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urlacher--3 versions:








have an orton (and rex too iirc) wall which i'll find tomorrow and upload. also have a tj one i was working on a couple months ago then promptly stopped working on it. guess i grew bored with it. it's pretty close to being done just have to get to it and finish... :D


also have all those walls i did of players from other teams if ya want me to upload them i can...

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here's a list of non bears walls. posted the ones i had uploaded in account. rest i was logged out when i uploaded so links weren't saved (not by me anyway :lol: ). for the soxtalk and/or nfl-fans people they can go do a search there because i posted them there after i made them.


-Adam Pac Man Jones WV Wall

-Brett Favre Bullseye Wall




-Brett Favre Goodbye Wall

-Byron Leftwich Wall

-Charles Woodson Michigan Wall

-DeAngelo Hall Wall




-Jerome Bettis SBXL/Goodbye Wall




-Julius Jones Wall




-LaDainian Tomlinson Wall

-Priest Holmes Wall




-Warrick Dunn Wallpaper



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