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21 minutes ago, adam said:

I'm good with sleeping, I am immune to this team. I try my best to be fair and realistic. I would love for them to be great, it is really fun, but we have seen so much losing that more doesn't matter. In a way it is humorous at this point. 0-17 is a very real possibility if this is the same team we see week in and week out. If they play better and catch another team on a bad week, they can easily win a few. If they improve and maintain that improvement, they could win 5 or 6. However, anything more than that would be a huge leap as they should already have a win, so 7 wins is a 7-8 record the rest of the way. I am thinking 5-10 even seems tough considering they were 3-14 last year.  

That's fair for a pessimist.

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DVOA for next few opponents:


KC 13/12/19
DEN 21/7/30
WAS 11/11/10

The Bears played the 7th best DVOA defense (TB) and 11th (GB), next up KC (19th), and DEN (30th). So we may see a slightly better performance from Fields and Co. the next few weeks. However, all 3 of the next 3 opponents are top 12 in offense, which is not a good sign for the defense.  8 of the 15 remaining games are against a DEF 20th or worse. WAS is the only current defense the Bears will face in the current top 10 for DVOA.  So if we don't see an improvement on offense, especially in the next two weeks, we never will.

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