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  2. Next Gen Stats

    Right on Bill!
  3. Week 2 fallout

    He was ok. He has talent along the lines of Chad Pennington and he was very accurate at times and horribly inaccurate anytime he was on the move.
  4. Next Gen Stats

    yes! This would be a good week to break out.
  5. Next Gen Stats

    As the neg. Nancy here I only see what my eyes and head see. When I look at everything from games played over the past two years. Press conferences, how the team talks about him, how they talk about game planning. Now Long says we need to get back to basics. Really? It just does not seem like a franchise moving in the right direction when it comes to QB play. Yea there is blame to go around with all phases of the game. But when was the fist time he put the team on his back and won a game? The playoff game last year was three quarters of sad play. Had he connected on that pass before the kick we would of won outright. They were gifted the win last week. Every week it seems there is one excuse after the other for poor QB play. And then yea but he made this play or that one. This week is a good chance to start making some progress in the whole team going forward. And having Trubisky make the Tampa game last year the norm not the exception!
  6. Next Gen Stats

    theres blame to go around, the offensive line certainly deserves its share. And playcalling has been spotty. And lets give respect to the Packers D too. Broncos too. But nonetheless, either Trubisky thrives, or he doesnt. And thats how he will be judged.
  7. Green bay resort in Thailand! Yikes

    I'll going to the beach on an island I visited, Koy Samet, and seen this resort, green bay colors so I know it is not a coincidence of words. You'll have to blow it up to see it, I blew a closer shot. Also I screwed up by coming home on Tuesday the 24th, the Monday night game (bears) will be on while traveling so I will missing the game. I forgot when I booked that there is 12 hours difference in time. Monday night 7 is Tuesday morning 7. Lessons learned I hope.
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  9. Next Gen Stats

    To be fair, Trubisky has open receivers. He just doesn’t see them.
  10. Next Gen Stats

    to an open receiver
  11. Week 2 fallout

    He looks legit. Seems pretty confident, and is doing it without a great supporting cast. With Foles coming back later this year, he may be an option for some teams (Bears *cough* *cough*) next season.
  12. Next Gen Stats

    ...and he does stuff like this...
  13. Next Gen Stats

    I am not arguing that Mahomes is not an elite QB. However, this just shows that he is making less attempts into tight coverage than any other QB by a wide margin, but also is gaining more yards on those throws than anyone else. What this tells me is Mahomes doesn't even have to make tough throws, there is almost always someone open.
  14. Next Gen Stats

    It means also that Mahomes is making good reads, finding the open receivers. One thing to really not is Jay Cutler. Not only did he try to throw the ball into really tight spaces, he didnt get the statistical positive outcome of making that work often enough to show up as EPA too. Since interceptions factor the same as completions here, one assumes Brett Favre would be all alone in the upper right corner. Very aggressive, and still getting EPAs.
  15. Next Gen Stats

    Interesting NextGenStat posted here: Basically Mahomes has thrown to more open receivers than anyone in the league between 2016-2018 and it's not even close. Talk about a scheme working, Andy Reid is a genius. Trubisky in the middle of the pack. Interesting to see Wentz grouped with Winston, Newton, and Bortles. Mahomes is the least aggressive but most productive passer. Ryan is the most aggressive/productive passer, Tannehill is the least aggressive, least productive passer, and Kizer is the most aggressive, least productive passer.
  16. Week 2 fallout

    In other news; how about that cat Gardner Minshew? Looked pretty sweet in last nights convincing win over Tennessee? Was 20 of 30 for 204 yards and 2 TDs. He’s looked solid over the last 2 1/2 games he’s started in. And the round he was picked in? 6th.... hmmm
  17. Week 2 fallout

    I believe the team thought Howard was too one-dimensional for the offense. Basically when he was on the field, they were running the ball or the defense didn't have to worry about him in coverage (outside of a checkdown). That made it very easy to defend. That is my assumption. Montgomery, Davis, and Cohen all can catch the ball out of the backfield in an actual route. Stats aside, Howard is now Philly's short yardage back. Sanders is the lead back and Sproles is the 3rd Down back. The common thread between our anemic passing and running game is Nagy and the O-Line. I will put most of the passing woes on Trubisky, but for overall offense, it's Nagy and the O-Line. We rarely have running lanes as Montgomery is juking guys in the backfield to get a 3 yard gain out of a 2 yard loss. In the passing game, there is rarely a clean pocket, and when there is, no one is open, or Trubisky air mails a pass. To me, it can't get any worse. We survived two games of bad offense and the only way to go is up. The preseason regular season games are over. We should see a huge improvement over what we saw the last two weeks on offense.
  18. New poster

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  19. Last week
  20. The fact that Keenum is 2-0 against the Bears is concerning, but this isn’t Minnesota. I suspect we’ll see more of the balanced attack like last week on offense. And, for Trubiksy I have a strange suspicion this will be the Bucs ‘18 game of this year. Probably not 6 TDs but more like 2 or 3. Oddly enough the Redskins D is suspect in the secondary and that’s with a player like Josh Norman back there. On the D side we’ll see more of what we have so far. Difference from last week and this week is that they won’t be getting gassed as quick as they were in Denver. Maybe even a Def TD? Predict a score of something like 20-3 or 21-7
  21. Week 2 fallout

    Why...in retrospect and at the time it happened I still haven’t seen why the Bears got rid of Howard. Between Davis and he, Howard is the better back. Between he and Montgomery, he’s definitely a change of pace back and will almost unquestionably get the short yardage needed. I don’t feel the 3rd and longs would have been quite as long. And before you say ‘but the stats’, remember that Wentz is a heck of a lot different QB than Trubisky. He’s getting passes downfield (and scoring TDs) where Trubisky is not.
  22. Week 2 fallout

    We should be drafting a QB every few drafts anyway. The Packers, when they had Favre, drafted Brunnell, Brooks, Hasselback, Peterson and Rodgers. Peace
  23. Week 2 fallout

    Funny you ask. Just watched a good analytical video of some of the progress and areas still in need of improvement.
  24. Week 2 fallout

    Interesting that the RBs are getting a free pass in all of this. If Trubisky is at fault for averaging 174 yards per game passing behind that O-Line, why is Davis off the hook for his 2.5 yds/carry and Montgomery off the hook for his 3.3 yds/carry? I love Montgomery, and he looks legit, but we need more production out of everyone. One of the reasons we have 3rd and longs is our running game has been crap too.
  25. Week 2 fallout

    Grizz, agree, and Nagy will get a pass if Trubisky fails, bec ause he wasnt part of the team that drafted him. Pace will take the hit, but he has done enough to probably be able to weather that, especially with Nagy's support. So, either Trubisky wakes up, or we will be trading too much to draft a QB again, and honestly if that's what happens, Im Ok with it - I think Pace and Nagy will pick a winner. So I dont trust Trubisky or know which way he is going (Im rooting for him, but I dont have rose colored glasses about it) but I DO trust Pace and Nagy to bring us a championship.
  26. Week 2 fallout

    Hey Bill (and others). I hear what you're saying and like you have suffered through too many disappointing years to believe this is the year...until I'm proven otherwise. But in order to be a true Bears fan you 1) have to stay on the bandwagon even when the wheels appear to be ready to fall off 2) be a pessimist and 3) have eternal faith in your team. With this, you are not alone. Similar to what NYC said, this is essentially a 'prove it or lost it' year for Trubisky, but I wouldn't think that holds true as much with Nagy...and here's why. Besides all the maladies I illustrated with the other teams above you have a TON of prima-donna, 'me-first' players on other teams that are dismantling the integrity of the league and in some cases, ruining the teams they are on or were on. Look no further and you'll see Antonio Brown and his ridiculous shenanigans, or Jalen Ramsey and his wanting off his one year removed playoff team, or Minkha Fitzpatrick jumping the sinking ship that is the Miami Dolphins, or Zeke Elliott pouting in Cabo (or wherever the hell it was) before he got is $90 million payoff, or Melvin Gordon essentially doing the same...but with no results...yet. From the coach's perspective, look no further than last week and you'll see Nagy learned his lesson from the week one loss where he tried to be too cute and instead changed the script and pace to match more where his players were for week two. They still looked shaky in some cases but I got the idea improvement was being made, if only incrementally. Then from the team's perspective, take a look at all the young 'up and coming' players within the Bears. To include some high caliber superstars and solid character veterans among them and you'll find not a one thinking about themselves first. I think it safe to say that Nagy and to some extent Pace have to take the credit for that. The team isn't outwardly expressing their dissatisfaction or frustration and focusing on "stacking the wins" and working towards that common goal. I think Adam is right that as the team progresses they will meet the challenge accordingly and surprise a lot of us, even those of us who are more pessimistic than others.
  27. Week 2 fallout

    If Trubisky doesnt improve this year, they will find another QB for next year. Maybe a rookie who starts by week 5 or something. Im not saying Trubisky wont improve. I see it as like 50/50, and Im not making a prediction. What I am saying is that he doesnt have this year AND NEXT to prove it. He has to show big growth soon or its over. Our team is too stocked, and the window is open now. Pace and Nagy wont wait two more year if the light doesnt come on.
  28. Week 2 fallout

    I understand that Trubisky is the guy all this year and next. But guess I'm the negative Nancy here. I just don't see him as a franchise QB. And I don't believe you can win a SB without one. We had the greatest defense in the late 80's early 90's and one of the best in the mid 2000's. We only made it to two SB's and won one. We could not even get back to one in the Ditka era because we had no consistant QB play. And that was in a era that you could win with a great D and serviceable QB. In todays game it takes a lot more that just a great defense. Just to much offense allowed. And I agree there is a lot not clicking yet this year. But as good as everything was working most of last year is still not going to be enough with Trubisky. With all the teams that have a Fran. QB that are so far ahead of where Trubisky is. And where I think he is going to get. I hope I'm way off, I have waited for 60 years to have a great QB. We have had great everything else.
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