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  1. Training Camps will start on July 28th

    This is a false statement. The WHO clarified their remarks after folks ran with the "asymptomatic can't spread" narrative. Here is a link for WebMD. You can find the same information on the WHO website. Do they spread it as fast as people with symptoms? It doesn't appear so, but there are so many unknowns, I think it's very dangerous to make definitive statements. It's also important to clarify between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200609/who-clairifies-comments-on-asymptomatic-covid-spread http://www.emro.who.int/health-topics/corona-virus/transmission-of-covid-19-by-asymptomatic-cases.html
  2. Darnell Mooney

    Guy has some wheels and a great first move. Seems little, but I'm an old school guy (or I'm just old) but I liked seeing him hand the ball to the ref, over and over. Also looked like on some of those plays he had teammates busting their ass to block downfield for him, looked like they had been coached up pretty good.
  3. Trey Burton Released

    Not that I'm questioning the validity of what you're saying, just curious where you got the information that he showed up to camp out of shape and not knowing the playbook? Look at the subject and timing of these articles on Raymond. He gets hurt and released, then brought back to the PS a month later and then given a future contract 2 months after that? Why would the Bears do that if he were lazy and lost his love for the game? That dog don't hunt.
  4. Positions in need of talent

    Just having some fun, NYC. You two can argue all damn day if you want, I really don't care. I'm on here to try to escape the daily bullshit we're all going through right now. I'm not a "hall monitor" for anyone, it was meant as a joke. That's all I'm going to say about that. GO BEARS!
  5. Positions in need of talent

    Come on ladies, you're both pretty 😁 Let's hug this shit out and get on to talking about the Bears.
  6. Good Defensive Breakdown

    I'm pretty excited to see how it works. I think this defense is great already, if they get the right safety (maybe Bush is it, I don't know) they could be insanely good. Hoping for a healthy year, could be special. Watching that video got me really stoked for the season. I need some football!
  7. Good Defensive Breakdown

    Ok, got it, that makes sense. So really what they are doing is taking out one if the down lineman and playing Mack and Quinn as "defensive ends".
  8. Good Defensive Breakdown

    A question for those more learned in defense schemes. If the Bears do what he suggests and play more nickel, who comes off the field? Normally, you're taking out a linebacker. In this case that would be one of the inside backers, Trevathan and Smith. Which would leave you with only one inside. Is that Trevathan or Smith? I would assume with Smith's speed that's who you'd keep on, but Trevathan has a ton of experience and leadership. What's it look like?
  9. RB JJ Taylor

    I like that he's carried the ball almost 600 times in college and doesn't have a single fumble.
  10. Other Topic

    I can't stand Stephen Ass Smith, but I'd watch that everyday.
  11. Foles it is

    He's been on teams with a top 10 total defense every year of his career, except his rookie season.
  12. Foles it is

    I'm feeling the exact same way. This is so disappointing. Like every year, I'll hope for the best, bring my expectations down and try not to drink too heavily on a Sunday afternoons 😁
  13. Foles it is

    And 7 of those 27 came against the 29th ranked Raiders defense when he got red hot 1 game. Better hope something big changes on the line or we're starting over in 2021. I'm glad the defense got potentially better.
  14. Foles it is

    Trubisky and Foles are basically the same quarterback. We got nothing out of this, except what should be a pretty good battle for who is the best average quarterback. Look at their stats, what did we gain?
  15. KPL Signs with Washington

    I get that we can't afford everybody, but it is concerning that we've lost or top two back-up ILBs from last year. Especially considering we resigned the oft injured Mr. Trevathan, who has missed on average 4.5 games a year. His starting ILB partner missed 3 games last year too.