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  1. My prediction 1) Caleb Williams / QB 9) trade back with the Bengals for pick 18-49-149 they take Brock Bowers. 18) Chop Robinson/DE 49) Roman Wilson/WR 75)Kiran Amedgadjie/OT 122) Brennan Jackson/DE 149) Beaux Limmer/OC Williams pick is obvious, Wilson can add to the WR room and take over for Allen when he leaves. Chop is only 21 and has lots of growth but can be a rotational DE his first year. Kiran and Limmer for depth and potential starters in the future. Adding 2 DEs gives Walker the chance to take snaps inside at 3 T , where he has had most his sacks.
  2. I think extending means more than just giving him more money. Poles gives him lots of credit for everything that has happened so far. He turned down a GM job in the past so I think he thinks we have a chance to get to a SB and wants to be here for that event. Waiting a couple years of the emergence of a quality team has to be financially favorable for his future plus he shows loyalty. I think if the right job gets offered, he will take it but a bigger resume of success can't hurt either.
  3. Your entitled to your opinions but it's based on a hypothesis, so it can't be proven. I think with better play calling and a better roster, he could have been a top 10-15 QB. ( His last 7 games he was the 11th ranked QB) The lack of trade value has a lot to do with timing. Poles didn't decide to trade him until well after the combine, after most spots were filled. There are 2 reasons he's not here. We got lucky and got the top pick, if we didn't have a top 3 pick, he would still be here. Also having to pay him big money in 2025 and forward came in to play. He hasn't shown enough to get a big contract. I think he proves himself and becomes a starter in Pittsburgh. He's never going to be elite but obviously history tells us you don't have to be to win a SB. Poles choose Caleb because he can become elite and that doesn't automatically mean Justin is a garbage QB. All of this is my opinion and can't be proven until a few years have passed to see if it was accurate.
  4. Here's a video about Caleb and one gen stat says his release time is 0.28 compared to the NFL average is 0.45. A split second in a pass play matters.
  5. It's coming from my common sense. It's not a 100% statement but if you have better talent at WR, logic tells me they get open more often than bad WRs. Trust in your WRs allows QBs to anticipate throws quicker in their decision making. Example: Justin had a quicker release time with DJ last year than with Tyler Scott. He trusted him to be where he was supposed to be and catch the ball so he didn't have to wait until he got open, he could anticipate. Now if you're first read is throwing a deep route obviously he will hold the ball longer but it's a general statement. Im sure there are some next generation stats that show that but it's ok if you disagree with me . I'm not trying to plant a flag with that comment it's just part of a conversation. I could be wrong. Another thing, I don't think their taking OL at 9 but I watched a video with some journalists discussed the OL and I now thinks it's very possible in in a trade back. They were talking about Jenkins and his injury history. Plus this is his last year in contract. So if Poles doesn't want to pay him, he may draft his replacement now and have him starting next year. That makes sense to me .
  6. Having high expectations should be the hype but history tells us rookies have a learning curve. Poles has a building roster to make it easier for him but it comes down to him accepting the coaching and not trying to do much. I'm sure fans in Carolina had high expectations for Bruce Young last year.
  7. So are those first round picks? What context did they use? Bust is easy to figure out but if we pick a WR at 9 , if he starts for most of his career or has to be the star because of his pick status?
  8. Van Pran won't make it to 122 but that would be a good draft.
  9. Who do you like not first round graded? Not necessarily sleepers. At OC) Zack Frazier--Tanor Bortonlini-- Beaux Limmer At WR) Ricky Pearsall--Roman Wilson's-- Luke McCaffrey--Ted Walker-- Johnny Wilson At OL) Patrick Paul--Roger Rosengarten--Kiran Amedgadjie--Ask Zinter At DE) Marshawn knee landmarks Isaac--Bralen Trice--No Kamara--Jonan Ellis--Jalx Hunt At DT) Brandon cudos Jenkins--Gabe Hall At) RB) Bucky Irving--Marshawn Lloyd--Blake Forum At TE) Cade Stover--Theo Johnson--Tip Reiman
  10. We have 340 million people in the country now? I thought the population was declining. ( my attempt at injecting stupid humor in a charged conversation). Oh by the way I get back on May 2_If you have any plumbing problems, I'd be glad to do free . I feel bad that you had such a stressful year. Be glad to help out a brother Bear alum.
  11. Not to get involved in a cat fight, Pix just said he had a bad game but the article was more positive than negative. You did push back on that comment. Probably to say( he had a bad game but played better in the second half would have been more clear.)
  12. Me to. Unless JJ McCarthy is on the board, I can't see anyone giving us a great trade back scenario . Maybe Rome or Bowers would blow somebody's shirt up but just to get back a third and low round future wouldn't do it for me. Seen one mock where we got pick 23 and 27 for 9 . Depending on who's on the board , maybe a Chop Robinson and JPJ would make that worth it. Then a WR and BPA with the last two picks?
  13. I would have no problem with any blue chip player we get at 9. Since we don't have control over the picks in front of us, having Rome be the pick is premature but glad to see Caleb taking an interest in who we might get. Watched a Greg Gabriel barroom video and he said he hasn't talked to Poles but two GMs from other teams that said the Bears are looking to trade back. That's a logical choice being we only have 4 picks. Of course that may depend on who's on the board. We don't know of any details so probably doesn't matter.
  14. I'm speaking in a general sense, of course some individuals picked right but as a community they had us taking Carter .
  15. I don't think anyone knows what Poles has in mind. For the last two years no-one has got it right. A surprise for me would be to move back and draft JPJ in the late teens getting two extra picks.
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