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  1. Here's your chance to say what you would have done now that you have 20/20 hindsight. The rules are No removing the trades No extra trades Players can only be selected if they went at or after the Bears picks
  2. Would have liked to see DE and C before WR. This tells me they are moving Whitehair to C.
  3. 1000% agree. If he gets a DE and a C this draft is an undeniable master class.
  4. I LOOOOOVE POLES. This dude gets it. OL, DL, CB, DL. He’s killing it.
  5. And now the Lions reach big for a LB that definitely would have been there in the second round. LOL
  6. I wonder also. I’m more a fan of the huge monster OTs with long arms and fast feet, but I think Ski will also end up being very good.
  7. Damn near. I was saying, “Is it finally happening?!” over and over again.
  8. I could kiss Poles on the mouth. A trade back AND an OT who may be the best OLineman in the entire draft? Break out the Jergens.
  9. YES! Finally for once in my life the Bears do what I want.
  10. I would have ignored everything they said afterwards. It's just moronic. Put five scrubs on the OL and have Jerry Rice / Randy Moss as the two WRs. Scrubs get trampled, QB runs for his life, we have nightmares of the Cutler years, and the WRs catch very few passes. Consider this OL, however, and literally any NFL WR in history would get open: Johnathan Ogden (OT) John Hannah (OG) Jim Otto (C) Bruce Matthews (OG) Anthony Munoz (OT) Getting a WR or RB in the first round this year, with the current pick, would be a horrible pick for the Bears. At least two offensive linemen need to be replaced, and one could argue the entire defensive line needs to be replaced.
  11. I want them to trade back from the 9 pick and acquire a bit more, but if stays as is: 9) Paris Johnson Jr. OT Ohio State (Protect Fields at all cost. This is a cohesion pick as well.) 53) Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern (3T waiting to happen) 61) Tuli Tuipulotu, DE, USC (Not really sure why he isn't going higher. He looks really good.) 64) D.J. Turner, CB, Michigan (Say it with me, "4.26 forty.") 103) DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas (A safety turned hyper-athletic LB? Hmmm...reminds me of someone.) 133) Olusegun Oluwatimi, C, Michigan (How is the Rimington and Outland guy rated so low? No brainer.) 136) Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama (Insurance for Kmet) 148) Viliami Fehoko, DE, San Jose State (My third Islander this draft. He has great pass rush skills.) 218) Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville (Always draft a QB. This kid has skills.) 248) Jordan McFadden, OG, Clemson (I like how the knock on this guy is that he's not big enough, even though he's 300lbs.)
  12. For me this is easy. BPA is not 100%. It’s really need-based BPA. A team with mid-career Tom Brady shouldn’t draft a QB in the 1st. The Bears shouldn’t have drafted a RB in The first round of the 1986 draft, regardless of how good the guy was. I always think of it like having a broken car. If you get a great deal on $25 top of the line tires, it’s stupid to buy them with your only $100 (i.e. 1st round draft pick) if you also need a battery. In this case, the Bears need a driver-side seatbelt, brake pads, and a windshield. The tires may not be perfect, but there is plenty of tread.
  13. Concur. I can't think of a single QB in NFL history who has had sustained excellence while simultaneously having a trash OL. This works for RBs as well, with the exception of maybe early Payton and Barry Sanders. The truth of the matter is, starting at OL accentuates all other skill positions, but loading up on skill positions with a garbage OL is a good way to waste high-priced talent.
  14. I didn't include all the Bama players. I just included those that I thought might fit at the draft positions after the hopeful trade-back. No way the Bears could get all the UGA players.
  15. Similar to previous years, a team could draft pretty much all Alabama players and it would be good draft. Trade Back 1.XX - Brian Branch, S 2.22 - Jaymyr Gibbs, RB 2.XX - Tyler Steen, OT 2.30 - Eli Ricks, CB 3.1 - Henry To'oTo'o, LB 4.1 - Byron Young, DL 5.1 - Emil Ekiyor Jr., G 5.XX - Cameron Latu, TE I can't say I'd be entirely upset by that. Normally, the position sequence isn't my favorite, but grabbing all Bama players would be awesome.
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