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  1. If he doesn’t hit 250 a game, it’s a huge problem.
  2. Probably doesn’t need to. He may beat out Braxton Jones.
  3. We are talking different things. How throwing MOTION is great. Very compact. His issue is that he holds the ball when he doesn’t have to. Just like Fields. Now, it can be argued that the reason they hold the ball is different, but it’s the same result unless the OL provides extended protection.
  4. 100% agree. Fields had bipolar coaching, consistent change, horrible game planning, a single NFL-worthy WR, and a bad pass-pro OL. The Bears failed Fields, and we will never know what he could have been.
  5. If That’s true, then why does everyone, literally every analyst, say he holds the ball too long? Sounds similar to me.
  6. jason

    Would you?

    1000%. Besides, I'd rather do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to make Caleb Williams happy and comfortable. I think he'd much rather see OL at #9, and his security blanket Brenden Rice in the 3rd.
  7. Perhaps, but if we all expected Fields to take another step and lead the team to ~10 wins, then replacing him means we should expect more. Otherwise, replacing him doesn't make sense. The word generational is thrown around a lot, and the rookie expectation is now incredibly high because of Stroud. As a result, Williams needs to be an improvement.
  8. We disagree. Great WRs don't always allow a QB to release quicker. Where are you getting this? By nearly all accounts, the problem with Williams is the same as Fields: he holds the ball too long. His release is quick, but his decisions are not.
  9. For being so hyped and “generational,” for throwing away Fields, there js zero doubt that Williams better produce immediately. And ten wins is a must. Without each, it’s a disappointment. Williams doesn’t have to go for 4K and 30TDs, but for the drastic turn this franchise is about to take, there is VERY little room for excuses.
  10. The bolded is where I take issue. I’m 100% convinced that a WR does not have as big an impact when the OGs suck, but an OG can still have great impact when the WRs are dropping the ball. It’s chicken and egg stuff. Similarly, a great OL gives the QB time to throw, and even average WRS get open in the NFL if given enough time. DE? Sure, maybe, but I don’t want defense. I want the Bears to transition into an offensive franchise…which is also what I said, and didn’t happen, with Trubisky or Fields.
  11. LOL. Freudian slip. Probably because they never did for Fields what they should do for Williams.
  12. jason

    Would you?

    No. The Bears can go without a 1st round WR with other holes to fill and a draft deep in WRs.
  13. I’m 100% fine with drafting what you believe to be an all pro OG in the first round. I pay car, property, and life insurance. Same concept. You get insurance for the things that are most important. And if the insurance costs more than you’d like, you accept that since it protects the thing that’s actually important, and worth FAR more than what you’re paying on insurance. If Fuaga comes into camp with cauliflower ears, a neck as thick as his head, and a willingness to bite off an opponent’s testicles to save Williams, then IDGAF that an OG is drafted in the first. The message should be universal: PROTECT WILLIAMS (not Fields) AT ALL COSTS
  14. I would LOOOOOVE that. The Bears need to protect Williams at all cost. OL must be addressed EVERY SINGLE YEAR until he’s virtually untouchable.
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