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  1. Pixote


    I'm convinced Jenkins will refuse to sign a new contract with the Bears, unless it is an insane overpay, because he is convinced he is a starting OLT and will look for a team to give him a shot at same. But hey, if we are in the mid of a SB window, he may want to enjoy the ride. LOL
  2. I, for the life of me, cannot understand the love affair the press has with CAR. Yes, they are in a weak division. But an undersized rookie QB who will get tossed about like a rag doll, my guess getting his bell rung a couple of times, with a limited group of talent around him does not sound like a dominating team. NOS improved a talented roster. ATL will have a powerful run game. TBB might be the worse of the lot. I have to believe the CAR pick will be a top 10 if not top 5.
  3. Wow, I had no idea that many in the top ten picks have signed. Thanks for the link.
  4. Damn, I loved that video. There has always been the debate as to if players need to be choir boys to be a Bear. No, you don't. But I love it when you have a player who looks like a blue chip prospect AND has a great attitude. That is obviously what Poles is looking for and had brought in for us. I saw where Wright has already signed. Rare for a top 10 1st round draftee to sign this quick. was he the first top 10 pick to sign? Wright is truly hyped up and ready to make himself a Pro Bowl OT. Tremendous skill set, great attitude. I can just imagine this huge beast looking at his rep and telling him to get off his ass and bring him a contract to sign, now, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.
  5. I'm a bit turned off on the Swift Sports Network. Some of his stuff is just too over the top. He still puts a lot of info out there, some of it interesting. He mentioned an UDFA, D'Anthony Jones we signed. Showed some tape and scouting reports. He had some interesting stats as an edge rusher. Swifty says he had the highest grade of any pass rusher in the draft? Also led the nation with nine forced fumbles over the past 2 years. Could be a total bust and an early cut. OR, maybe this is one of those UDFA that is a keeper?
  6. Pixote

    Current Roster

    We've seen it happen before. A player never gets the respect he deserves because he is playing backup to a guy everyone is calling a generational talent, a surefire NFL Blue Chip player. I predict, unless he gets injured, Ros will be every bit as productive as Bijan. In fact, I'd go so far as to say he might wind up being our starter, and put up some amazing numbers. Individual Rushing Statistics # Player GP ATT Gain Loss Net AVG TD Long AVG/G 5 Robinson, Bijan 12 258 1622 42 1580 6.1 18 78 131.67 2 Johnson, Roschon 12 93 563 9 554 6.0 5 52 46.17
  7. The word is that the Commanders are not picking up the 5th year option for Chase Young and may be looking to trade him for draft capitol. He had a great rookie season but then crapped out the last two years because of injuries. Now the Commanders may be looking to move on. I sure as hell wouldn't give up a 1st, but maybe a 3rd that could be a 2nd if he is a first ballot pro bowl selection his first season (and agreed to a reasonable contract). What do you guys think? Do you think his guy is washed up or will he return to the dominating edge rusher he proved to be in his rookie year when he was DROY and was voted to the Pro Bowl?
  8. Anyone know of any interesting UDFA prospects at the edge or OC positions? 😉
  9. AA went to Indy, so my hopes to see him drafted by the Bears are nil.
  10. I'll be anxious to see team cuts after all of these rookies are signed.
  11. I wanted to stay in the trenches, but I have to trust Poles decision.
  12. Crap. Wanted Ade. How good is Dexter. What do you guys think about the pick?
  13. Fingers crossed for Ade. 😉
  14. Ughhh! It hurts to see so many drafted that we hoped would be taken by the Bears.
  15. I have to believe it would be an expensive move up to pick 32. Who do you think they would target?
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