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  1. This makes sense to me and I still think - with everything you know - you want Fields to play 4 weeks - giving him 2 more weeks of game rest is probably best opportunity to get to that point.
  2. Yeah - this is a must lose for the long-term. I mean if Fields played and went off and they won 40-36, I'll live with it. I'll live with any win where Fields is playing and the offense goes ham. What I don't want is a 13-10 win with Semien playing QB or a banged up Fields winning a game 13-10 . Its a vaccuum analysis, but getting a top few pick would be massive in accelerating the rebuild (as long as it isn't because Fields looks awful the rest of the year and/or Fields is obliterated and has long-term health issues).
  3. Those are tough cause depending on the severity - it can be a career threatening injury I believe.
  4. The one reminder is once we get through the bye weeks - the Bears drop due to SOS from 2 to at least 4. So I think it will be hard to maintain the #2 spot, however, if Fields is playing well and they are doing it because Mooney is out (at this point it is) and the defense is just bare bones (which it is) than I think it would be massive if we ended up on 2. Trade for whomever wants the #2 QB, stack the assets, and than draft and use free agnecy and put some draft picks aside for the following year as well to ensure you have flexibility to continue to target areas of weakness.
  5. I like the Zach Thomas comp as a guy who was thought of as below average measurables whose instincts had him way outperform himself.
  6. Bummer - now to hope the recovery period isn’t like 6 months or something like that and more in the 4-6 weeks and they just don’t want to risk rushing him back.
  7. Look at what Christian Watson has done in space. Jones has that "it" in space or at least has given some flashes of it. So find him the ball. He doesn't need to be and never will be an 80 reception guy - but if you can get it to him in space and get him 80-100 touches - both via air and rushing the ball - he can be dynamic as a gadget guy. Start seeing what he can do - even if it is a limited sub set of the playbook for him.
  8. Pringle probably isn't very good either - but I am willing to give him at least a chance, but if we were going to prioritize - I prioritize Jones & Claypool - since they are or hopefully are part of the future. The reality is none of the others are likely on the team next year.
  9. They need to start integrating Velus Jones Jr. into the offense and also really make Claypool a feature going forward. Ideally Fields is back after the bye week to be a part of that because he has a lot of work to do.
  10. Tackles are a volume stat. I will say Sanborn has been very impressive for an undrafted free agent. What I don't know is will he ever be anything other than a mediocre back-end starter? So on one hand - nice value for a UDFA - on the other hand, while he has great instincts etc, can those overcome his lack of pure athleticism to make him an above average player - because at the end of the day - they need to upgrade and get a lot more above average talent across the board. With that said - I was never on board with paying Roquan the type of money he wanted. Sanborn has also benefited from the fact that our entire dline is putrid (easily bottom 3 in the league). But he's a great story and would be awesome if he really is one of those guys who ends up being a top 10 LB (but I'd bet way better odds he is a bottom 10 starter in the long run - which is still great for a UDFA).
  11. I don't personally think that Fields outperformed Hurts. Field(s) had some incredible individual performances - and made some absolute insane plans. But everything Hurts did looked far more sustainable. Call it easy. Nothing Fields did was easy - it showcased his completely elite athleticism, but he also took a ton of hits, etc and those added up. It wasn't like the last hit that caused his injury got him - but the dude was clearly gassed. He talked about it entering the Falcons game how tired his body was and than he took his biggest beating yet in the Falcons game. Call it the eye test - Hurts has ben a multi-dynamic weapon who has thrown and rushed effectively but made it looks relatively easy and in rhythm. Kind of like prime Russel Wilson (best I can compare). On the flipside - Fields was absolutely spectacular from an individual performance perspective - but his body took a beating each and every week and all of that came from his feet. Yes - he had some solid pass plays that showcased his arm talent, but even than, most of those plays were completely based upon his legs, etc. It is why Field(s) upside is so high - he got his team to score points despite being a pure crap pure passer at this point (again - he can throw a really good deep and intermediate ball - so he has arm/throwing talent) but he's still really bad within the system. To lead the Bears to the promiseland, he doesn't have to be elite within the system, or even great, but if he can be solid to average within the system - than he will still be an above average to great (maybe even elite player). But he will never lead the Bears to the promiseland if he doesn't improve from a pure crap player within the system to mediocre to average/good. He has a few bars to climb and is still young and clearly can do it. And having better players and protection around him - can help him get there, but a lot is on him too. Semien on those 1st 2 drives, delivered the ball in rhythm and on-time more in 2 drives than Fields probably did in the past 6 weeks combined (if I'm just being honest - and I like Fields).
  12. Hurts gets rid of the ball and reads the D significantly better than Fields does at this point. I do buy the narrative that Fields has to grow as a passer and significantly for the team to truly get next level - because it is unsustainable to just run like he had, especially those last few weeks. No one's body can take that toll over a full season. With that said - that doesn't mean Fields ability to run doesn't help him. It helps him massively because it buys him time and means he doesn't have to be near as good at that skill set than others because the defense has a lot more to cover and worry about. This is why I think it is really important for Fields to get back after the bye week and stay healthy the rest of the way and really work on his ability as a passer, and that ability to get rid of the ball quick and on time in the offense so counter things. If he does that - he'll have plenty of opportunities to run and keep defenses honest / make plays - all while really limiting the defenses ability to hit him a ton. It will take time but if he doesn't make moderate to large improvements as a passer, we will still be looking for a next QB a year from now (not next year). That said - I fully believe in Field(s) ability to develop and achieve those things. But anyone watching last night so how explosive Hurts is - who is just an okay pocket passer (but okay is still a heck of a lot better than what Justin is). If you are okay and can do the rest - you are in business if you are an athlete like Fields.
  13. Excellent write up - completely agree with you on Borom. I have seen enough - maybe he can play guard but his time at tackle as a starter should end after this year, if not sooner (if someone else shows worthy). Sanborn has a knack to find the ball. If I am the Bears I am sitting Fields through the bye week - so give him basically 4 weeks since the injury happened until he plays his next game. Have him practice and get reps but get him ready to play post bye week for continued development in his arc as a passer.
  14. True - I just hope whatever he has is more that time frame than some 6 month plus injury that also costs him a normal offseason. And good points on Jones, Pringle and Claypool now getting more chances to show themselves. Hopefully Jones and Claypool step up.
  15. Just sucks. Hopefully he can have a largely normal offseason and get better quick! Better yet let the report not be true and his actual injury is more minor.
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