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  1. Great video. This dude is breaking down things we've been talking about on this board for a decade.
  2. jason


    Preach. I'm so sick of hearing about PFF. Their stats are trash, and often don't match the actual game that you see with your own eyes. PFF is the type of organization that suits the phrase, "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining."
  3. Agree. And Sanborn looks like a guy who was born to tackle and eat glue. I love that dude. If he improves off of last year, the 2023 LB corp are going to shock the world.
  4. Did I see he signed?!?!?!!?
  5. We all see the Power Rankings year after year and think the media hates the Bears. I honestly think there is a bias because of the rug-burned knees while covering Farv and Erin for the past 20+ years. While the Power Rankings this year don't seem to tell a different tale, the point spreads do. Bears 2023 Schedule ATS Week 1: Packers at Bears -2.5 Week 2: Bears -1 at Buccaneers Week 3: Bears at Chiefs -9.5 Week 4: Broncos -1 at Bears Week 5: Bears at Commanders -1 Week 6: Vikings at Bears (Pick em) Week 7: Raiders at Bears -1.5 Week 8: Bears at Chargers -4.5 Week 9: Bears at Saints -3 Week 10: Panthers at Bears -2.5 Week 11: Bears at Lions -4.5 Week 12: Bears at Vikings -3 Week 13: bye week Week 14: Lions -1 at Bears Week 15: Bears at Browns -3 Week 16: Cardinals at Bears -5 Week 17: Falcons at Bears -2.5 Week 18: Bears at Packers NL There are four games with a larger point spread than a field goal. FOUR. And one of those games the Bears are favored!! Vegas is right more often than the pundits are; otherwise, there wouldn't be multi-billion dollar operations in the Vegas desert. And the point spreads say this is an extremely unknown year for the Bears. According to the spread, the Bears could conceivably go 14-3. Of course, the inverse is true as well. One additional tidbit I found interesting is that the 2023 media darlings, the Detroit Lions, the team that's supposed to shock the world and win the North, is only favored by 4.5 at home and 1 in Chicago. If they're so good, the point spreads would say as much. All that said, there is a good chance the point spreads hold relatively true. Chalk is 7 wins counting the Vikings pick'em and Packers NL. Flip the Broncos, Commanders, and Lions games with a +1 point spread for the Bears, and we're suddenly at 10 wins. I don't see that as implausible. In fact, I think flipping a few more is conceivable, especially considering how unlucky the teams was on close games last year. Final verdict: Bears go 10-7 and shock the world.
  6. jason

    Ray of Hope

    That is a scary list. Aside from a few hits, it's loaded with busts and guys who never reached their potential.
  7. Here's your chance to say what you would have done now that you have 20/20 hindsight. The rules are No removing the trades No extra trades Players can only be selected if they went at or after the Bears picks
  8. Would have liked to see DE and C before WR. This tells me they are moving Whitehair to C.
  9. 1000% agree. If he gets a DE and a C this draft is an undeniable master class.
  10. I LOOOOOVE POLES. This dude gets it. OL, DL, CB, DL. He’s killing it.
  11. And now the Lions reach big for a LB that definitely would have been there in the second round. LOL
  12. I wonder also. I’m more a fan of the huge monster OTs with long arms and fast feet, but I think Ski will also end up being very good.
  13. Damn near. I was saying, “Is it finally happening?!” over and over again.
  14. I could kiss Poles on the mouth. A trade back AND an OT who may be the best OLineman in the entire draft? Break out the Jergens.
  15. YES! Finally for once in my life the Bears do what I want.
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