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  1. Free Agency information

  2. MLB Keeper

    We keep 2 players Kris Bryant is my first. Help me pick my second keeper please. C- Gary Sanchez 1B- Jose Abreu OF- Charlie Blackmon OF- Kyle Schwarber SP- Steven Strasburg SP- Jacob deGrom SP- Jose Quintana SP- Carlos Rodon
  3. 2017 Opponents

    Jeffery set a lofty goal for the Bears in 2017 "I guarantee you we'll win the Super Bowl next year," he said, per ESPN.com's Jeff Dickerson. "We had a lot of injuries. I don't think a team in the league had as much injuries as us." http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2684822...ears-wrs-future
  4. Rumor mill....... not happy about what I read

    What happened to Rusty Jones? Thought the bears were the most healthy team in the league when he was here.
  5. In terms of NFL grades

  6. Bears games

    Thank you ChileBear appreciate it man.
  7. Bears games

    What is the best way to listen to the radio broadcast of the Bears games free online?
  8. Cuts Open Thread

    Bears cuts/moves: OLB David Bass, OG Michael Ola, OLB Matthew Wells, WR AJ Cruz (waived/injured), QB Zac Dysert, WR Ify Umodu, NT Terry Williams, ILB Mason Foster, TE Dante Rosario, WR Rashad Lawrence, OG Connor Boffeli, CB Qumain Black, OLB Kyle Woestman, TE Bear Pascoe, LB Jonathan Anderson, DT Brandon Dunn, CB Jacoby Glenn, G Tyler Moore, TE Gannon Sinclair and David Carter. Bears place safety Anthony Jefferson on injured reserve and defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff on reserve/suspended by commissioner list. http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/bears/post...lb-willie-young
  9. Bears vs Browns

    Is it just me or do we seem stacked at LB across the board?
  10. Talkbears FF league 2 (free league)

    If we need i may be able to get my brother-in-law to join. Just let me know and ill grab his e-mail.
  11. Fantasy Football Info

    TB2 Legion of Doom is my team
  12. Fantasy Football Info

    You guys can count me in for talkbears2 again if you want me in league. I barley ever post but read a hell of alot on here.
  13. footnotes and tidbits

  14. Shia Labeouf & Bears

    I thought he must have been a Bears fan.
  15. Shia Labeouf & Bears

    bears Anyone know whats up with this?