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Why do I have to keep logging in?


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probably every couple times or so, I still have to log in even tough I check the box to remain logged in. I have cleared out my cache, cookies and deleted the temp files. is this just a bug with the software or am I missing something?

That shouldn't be happening. Just make sure you are coming to www.talkbears.com and not http://talkbears.com


For whatever reason the http://talkbears.com will always make you log back in while the other way won't.


About 10 days ago, everyone would have been experiencing this problem because I was fiddling with something and screwed things up, which caused that to happen for about a day. But now there isn't any explanation (aside from the one explained above) for why that would be happening. It could be that somehow your computer is set not to accept cookies so it automatically deletes them after you leave the site.

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