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  1. Shame we gave up our no. 2 pick. Would have preferred giving up the other no. 2.
  2. 2 Christmas’ this year. I’m shocked we have the no. 1 pick. Must be a reward for a tough, tough season.
  3. Shocked we have the no. 1 pick. Great end to the Texans game.
  4. https://www.espn.co.uk/nfl/draft/bestavailable I like this link it shows the best player available and it looks to be live. Hope we can draft Kellen Deisch. I have picked him in multiple mocks and always got a good grade..
  5. 50england50

    Draft Day 2

    Our view of the draft picks is blurred by the poor results of Emery and Pace. I hope that Poles is an antithesis of them and fingers crossed his success rate will enable the Bears to build strong rosters. I’m happy with taking the best player available and not reaching. Other than picking quality players my biggest hope is to not lose any draft capital next year. I’m happy that we took Fields last year and it looks a good and great pick considering this years quarterback crop but we need to build through the draft and losing picks through moving up in the draft and trading for players causes difficulty. I struggle with how compensatory draft picks are awarded. I Poles knows how to utilise this area of the draft and we start getting some. Maybe this is due to our poor drafting but the successful teams seem to get 2 to 3 picks extra picks annually which doesn’t seem fair.
  6. I would play Fields out from here. I thought Dalton would give us a better chance to win but after today I wouldn’t play him again.
  7. Brutal result. It’s tough being a Bears fan. How many times do teams go through our D like a warm knife through butter.
  8. Shame D didn’t turn up today. I thought Fields played is best game by far. Losing Williams early on impacted on Herbert’s game. Will be hard getting into the playoffs especially because Mack is likely to miss some games. Can’t work out A Rob he hasn’t had a decent QB before Fields and has regressed massively which could be due to him being tagged this year. If we traded him at the deadline I don’t think we would miss anything.
  9. I’m for Dalton taking over just to see what a veteran can do behind the line. If he starts winning it sends a statement that it’s Fields not seeing the seeing where to go with the ball, not understanding how to avoid the rush and when to not try to much. There must be some device available where Fields is able to see what Dalton sees and get reflects on what he would do which is either the same or different to Dalton and that has to be better than what we are seeing. I’m sick of watching the Bears struggle to get past 20 points in a game. If the 49ers go 7-0 at the start of the game I’m worried we can’t score more than 10pts and they may be optimistic.
  10. I am concerned about Fields and is development and wonder if we should be going back to Dalton because if the offense improves drastically then Fields would be better served watching from the side lines. Another question I have is Fields at this stage better than what Trubisky was producing and is he going to develop because if not we should have kept Trubisky, saved the draft picks and got a head coach who can develop QB’s
  11. I have watched the series at the end of the 2nd quarter when we should have at least a field and this was the more likely result. I’m shocked at the delay of game. I don’t know if I’m missing something but with Nagy supposedly no longer calls play how do we get a delay of game. After the decision that Amos was out of bounds the Bears were in the huddle for nearly 20 secs and then broke to set at the line of scrimmage. Surely Nagy would be in Fields’ headset asking for urgency and if not to avoid the delay of game which at that point must have been partly due to him and Fields the only option would be to take the final timeout. Try to get the first down on 3rd and 8 and unless the ball was out of bounds hurry on and kick the field goal. There was 25 secs on the clock is that time to get back to the line of scrimmage and kick the field goal.
  12. Listening to Nagy if you take him at face value Fields is progressing so this year if the supporting cast can keep us competitive we might be in a good place at the end of the year if Fields gets to where he can be a difference player. Alternatively this year is just about Fields’ develop with no expectations. My biggest take from yesterday was at the end of the half. I think after they ruled Amos out after the review the clock wasn’t set correctly but this was compounded by Fields not being able to call a timeout and Nagy not recognising the situation and he called the timeout. Fields tried to call it with about 4 secs on the clock. That delay of game was brutal and I know one timeout is huge but Nagy burned one earlier by not throwing the red flag until after wasting a timeout to look at it. If Nagy called the timeout we would have had 35 secs and on 3rd down.
  13. Game was lost in Qtrs 2 and 3 don’t know what Lazor was thinking but can’t not score any points against Rogers. I’m disgusted by the passing game. Green Bay were so banged up and we couldn’t capitalise. They were without both starting corners and a safety. I’m sorry but if Fields isn’t up to the job I would go back to Dalton unless this piss poor performance was down to poor play calling and no help for Fields from the other 11 players on offence. if Robinson is a top WR and worth the money he’s being paid on the tag I would be looking to him all day. If not we might as well trade him. Also did Jimmy Graham get a pass thrown his way. What’s the point of paying him 10 M if he’s not being used.
  14. Brilliant drive considering the officials tried to stiff us. Fingers crossed the special teams and D come up big and gives Fields and Herbert a shot to to win the game
  15. Johnson got a tough match today. Adams is probably the best WR in the NFL. Great stop Fields needs to get it together we needs points on this drive
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