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  1. I think they win but it's going to be contested. We're not good enough yet to have an easy game. We will get better as the year goes on not how many wins that turns into.
  2. Actually both can be true at the same time.
  3. Everything is contributing to being bad, Fields, coaching, OL, WRs, injuries, and a bad defense. If all of them improve 20% we might be in ball games instead of getting blown out. In the next 4 games we need to go 3-1 or 4-0, I dont think 2-2 does us any good on our long range goals.
  4. I wonder if anyone has ever had 2 top 5 picks before? We are not in tank mold yet but how we play going into the next 4 games will determine that.
  5. Here is Darnell Wright in every pass play at KC He gave up 1 sack and played well. He is going to be an all rookie and future pro bowler. He was not a mistake being our first pick.
  6. Our next 4 games are Denver-Washington-Minnesota- Las Vegas. What happens to the shit storm if we go 4-0 or 3-1? We know if we dont win any games or go 1-3 we just continue the same gloom and doom. BUT what if
  7. You cant fill every weakness in two drafts , so had we picked a different player, we would still have weaknesses somewhere else. JMS is starting in NY but he's not getting rave reviews but I do expect him to be good in the future. I find it unfair to look back at a draft and say we should have picked that person 2 games into a season. We have to let it play out to give a fair evaluation.
  8. On draft day you may get someone that fails to move up to a QB that's willing to give you a mid round pick to have a shot at a new body in the QB room. What would the Jets do right now if their choice is Wilson or Field's that they create a plan to use him to workout for a year. I thunk someone may take a chance.
  9. The brass found something in Alan Williams behavior that deserved him being fired. They offered him to resign to save face. Not sure any organization is going to tell everybody what happened in real time. Does anyone have the exact information or is everyone just speculating? If it's a criminal offense that might come later, we still might get the story. Bears put a not to talk about it order so I'm sure the story won't be in a press release. I compare this to your (of age) son does something inappropriate and you don't say anything but have him move out of the house. For the Bears it's a catch 22 situation, you look bad no matter how you deal with it.
  10. Something to think about. Viking are 0-3 with the leading sacker in the league, Danielle Hunter; top QB in passing yards, Kurt Cousins; Leading WR in the league, Jefferson. Kevin O'Connel was an OC from the Rams that won 12 games his first year. Its about changing the whole roster over 3-4 years, so Poles might still be on the right path, we just havent seen the results of that 3-4 year rebuild. Viking have everything we hope for and they are 0-3 also. Its a complicated formula to be a consistent winning team. As a long time Bears fan that has seen bad for most my fandom, i need to find patience for 1 more year. Dont know how I will do that at this moment in time.
  11. Washington just lost 37-3 with Sam Howell going 19/29 170 yards and 4 ints. Is he the answer? Terry Bradshaw needs to retire and go away, his time has passed.
  12. Im a retied plumber, is anyone else in here a plumber? Adam are you? Im the person that always looks for the silver lining. The problem is , I dont see one right now. Is the silver lining getting 2 top 5 picks and we draft Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr ? Or Jon Alt (LT)? Was there any coach we could have hired that would have had different results? Sean Payton was hired by Denver and they just lost 70-20. I think we are stuck in LaLa land with complete makeover of the roster. I dont think whoever we brought in would have had us a wining team right now. Last year with the worst roster in the league we played well enough to be in 11 games and won 3. The sad reality is it will take 3-4 years to show results of 3 drafts to turn this around. Had Poles not traded the second pick the next 4 WRs drafted were Mingo-Jayden Reed-Rashed Rice-Marvin Mins. Would any have them made us a winner right now? If we took Carter instead of Wright with our first pick , we may have a better DL but the OL would be in worst shape than right now. The point Im trying to make is this team would have been bad no matter who we drafted. The one key to have a better future would have been a better coach than Flus but no way we are a winning team , so we have to continue to suffer this year. If we dont turn it around Flus will be fired and Warren and Poles ( not going anywhere) will make a new hire with 2 first round picks. We dont know yet if that will be better.
  13. Poles is running the everyday show, not sure he fires himself. If this continues, I can see him firing Flus but it would probably be over the bye week and then who takes over? It would probably be Getsy, is that an upgrade? No one on the staff has been a HC before. Warren could step in but he is not bringing in new coaches 3 games into the season. If they finish the season with 5 or 6 wins (5-9) or (6-8) the rest of the way, do they keep Flus? Is that enough progress?
  14. The world is predicting a mega blowout against the Bears, I almost think I am forced to take the Bears and the points. History tells us that games never go as predicted. 27-24 KC
  15. The story is going to turn ugly, instead of supporting Williams going out the door, the Bears are in lockdown to not talk about. That's very strange.
  16. This year Poles will see if Fields is a franchise QB. There is still time to figure that out. The good thing is , if it doesnt work out we have 2 first round picks to get a new one. I wish Justin well but it could easily fail and remind myself we are still early in a Poles remake of the roster.
  17. Cris Emma from the SCORE mentioned it in an interview and seen two people note it on a few X accounts. It very well could not be true but when I see it mentioned serval times ,I assume it is. but you may be right I seen many people say Williams house was raided and that wasnt true. It seems like when two friends say goodbye something like that is normal behavior. If you have the Audcy app you can go back and listen to Score segments. I think it was when Grote was on before a Cubs game.
  18. Anyone watch the game last night? Lots of horizonal plays for the 49ers. The difference was they made plays that we are not making.
  19. Yes to your opinions but 2 games is just a small sample size to make long term decisions, its just isnt trending well right now. Plenty of time to right the ship.
  20. They have started well in both games but penalties , missed blocks, bad decisions have derailed them from drives and like PHX said defense is on the field to long and fatigue sets in and things blow up. Once they go back to the run and simplify the offense we will see better results. If they avoid TOs it will keep us in games.
  21. It is a strange situation when a team has lockdown orders to not speak about Williams. Clearly something bad is going on for a lawyer to speak with guarded words. It is probably under some kind of investigation that results have yet to surface. When people mention raid that would mean they have concrete evidence but that would already be public knowledge. Lots of speculation with people just thinking they know what's going on. In time it will surface but one thing happened when Flus met with Alan on his way out the door, they hugged and Flus teared up. Several journalists stated that. Not good vibes.
  22. I'm not sure they want to answer on behalf of Williams. Not sure because they didn't mention it means it happened. I refer to his lawyer that spoke publicly on several interviews that stated no raid occurred. The only way to verify a raid at his home is with a local police or a FBI report. No one can produce that. I spent an hour trying to find out what city he lives in to check that and couldn't find that information. Don't think it happened.
  23. There is also a disclaimer at the end of his show so they dont get sued. His source is X accounts that have no source. I think there is more to the story but I dont think its from a raid.
  24. You know I hope you're wrong but you probably are spot on. Mahomes is the bomb but they dont have any difference makers in the WR room. Also they dont have a good running game. Crossing my fingers.
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