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  2. Gordon Signs

    PFF listed us as the 30th worst DB in the league. They list other teams higher that had high rated rookies coming in but didn't give us any credit. I can't wait , next year we'll be in the top 10 . They are trash.
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  4. Gordon Signs

    Eberflus loves the Peanut 👊. Please invite the Legend to teach it!
  5. Gordon Signs

    yes, and the two fast LBers are going to be huge too.
  6. Gordon Signs

    Backend is going to be a strength and will cause a lot more turnovers than we have had in a few years.
  7. Gordon Signs

    I didnt expect us to draft a CB and a S with our first two picks, but it surely should turn a weakness into a strength. Let these guys get used to playing together, along with Johnson on the other side, and maybe Jackson even wants to be part of it and puts his body into it? I think our back 7 has the potential to become the best in the NFL. Add a pash rusher and 3T and we could have a top 5 defense in 2023. Who knew that the 202x CHicago Bears would be a dominant 4-3 cover 2 team again? LOL what a crazy ride.
  8. Gordon Signs

    This was a couple days ago and leaves just one draftee, Brisker, pending. I'd expect that to be done soon but it also depends on when Brisker is available to sign if he chose to go out of town during his break. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-sign-top-draft-pick-kyler-gordon
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  10. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    Very true, but not Kmet's fault. He did what he was asked to do. However, he got basically zero RZ targets last year. Also, hard to score on 10-yard hitch routes from the 40.
  11. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    Graham shouldn't have been on the team in the first place.
  12. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    Nagy + Graham. That's why it wasn't. Even with inept playcalling and a QB carousel, he was still a top 12 TE.
  13. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    I thought it should have been last year, but...
  14. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    Nagy took him out in the RZ in favor of Graham. So I would expect a slight bump in targets, receptions and yards and a huge jump in TDs.
  15. Trade Quinn?

    Article on NFL.com on 10 teams with holes to fill mentions Baltimore, Kansas City, and LA Rams as teams in need of an edge rusher. lemonej made a good case for Arizona needing help at the position. Adam mention Cowboys and Steelers. It seems like there are a lot of teams that might be interested in Quinn prior to the trading deadline. Would we trade him? If the Bears surprise everyone by starting off strong, I don't think they trade Quinn. If, however, they start off below .500, I think they would entertain a trade for the right compensation. The important factor in what we'd receive in return for Quinn would be his production at that point. He stays healthy, racks up 6-8 sacks early in the season, we might get a damn good trade. Here is the link to the article (which mentions Bears in need of WR). Article by Kevin Patra??? Never heard of the guy. 2022 NFL season: 10 biggest remaining roster holes heading into training camp
  16. Mooney Interview

    Fangio is one of the better D minds in the league but has failed as a head coach. Probably not all his fault but the head coach takes the blame for losing. Nagy was an enigma when he first came in. He limited his offense in 2018 and got mild success. As soon as he went high gear on (his) system things fell apart. This regime will rely on the run (good thing) and build around Fields as the offense goes forward. We added height and speed on O and that will help Fields progress. With all the talk of good or bad, I think a lot of people are not taking into the account of Fields being a lot better this year. Because of our lack of offense in the past, we dont get excited with offensive projections but I think it will be a giant step forward.
  17. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    He improved from his first yr to the second. He has went to TE U to learn. He goes and works with Justin in the offseason. He may be limited by his athleticism but he can be a top 12 TE. This year he may not get more catches but higher yds per catch and TDs. He has become a better blocker. I think with the speed we added it will open up the field for more of Kmet.
  18. Interesting to see any Bears offensive player get some props on NFL Network. https://www.nfl.com/videos/pioli-shares-his-up-and-coming-te-to-watch-in-2022
  19. Mooney Interview

    100% We should have fired Nagy and promoted Fangio two years ago. That said, I like the current staff better - I think. On paper. Waiting to see it on the field.
  20. Mooney Interview

    I can't imagine buying a new Ferrari and just parking it in the garage and saying I'll see how it drives next year. If the QB coach was constantly with Fields working on his mechanics I might say ok, go ahead and put the big turbo kit on it first then let's see it run. There was none of that.
  21. Mooney Interview

    Fangio was the only reason 2018 happened. Look at Nagy's team without Fangio, they were lucky to 8-8 in back to back years. Nagy ended up 22-27 without Fangio and it is still amazing he won 22 games. So if Mooney felt like that, can you imagine Fields as a rookie QB who doesn't get any reps in the offseason with the 1s?
  22. Mooney Interview

    I haven't listened to the interview, just read the summary here: https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-more-organized-now-says-darnell-mooney Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/darnell-mooney-in-studio-time-to-cash-in-on-white-sox/id1210156055?i=1000567483239 In a podcast interview with Redline Radio, described Matt Eberlus' team as entirely organized and the Matt Nagy regime, well, not so much. "It's night and day, man," Mooney said on the podcast about Bears practices now. "It's smooth. I mean everything. Everybody knows where to go, when to do something, what's the expectation, what's the standard. You know what you're getting out of the next day. It's not coming in and just like, 'uh, what we got going on?' This is not a surprise to anyone who watched this team last year and it's a good sign for the future of the franchise until we get to see the product on the field.
  23. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    agree with all of this
  24. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    If you're going to look at different players now is the best time to do it. It will inform them where to start and mix up what works best. If things follow as patterned, Sam Mustifer may be the surprise offensive player by starting. If that happens, I think it will be at OC not at OG. He played well for 6 games in 2020. Was bad last year after gaining 30 lbs. Maybe losing 10 lbs will put him in a better spot to play better.
  25. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Truth be told, we know nothing about any of the OL at this point and how they will fit together. Seems like they are depending on a lot of young players and coaching up. The phrase I have come to loath. "Coach them up." I've waited for that for decades. When do we get coaches who seem to do that, above just getting them on the field. If they are always changing the lineup it seems like they have no idea at this time what they have.
  26. Free agency begins

    In a scan of social media etc, the speculation oscillates between contractual issue (more likely) to his contemplating a return to competitive dancing (least likely). Nothing notable about an actual injury other than some cramping during the rookie camps back in April and him riding a stationary bike more recently during OTAs.
  27. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    agree, and thats his point too - until they are in pads, no one has any idea. we all agree.
  28. Free agency begins

    The Gordon thing could be a contract situation, he hasn't signed yet. Nobody was just talking about it. It could be a minor injury that they aren't talking about either. We will find out in one month.
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