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  1. New Receivers

    I didn't say cut him, I was saying to trade him to a WR needy team. We are 3 games in and he has 0 targets. Hell Cam Meredith has a reception and TD and he was coming off of an injury and is on a new team. There are no more excuses for White. With Shaheen out, Wims would provide another big target for Trubisky. The size of the WR's may be part of Trubisky's issues, Cohen, Gabriel, and Miller are all sub-6'0".
  2. New Receivers

    To me, I see our receivers production tied to Trubisky's play and Nagy's play calling. Robinson is on pace for 91 Receptions and 1035 yards, which seems like the only receiver that is close to the norm. Gabriel is on pace for 80 receptions, Burton on pace for 48 receptions, and Miller for 43. So the receptions seem to be about spot on, and even Howard has 10 and is on pace for 53. However, the yards per throw/catch are extremely low. Also, I cannot believe White has yet to be targeted. Bellamy, Sims, Michael Burton, and Cunningham all have more receptions individually than White has targets. This is extremely shocking that they wouldn't at least attempt one pass towards White out of the first 102 throws. If they are not going to use White, trade him, and bring Wims up. I think Robinson is still a legit #1, we probably don't have a solid #2 yet, but Miller is well on his way (if he can stay healthy). Gabriel is a lot like Cohen and seems to be a gadget player that Nagy likes to use all over the field. He is the 3rd most used Offensive player (behind Howard and Robinson). I still like Burton, but he will be complimented better when Shaheen comes back. Trubisky and Shaheen probably have the most reps together going back to last year (considering practice, etc). So not necessarily as good as maybe we expected but light years ahead of what we had last year.
  3. Anthony Miller - Any news

    He tweeted that he was fine. He didn't say anything else.
  4. Thoughts From the Cards Game

    Super cool, thanks AZ. Great first person perspective. It is nice to get that "at the game" point of view. Yeah, no way did I believe we would be in 1st place.
  6. These spots are getting ridiculous, Gresham was almost a yard short and they gave him a first down.
  7. Ok, we have the lead and a rookie QB coming in. If we allow any points we deserve to lose.
  8. Great pick by Jackson, now we need to capitalize on it and score a freaking TD.
  9. 3 and out? What the hell. No one is getting open and I have yet to see a quick slant. I am not a fan of these quick throws to Gabriel for 1 yard.
  10. Hopefully we can score a TD on the first drive of the 2nd half and make this a 4 pt game with a quarter and a half to play. The Cards are hopefully overconfident with their start, but technically haven't done anything since those two scores.
  11. The defense has finally showed up, but those two early TD's allowed are the difference. Trubisky is worse than Cutler right now, an INT and a fumble loss with no TD's. At least smoking Jay would have a TD by now.
  12. You would hope to see some improvement from Trubisky week in and week out. I just haven't seen it yet. To me, he looks no different than last year.
  13. Yeah, we had 6 chances from goal to go and only got a FG. On the incomplete pass to Robinson, we had 4 Receivers and only 3 defenders on the right side, but he never looked that way. So it has to be play calling.
  14. I am starting to think some of this is the play calling. Where are the slants and crossing routes? Two long passes basically uncatchable. I can't believe Bethea can keep up with Gabriel for 50 yards, what the hell. and we seem to be targeting Peterson, that won't end well either.