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  1. Was JA hedging his bet?

    Ron Turner got a 1 year extension last offseason.
  2. Lovie ddn't know

    I think that's really the only reason he would stay.
  3. Lovie ddn't know

    I guess I didnt know either. I'm going to fire myself now. Hopefully Lovie follows my lead...
  4. Shaffer

    If Pace isnt starting, Williams better be the LT for the rest of the year. period.
  5. Bears @ 49ers Game Thread

    I've got no issues with the sound
  6. Forte compared to Salaam and Enis

    I actually thought Enis was starting to look good before he destroyed his knee. He was never the same after that.
  7. Jeff Garcia anyone?

    Yea, he asked to get cut. I would think Garcia wants a chance to start. He's not getting it here.
  8. Turner admits short yardage mistake!

    He's been doing this long enough. This should have not happened. period. Know your personnel.
  9. Great, no 1st round pick for OL now!

    Dont forget Olsen
  10. Pace a "priority", would play LT

    oh yea...knew I was missing someone. that would make for one hell of an offseason and I would think the Bears would be at least NFCN favorites.
  11. Let us pray for Cutler.

    I have a bad feeling we going to be left feeling like my fellow Bulls fans we were all excited about getting Kobe, Gasol, Amare, etc.... but being left with nothing. I hope JA can get it done though.
  12. Pace a "priority", would play LT

    Sign Pace and Lucas. Trade for Cutler. Get it done, JA
  13. They could very well have several pages made up of players they are looking at in preparation for the draft. They may or may not draft him. I would think almost every NFL team has pages set up before the draft for players they may draft.
  14. Great 1st and 2nd Round Mock

    yea, not very high on Bey. Love Nicks. He's being compared favorable to Irvin which is a good thing as long as he leaves out the coke. lol.
  15. Bears targing Another Tackle in draft

    I'm liking the Dirty Sanchez but I'd go OL. I dont know if Sanchez is that 'franchise' QB or not. could be....but he could also be a complete bust. Fix the OL and everything will look better. I'm not sold on either Stafford or Sanchez as being that franchise QB anyways. like BrianBear just said, Stafford was incredibly inconsistant and Sanchez had 1 decent year with a damn good bowl game.