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  1. If he plays like the second half the rest of the way he'll be in camp to at least compete with Shaw
  2. Tis actually something I'd love to do
  3. CFL locker rooms aren't full of professional players?
  4. But you have to look at what other first timers will be on that ballot & the backlog. He will be on with Ray Lewis I don't see the HOF putting both in & Lewis IS a slamdunk
  5. Hell surprised it's taken this long to be used. They had them inside the helmet in game in the original WLAF in 1991
  6. Nothing more than a PR stunt, happens all the time
  7. Isn't that the poop spreader from the combine
  8. Think its more down to the fact he walked out on his team last year than the fact he was on a bad team
  9. ‏@bearsgrowl 17m "@UHCougarFB: Add another to the Houston list - deep snapper Brandon Hartson to the Chicago Bears. #GoCoogs"
  10. well primetime aint primetime for me haha
  11. Only 4 prime time games EXCELLENT no 4 o clock kick-offs = bummer
  12. Can't be long before Tebows out of the league & we don't have to see these threads ever again
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