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  1. Bears to Cut Parkey

    What one do you want deleted, this one or the other one?
  2. anyone

    play online games i play this one http://www.mafiadeath.com/r/58819.php
  3. Our Season is over......

    He was a good RB, but I think he is lacking as a analist.
  4. Its time

    To give Williams his chance. Its like watching a tank race nascar.
  5. Next year

    Yea, I was sad to see Millen get the axe.
  6. OT: NFL investigating 6-8 players for Steroid tests

    They can play until there appeal is over.
  7. Finally broke down and bought an Xbox360

    Only some of the games are backwards compatible.
  8. Endurance is strength of rookie RB Forte

    Yea but you still need to get Forte 20 - 25 carries a week.
  9. Lions are much better than an 0-4 team

    Raiders have a worse record over the past 5 years then the Lions.
  10. week 2 question

    Jones isnt a starter.
  11. Happy Birthday Soxfan1

    Been working a lot lately, even though its late, Happy Birthday.
  12. Where are you from?

    Fargo North Dakota
  13. Hester has hurt Hammy

    I think you said it once before.
  14. QB Rating Calculator

    I took your numbers on Grossman's season predictions and figured 7yds per attempt, this is what I got: Attempts: 414 Completions: 240 Passing Yards: 2900 Touchdowns: 25 Interceptions: 10 Comp.% Yards/Att. TD% Int.% NFL QB Rating 57.97/ 7.00/ 6.03/2.41/ 89.64 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------