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  1. Next Gen Stats

    yes! This would be a good week to break out.
  2. Next Gen Stats

    theres blame to go around, the offensive line certainly deserves its share. And playcalling has been spotty. And lets give respect to the Packers D too. Broncos too. But nonetheless, either Trubisky thrives, or he doesnt. And thats how he will be judged.
  3. Next Gen Stats

    It means also that Mahomes is making good reads, finding the open receivers. One thing to really not is Jay Cutler. Not only did he try to throw the ball into really tight spaces, he didnt get the statistical positive outcome of making that work often enough to show up as EPA too. Since interceptions factor the same as completions here, one assumes Brett Favre would be all alone in the upper right corner. Very aggressive, and still getting EPAs.
  4. Week 2 fallout

    Grizz, agree, and Nagy will get a pass if Trubisky fails, bec ause he wasnt part of the team that drafted him. Pace will take the hit, but he has done enough to probably be able to weather that, especially with Nagy's support. So, either Trubisky wakes up, or we will be trading too much to draft a QB again, and honestly if that's what happens, Im Ok with it - I think Pace and Nagy will pick a winner. So I dont trust Trubisky or know which way he is going (Im rooting for him, but I dont have rose colored glasses about it) but I DO trust Pace and Nagy to bring us a championship.
  5. Week 2 fallout

    If Trubisky doesnt improve this year, they will find another QB for next year. Maybe a rookie who starts by week 5 or something. Im not saying Trubisky wont improve. I see it as like 50/50, and Im not making a prediction. What I am saying is that he doesnt have this year AND NEXT to prove it. He has to show big growth soon or its over. Our team is too stocked, and the window is open now. Pace and Nagy wont wait two more year if the light doesnt come on.
  6. Week 2 fallout

    yeah but this isnt a matter of not seeing stats. We can all see the offense is out of rhythm, and the head coach openly speaks about it too. It just is. And there is blame to go around. Can it be fixed? I hope so, I think it can, but I'm not in the business of predicting that, I want to SEE it and then say that it happened. And I think that's totally fair and right. They have so much potential we aren't seeing, but this isn't a potential year, it's a real football year. So get it done Bears offense. We are rooting for you, but we don't trust you. Make us believers. Go DO it.
  7. Broncos Win!

  8. QB Hell

    ahahahaha yes, well no, but not for this reason anyway
  9. QB Hell

    lol I feel that way about each of them
  10. QB Hell

    The true answer to our problems is Colin Kapernick. and maybe we could get Antonio Brown.
  11. Bears Claim TE off Waivers

    exactly. Had we picked him off of someone's practice squad, then we would have had to get him on the 53 man roster, and then clear waivers to the practice squad. in this case, he was already waived so no need to do that.
  12. QB Hell

    Dear football gods - please render this thread moot and make us embarrassed of what we are thinking right now. Make fools out of us please.
  13. QB Hell

    Oh dude, I dont blame you. But other than the greatest QB of all time, they generally arent waiting for you on your deep bench LOL If Bray is Brady, I'll poop a football. Gladly! Wouldnt that be great? (Bray being awesome I mean, pooping a football is never great) But in the real world, a franchise QB is only going to be available to us in the draft. Maybe one who needs (part of?) a year to develop. We could probably package our two 2nd rounders to get up into the #20 pick range...
  14. QB Hell

    Interesting thought about Luck, but I think the salary cap plan is to build with a QB on their rookie deal. Also keep in mind that Nagy wasnt part of the team when they chose Trubisky. Nagy's team chose Mahomes. Maybe Nagy + Pace = a smart QB draft pick. I just wish we had a first rounder next year, if we are considering this. Hmmm...
  15. QB Hell

    yup, from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic points of view, this is surely the consensus. I dont hear anyone saying if he's terrible this year, let's give him another, and I don't hear anyone saying that we should bench him now for any other option we may have. Well I actually have heard a little of that last one, but if you say Daniels or Bray over a couple games, they'd stop saying that. I still think Trubisky can turn it around, but I can't say if he will.