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  1. Goldman sitting out etc

    sure, if Goldman can get $ and not play, and that's best for him, I dont blame him. But I dont want to watch a team that isnt that interested in winning. If I get the feeling they are just making a paycheck, and not really fighting, then I am turned off.
  2. Goldman sitting out etc

    So apparently Eddie Goldman has opted to sit out the 2020 season. https://chicago.suntimes.com/bears/2020/7/28/21345072/bears-starting-dl-eddie-goldman-opts-out-of-2020-season-report Add this to the politics etc, and I am getting dangerously close to not caring at all about this team or NFL football for the first time in my life. I would say that the Bears were one of the things I looked forward to most every year too.
  3. Random info

    agree, if we have money to spend on a decent free agent, put it on the OL.
  4. Random info

    He knows what he is doing and he will help Kmet grow. He will be a win now piece, and a booster rocket for kmet's future.
  5. Quinn Adjusting to OLB

    sounds about right. anyway I'm sure we agree, if you can rush the QB, it's OK if you're not the best playing zone in the flat. Quinn is a major addition to this defense for sure.
  6. Quinn Adjusting to OLB

    totally. like I said above, about half the time they will be in nickel, and Quinn can have his hand in the dirt and just rush the passer like a regular 4-3 DE. But on base defense downs, Quinn will have other responsibilities too, so that might be somewhere he could struggle. But I'd rather have a guy who brings a ton of pass rush and struggles a bit against screens and in space than the opposite (Floyd).
  7. Quinn Adjusting to OLB

    yeah but in a 3-4 if Quinn and Mack both rush, then thats a blitz basically, and youre down a man in coverage.
  8. Quinn Adjusting to OLB

    I just read this article, and it makes an interesting point. Quinn played DE, and OLB will be new to him. I expect that will show most on keeping contain and playing the screen, stuff like that. But we brought him here to rush the quarterback, and Roquan has his back on that side too. And all of this only matters in base defense. We're in nickel about half the time anyway, and he will play four-man-front DE in that formation anyway. Im very optimistic about our front 7. Who do you double team? It's gonna be fearsome. https://chicago.suntimes.com/bears/2020/6/18/21296170/chicago-bears-chuck-pagano-robert-quinn-3-4-defense
  9. Kyle Long speaking out on Twitter

    He is a hothead. Remember when he hit a teammate with his helmet? Thats what this is.
  10. Random info

    Kwit has all the heart, but he is a step too slow for the NFL. That's why they went with Trevathan. Also, I think there is a good chance we may have one of the best linebacking groups in the history of football. They remind me (on paper) of the 80s Saints. Add in Hicks, Goldman and Nichols, and this could be one of the best front 7 ever. And with EJack and Fuller behind em, this defense could be ferocious. But thats all on paper of course. Just like Montgomery looks to be ready for a 1200+ yard season, but Nagy has to hand him the ball, and the OL has to open holes for him.
  11. Random info

    so much crazy, and a shocking lack of understanding of basic issues like the salary cap too. For example all the articles about the possibility of trading Mack. I mean, not only is it a really dumb idea, but they dont even consider what the cap hit would be. I guess anyone with an audience can say anything and it sounds authoritative.
  12. Random info

  13. 10 new starters

    I dunno if some of them overlap and share the same sack, but yes, I think it will be very difficult to block everyone on our DL. If we had this defense and John Fox running the ball 70% of the time we'd sure win a lot of games. If Nagy can put up points with a high powwered offense, we are a possible SB contender, but I'll need to see it on the field before I actually believe anything like that. But the defense? Hell yes it will be nasty.
  14. 10 new starters

    Stinger, I TOTALLY agree the roster is much better! And I think the defense has the possibility to be the best in the NFL. I wasnt rebutting you so much as expanding on what you said. Quinn is a really important piece. Nasty front indeed, with Fuller and Ejack behind them. Look out.
  15. 10 new starters

    IF we can protect the QB, and IF we call a balanced game plan, and dont abandon the run, we do seem to have the talent to be a playoff contender. But many years the Yankees outspend the rest of MLB, and still fail to create a "team" so, we'll see. I hope they do come together, but after all we've been through, I'll believe it when I see it. If the OL still cant open holes or protect the QB the rest wont matter.