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  1. This could happen if he hits 4500 yards. Not worth betting on, but possible.
  2. Apparently he didnt cave in, CW will be in camp.
  3. My optimism is 12-5 and NFC title game. Led by a top 5 defense and All rookies CW and Rome.
  4. We have 12.2 mil in cap space. If they keep the same operating capital last year (8 mil) we have 4.2 mil to sign another player. Yes, they can play with salaries but what dire need do we have( DE) that they will add? I think this opens the door for Yannick N. to come. LIKE 6 MIL WITH INCENTIVES. Connor Williams would be a smart addition but obviously his injury is still a problem.( no one has signed him). Davis and Jenkins both have some questions, Poles has more information than we do and seems to be comfortable with both. Jenkins will only get a contract if he stays healthy and Davis will only come back if he plays a pro bowl type season. I hope you guys are right and Williams is healthy and we sign him but at this point in time, Poles already made his choices Bates or Shelton for now. For now JaT Carter and Matt Pryor are the backups. Shelton and Bates have both played OG and come backup either. We will find out what Poles does before August 1st by the moves he makes. It may be to stand pat.
  5. Im not diagreeing with the ( get better) concept, I am just predicting Poles isnt bringing in Brittney. I think, he thinks, Cindy is bettr than a five.
  6. Why didnt he already sign him if that was his plan? Injury- doesnt know how that will affect his play? A lot of players never get back to where they were before an injury. Bates and Shelton both have played OG before. Pryor took snaps inside. Nate Davis is a ? but Poles has more information than we do and since he hasnt made any moves, I think Davis is going to be ready to go. If it was me I would just sign the best players available and not worry about money but that is not how Poles operates. I think someone signs Williams before the season starts but doesnt end up contributing much this year. Because of his high rating, he's not signing a 5 mil one year contract. He will get 10 mil and someone will have a game count for his money. To mamy questions, when he will be back? what do you have to pay him> how will he play? Nate Davis will be replaced? I think he already did what he planned to do and will only add players if someone gets injured. We only have 21 mil and still havent signed the 2 #1s yet (14 mil?) plus operating capital during the season. Last year he kept 8 mil for play money.
  7. The information that Williams will be ready for training camp was an agent promotion. NO ONE has signed him that is not by accident. I think if he is there after they look at their 2 options and if they misjudged them, then it might happen. Im all in on upgrading our OL but I dont think Poles is going to second guess his moves before he gets to see them play some. I dont think you can make plans and count on a player 8 weeks into the season.
  8. A few thoughts: I think Kevin Byard and D'Andre Swift are two signing that will have a big impact on this team that are undervalued. Termaine Edmunds played well; but seems to be capable of being better. Video shows he's one of the vocal leaders of this defense. Our two nickle defense LBers are good against the pass. They had 7 interceptions betwwen them. I see a lot of talk on X that suggest we may be signing David Bakhtiari and or Connor Williams. That's not happening, if they sign anyone its going to be Ngakoue. Those are just media generated stories from people that dont have anything to right about. I think we are underestimating CWs ability to throw over 4000 yards this year. Barring injuries, I think he is closer to 5000 than 4000. I dont drink coolaid but have loads of optimism.
  9. Stinger226

    Nickel DB

    Good article, you always seem to find stuff not in the normal media. I remember you posted some stuff from ( Football Digest or Bears Digest) cudos to you. Who is our backup at NB? I see Josh Blackwell there but think maybe Johnathan Owens could be filling that role, he's an above average signing we got.
  10. CW has proven to be of good character but that doesnt mean he's not capable of a holdout for some reason. Until he signs, we have to wonder what the hold up is. Plus Rome is not signed which may be getting advice from CW that compounds the problem. Poles is all in on CW but something is holding up the signings.
  11. Our roster is at 89 so we have one spot left. If thery are bringing another DE, it will be on the eve of traning camp.
  12. I heard its the wording at the end of the contract where he can do the double dipping. If he gets his way, it will be easier for him to leave. We want him to have the best option, Bears. A NFL guy interviewed on the score stated that, not sure how much he actually knows.
  13. As much as we have praised CW, does he want to upset the rookie rules may be in the works? If he wants something different, he's going to want 100 mil after his rookie deal.
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