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  1. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    The team is going to have no choice, they are going to have over 100M in cap space ($97M right now and $25M than the next team). Obviously some of that will go to extensions for guys like Roquan, etc, but Poles didn't eat all that dead money this year not to restock with players him and Flus want next year. I expect one or two top guys to come over via FA next offseason.
  2. I feel like if there is going to be a surprise on offense, it is probably going to be one of the new WRs. However, after hearing about Getsy's offense, and the commitment to the run game and play-action, I think Khalil Herbert may be a breakout candidate as well. It seems like the schene fits him much better than Monty. Additionally, I could see Monty as a potential trade candidate at the deadline as they won't get any comp picks if they bring on several FAs next offseason. Thoughts?
  3. He is another one. We are going to have a few surprise starters, impact players this year. Watch for the SAM LB position as well.
  4. Draft Class Thoughts

    That is awesome. We basically got 2x 1st rounders in the 2nd. No WR was worth those picks that was available.
  5. OTA notes

    Yeah, the speed difference between Morrow and Trevathan/Ogletree/Jones is hilarious. Then you replace Gipson and Vildor with Brisker and Gordon. Those are 3 huge upgrades. Losing Goldman is addition by subtraction, and if Trevis Gipson improves from last year (7 sacks), he can easily match Mack's highest output (9 sacks) in the last 3 years. Jones is at least comparable to a normal Hicks in the middle, though a dominant Hicks was definitely better, so the D-Line is probably the biggest question mark on the defense, but I don't see it being bad. That is definitely a top 12-15 defense on paper. The offense is going to come down to O-Line and Fields. The skill position players are fine.
  6. OTA notes

    Yep, I like it. If Gordon and Brisker end up as good as they are playing now, this rebuild is going to be much quicker than expected. On Hoge and Jahns, they also mentioned how Jones and Pringle have looked really good so far, which is a good sign.
  7. Fields Mechanics

    It is so funny to see the media so split on Fields. Some think he is already a bust and the Bears have no weapons or no O-Line, then on the flipside you hear how locked in the entire offense is and how the culture is completely different this year. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I am pretty hyped about this season on par with how I felt going into 2018. However, we have Fields now compared to Trubisky in 2018, and that is a huge difference.
  8. OTA notes

    I also heard Morrow is playing the Mike and making the calls, so that would put Roquan at the Will.
  9. OTA notes

    Some good notes. I am not worried about Johnson. I heard Dominique Robinson has been impressive in Quinn's spot, which may be why there are rumors about him being traded.
  10. Fields Mechanics

    That will also open up the intermediate routes and run game.
  11. Roquan accused of rape

    If it is BS, and I am Roquan, I am suing for defamation. Celebs literally have to live in a bubble to stay away from stuff like this. If he did do it, he needs to be in jail and out of the league.
  12. Fields Mechanics

    It is pretty remarkable, Mooney was 20th in receptions and 19th in yards as WR2 in a Matt Nagy offense that ran out 3 different QBs against a tough schedule. That makes his numbers even more impressive. 110 more yards and he is top 10 in the league. He had 1055 last year, so 1200 doesn't seem that unreasonable.
  13. Roquan accused of rape

    Wow this is crazy. Hopefully he is innocent, but if not, he is done.
  14. Draft Class Thoughts

    He failed the physical, which is part of the process. Every team in the league would do the same thing. Poles even said he was open to signing him later. Larry O may not want to come back but he at least knows the Bears are interested.
  15. Fields Mechanics

    It's borderline criminal that Nagy was given a head coaching position and allowed to run an offense. ARob had an interview and he talked about how he is happy to be able to run the entire route tree again, implying that Nagy limited him to specific routes. There was another article that talked about how the Bears had specific plays in the RZ only for Graham, and that Kmet didn't get many RZ targets, again due to Nagy's incompetence.