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  1. OTA notes

    Has there been any reports at all about the defensive line? Specifically who's getting the #1 snaps at 3T?
  2. OTA notes

    Flus talked about moving guys up to play with the 1s to see how they handled tougher competition. As someone who still wants to believe that Jenkins can be a beast, I'm hoping that they know Jenkins is gonna be one of the starters and they just wanna see what Borum and Jones can do against the 1s to really evaluate who the other starter will be.
  3. Post June 1 Cap

    I just hope that they don't settle. I like that they're giving all these rookies a nice long look, as they probably should, but if they aren't up to snuff, you can't just accept it and take the best 5 from what we have.
  4. Post June 1 Cap

    Hate to see injuries, but Dozier is not good, hopefully this makes them look at RG even more. I guess it'd be nice if one of the rooks steps up and plays well, but in a year that we really wanna see what we have in Fields I really hope they don't go in there with a below average starter at any spot along the line.
  5. Trade Quinn?

    I wish player for player deals were more of a thing in the NFL. The rumor mill is a lot more fun in other sports.
  6. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Ehhhhh, look at what the Rams did this past year, and the Bucs the year before spent money, and it goes on and on. You obviously want to build through the draft, but when the time comes to push your team over the top, you do it..... The Packers are one of those teams that almost exclusively build through the draft. They've had the best QB of the last decade or so and won a grand total of 1 super bowl with him.
  7. OTA notes

    Honestly, it's pretty easy and fair to rank them last right now. I assume it's all based on the past year(or years). A lotttt of question marks. Can Mooney be THE guy? Did Pringle simply benefit from facing teams 3rd or 4th DB? Is Velus more than just a gadget guy? What do we have with all the other veteran miscast?
  8. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    That'd certainly be a big one. Right now, assuming Quinn stays, he's probably 5th if not 6th on the depth chart for DE. Quinn, Gipson, AQ, Dom, and maybe Attaochu could be ahead of him. Trading Quinn still makes a ton of sense given the depth....especially if Snowden is a guy.
  9. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Well then, there goes my previous post. Lol. For some reason I was thinking Attaochu would be more of a LB in a 4-3.
  10. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Oh no doubt, the depth there is not very good. Or at least doesn't look good on paper. Attaochu has shown flashes of being solid, and I do think Sanborn could come in and be one of those underrated "Unathletic" guys who have a good career in the NFL.
  11. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Assuming Flus runs it close to what he did in Indy, the 3rd LB is not gonna be out there a ton.. Their top 2 LBs play 98 and 91% of the snaps. Then they had 2 other guys play 18 and 13% at the LB position. Assuming they always had 2 guys out there, that means they only had 3 guys out there 20% of the time. I expect/hope to see Dane(one day I'll decide to learn his last name) out there a ton in a LB-esque type role mainly covering TEs. NB has some options with Young, Vildor, and Graham.
  12. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Having Roquan behind him will help out in the run game a ton.
  13. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Both sides of the ball have the chance to be mediocre, but I kinda go back and forth on which side I like more. If Quinn remains healthy and Gipson translates well to the 4-3, the ends can be very solid. The guy from Indy and Dom Robinson provide good rotational depth.... Justin Jones can be a good nose tackle, and I do think Tonga has some real upside there as well. If Edward's can be that surprise we think he can be, that's not a bad front 4. Roquan and Morrow have the potential to be really dynamic with the speed they have. I think we'll see Dane in there a ton and probably more than whoever the 3rd LB end up being. If he can continue to be the "Tight end eraser" that's a huge plus in today's NFL. The secondary just all depends on how well the rookies perform. Johnsons gonna be fine and still has #1 potential. Cooper Kupp said Johnson was one of his toughest matchups of the year last year. Can Eddie Jackson be EJax again? With Dane taking on the role of shutting down TEs and Brisker playing an enforcer role, Jackson can play the role of a roving ball hawk. If Flus is a good coach, this defense will be fine.
  14. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    I could definitely see Gipson take another leap. I don't mind keeping Quinn around for a bit. He seems to be a good teammate, and a solid veteran to learn from for a guy like Dom Robinson. The DL has some flop potential, like if Quinn falls off a cliff, but its got someeee upside. Quinn-Edwards-Jones-Gibson. It isn't loaded with star power but it could be pretty decent.
  15. We've had discussions about our biggest surprise on offense, now let's get defensive...My biggest surprise will be Mario Edward's Jr. I think his name has sort of gotten forgoten here the past few years with the likes of Hicks, Goldman, and Nichols also being really good. I think right now he's the starting 3 technique and has a really good year. I totally forgot that dude ran a 4.84 40, so the explosion is there to be a upfield 3T.