NFC. We need some less talented teams to compare with. 2 games just isn't enough of a Example of what we might be by yrs end. ( barring injuries.) By he years end we will see who may be core players. We covid be 3-1 after 4 games which would change the narrative. Every week will give us insight.
  9. That definitely has to be a negative for two starters out. Lovie will attack that as a weakness. Could they play well, hopefully but at best they limit their mistakes. The DL has to step up. Injuries will plague tihs team and affect our win total. I would love a blowout but more likely just win a close game. Houston has some injuries to, their top two TEs might not play.
  10. If Cluikshank is healthy, he can play that spot and put Gordon on the outside.
  11. I just think he is not up to par yet from the no preseason. A few more games show help. The big thing this year is if he can uptick the wow plays and be worth a big contract.
  12. I do not get some of his decisions, it seemed like he looked at an open WR and then threw to a check down. His moving in the pocket, it looked like he could have stepped up and avoided a sack. He ran past the LOS, had to know that, and passed anyways, could have made a first down on the run.
  13. Stinger226

    Poor Mitch

    So did Nagy wreak him or did he just not have it? I remember that 5 TD passing game against TB, I thought he would eventually get it.
  14. At least Jenkins would not get pushed back. A QB sneak over Jenkins would probably have worked.
  15. I think it definitely makes a difference if Patrick and Jenkins are on the field at the same time. Mustifer is just to inconsistent. It would be nice for a blowout but maybe that's being a little over my skis
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