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  1. Kollman on Trubisky

    I am sure most QB's have passes that look like that (some good, some bad) on the same play. He definitely makes some good points (Trubisky's hips) which lead to inconsistent deliveries, however, you don't throw to the same receiver just because you run the same play. The reads can be completely flipped based on the coverage. So I think he is reaching there. Overall a good analysis, but I think some of the inconsistencies are with Trubisky's knowledge of the offense. You can only process some many things in 2-3 seconds, and if things are not committed to memory or 2nd nature, he is processing an extra thing, which leads to those inconsistent decisions. Also, how many bad throws did he really have? Let's say 2 a game that should've been completions. That would've put him at 73% completion percentage, 2nd only to Brees. That seems incredibly high. I also don't know where he gets Trubisky being terrible in the 2nd, but great in the 4th. If you look at his splits. His best quarter is the 1st, so I don't know where he got that from. He also has a better QB Rating with the lead compared to when trailing. Contrary to the video.
  2. Roster Turn Over - Next 3 Years

    Stinger, That is a good point, and another thread. Who are the potential replacements already on the roster? I agree that guys like Iggy, Toliver, and even guys like Fitts and Irving are already getting groomed for a future starting job. If the Bears can pull that off, where there are guys waiting in the wings, we will be in even better position than originally anticipated. Half the time my posts are just something I looked up out of my own curiosity and thought it would be worthwhile to share.
  3. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    Everything points to him having a great year, so if he doesn't, he would be a prime candidate for a change in scenery trade.
  4. Roster Turn Over - Next 3 Years

    I find it funny that the media paints us into cap hell next offseason when in reality, after a few pieces moved, we are easily under the cap. As long as we pay the right players (Jackson) and let the others walk (Amos, Howard), while drafting at least average, we should be in a good place for a long time.
  5. PFF hates Trubisky

    AZ, good supporting info. Pretty crazy to think how many players had less than stellar numbers their first few years. Also, consider Mahomes, only 1 game played as a rookie, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 62.9% and a Passer Rating of 76.4. This was in an offense that saw Alex Smith throw for 4k in 15 games, with 26 TDs and only 5 INTs. That would be a projection of 0 TDs and 16 INTs for the season (turrible).
  6. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    If he doesn't have a huge year, or even if he does, it will tough to pay 2x Edge rusher over $40M a year (once Mack's $26M per year kicks in), which is what they will pay for Floyd's 5th year option next year. He could even be a trade candidate. I hope he excels as that would be a good problem to have after a SB victory.
  7. -- CAUTION LONG THREAD -- I took a look at the Bears cap situation for the next few years. I keep seeing things about the Bears being in cap hell next year, and that really is not the case. The Bears don't have to pay Trubisky big bucks until his 6th year in the league, so it looks like we can keep virtually the same roster for the next 3 years without too much trouble or turnover. The media paints it like we are in dire straits after this season. With a few key guys resigned each year, we should only expect to lose 2-3 starters per year in this next 3-year window. Similar to how we lost Howard and Amos this year and replaced with Montgomery and HHCD. With that said, I looked at some of the higher priced and aging players to see where the Bears will most likely look to shed salary through cuts, trades, or free agency. Next offseason will be one of the most interesting in the next few. Mack's contract doubles and Whitehair will be a pending FA. The Bears have over $16M right now and I assume they will carry some over to next year while locking up at least Whitehair, and maybe even Jackson or Cohen before they hit their last contract year. Looking to next offseason, the top 5 salary savings could come from the following: 2020 Offseason (next yr) 1. Amukamara ($10M cap hit or $1M dead money for 2020) - saves $9M 2. Long ($9.6M cap hit or $1.5M dead money for 2020) - saves $8.1M 3. Trevathan (UFA) - saves $7.6M 4. Daniel (UFA) - saves $6M 5. Gabriel (6.5M cap hit or 2M dead money for 2020) - saves $4M That would be $35M in savings, but the team would need to replace a starting RG, CB, LB, and WR, and a backup QB. Amukamara, Trevathan, and Daniel seem to be the most likely to depart (almost $23M). Long will come down to performance and health. I threw Gabriel in there as the team seems to have signed a few guys to do what he did last year (Hall/Patterson) and drafted Ridley. $35M plus the carryover cap would easily be enough to absorb Mack's increase, extend Whitehair, and even Jackson or Cohen with room to spare. If the Bears value HHCD over any of the guys listed, there is potential to sign him as well, though that would probably push Cohen's contract extension to the next year. I have seen some concern about the cap crunch for next offseason as it looks like we are $27M over the cap for next year. That is complete BS, that counts all players signed (not top-51), doesn't take into account the annual cap increase (projected for another $10M), and assumes all current contracts will stay the same. If you take the top 51 salaries, add $10M to the cap, and carry over $6M from the cap this year, we would be under the cap with no other mods. So you can trade Whitehair's deal for Amukamara, and would then gave the remaining savings for other transactions. ---------------------------------------------------- In two years, Trubisky is on his 5th-year option, and Jackson and Cohen, if not already extended, would be due some hefty extensions. The good news is some huge contracts would be coming off the books or would be reworked to lower cap hits. Robinson and Floyd alone would save $28M and another $15M could come from Burton, Patterson, and Skrine. Again, not that we need to shed that much salary and then have to replace another starting WR, LB, TE, and CB, but we can if need be. After a repeat SB win, some of these guys may be looking for huge paydays. 2021 Offseason 1. Robinson (UFA) - saves $15M 2. Floyd (UFA) - saves $13.2M 3. Burton ($8.85M cap hit or $1.75M dead money for 2021) - saves $7.1M 4. Patterson (UFA) - saves $5.75M 5. Skrine $6.1M cap hit or $3.3M dead money for 2021) - saves $2.8M Skrine's contract is really odd, the lowest dead money is $3.3M, then it goes to no guarantee or contract after year 3. Of all the current contracts, this one is one of the most prohibitive for a non-elite player on the roster. --------------------------------------------------- I know it is crazy to think out this far (3 offseasons from now), but even with Trubisky due his $30M+ contract, only having Daniels, Miller, Nichols, and maybe Wims to resign (as potential starters) doesn't seem too bad. With annual cap increases, absorbing $20M+ of new money for Mitch in 3 years, doesn't seem like a huge problem, especially after a 3-peat. The cap increases of at least $10M per year would alone absorb Mitch's pay increase while allowing the Bears to resign the other guys to second contracts. 2022 Offseason 1. Leno (UFA) - saves $9.9M 2. Massie ($9.4M cap hit or $1.3M dead money for 2022) - saves $8.1M The Bears can restructure, extend, or let both of their bookends go. I assume they won't let both go in the same offseason, and Leno could easily be extended by then if he plays well. Massie is the most likely cap casualty at this point. --------------------------------------------------- The Bears are really in a good place cap-wise, they have the flexibility to retain pretty much every starter and key sub minus 2-3 a year for the foreseeable future while extending key contributors to long term deals.
  8. PFF hates Trubisky

    I even think saying he is Mariota is underselling him a little, but definitely a closer comp than freaking Blake Bortles.
  9. PFF hates Trubisky

    Here is another one: I love how he uses PFF to support his argument. Talk about cherry picking numbers. Pretty funny to look at Trubisky's first two years vs some of the current HOFers: Rodgers (first 3 seasons): 35-59, 59.3%, 329 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT Brees (first 2 seasons): 335-553, 60.5%, 3505 yds, 18 TD, 16 INT Brady (first 2 seasons): 265-416, 63.2%, 2843 yds, 18 TD, 12 INT Again, hard to pass judgment so early. Crazy to think that Trubisky is playing better going into Year 3 than all 3 of these guys were going into their 3rd years (even though not all were starters yet). I don't want to belabor the point, just interesting to see how others view Trubisky without really watching him play.
  10. PFF hates Trubisky

    Trubisky compared to Bortles?: So what do you think?
  11. PFF hates Trubisky

    AZ, This is my exact argument. They literally rank players with no real tangible supporting information. Is Trubisky a top 5 QB, no, but can he be? Why not? If you said he was the 8th best QB, most of his stats would back up that position. If you said top 12, same, but when you start saying he is in the bottom half of the league (16th and lower), biased views seem to come into play. Simms even said that the "arrow is pointed straight up for Trubisky in this offense" then ranks him 20th. It doesn't add up. Again, I just find it interesting that the media continues to downplay his ability but guys like Foles, Jackson, and Goff like AZ stated, and others like Mayfield and Watson are immune to the same criticism that Trubisky receives. Funny how SF doesn't take any flak for drafting like crap outside of Kittle, and paid a huge amount of money for JimmyG and have yet to see any real results. I know the injury occurred, but Trubisky didn't get a free pass from criticism for his injury which didn't seem to fully heal until the playoffs.
  12. PFF hates Trubisky

    Grizz, The point of contention I have is that there is a clear media biased against Trubisky regardless of how well he plays. Simms said he was the 20th best QB going into this season, and there literally is nothing that supports that position. PFF ranks him low, and as you can see by the rankings, USA Today is completely out of whack as well. There are a million ways to "rank" the players. Just take this scenario for example with the couple of guys in front of him on Simms list. If you had to pick Trubisky or any of the guys from 15-19 for performance in 2019, who would you pick? Goff looked like crap without Gurley and with Kupp coming back from the knee injury, I can't see Goff outproducing Trubisky this year, especially if Trubisky improves even just a little bit. How about Carr? There is potential for a complete train wreck in Oakland and he wasn't that good to begin with. Mayfield, maybe, but his numbers were worse than Trubisky's last year. Foles in Jacksonville? This guy has never played even average outside of Philly, so nothing would point to him doing that in Jacksonville who is devoid of talent on the offense. Then Cousins, you could make a case for Cousins just because of his receivers, but straight up, with all things equal Trubisky should have the edge. Here is some info about QBR: https://www.espn.com/blog/statsinfo/post/_/id/123701/how-is-total-qbr-calculated-we-explain-our-quarterback-rating Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all the rankings are subjective, I get that, but there seems to be a consensus hate on Trubisky in the national media for whatever reason. He can't help that the Bears traded up to draft him, and he was picked before Mahomes. Nothing you can do about that now, and he shouldn't be penalized for it. I just think it is a fascinating phenomenon.
  13. PFF hates Trubisky

    To me, it is getting to the point of insanity. They are now widely quoted and linked to support an argument where all the traditional data doesn't even support the same position. If they match the consensus, they are not needed, so they decided to make a metric that is controversial at best. I would love for them to make predictions, like most of the analytics guys did for hockey, and then we can show they were wrong. All they do is rank how they think someone did, with no ties to future performance, which is the point of analytics in the first place. If they can't be predictive, there is no need for them. By pretty much every metric known to man, Trubisky improved in 2018 and had a very solid season with the needle pointing to an even better year this year. If you look at PFF, he is literally a game manager who runs, and is a liability to the team at QB.
  14. OMG

    Stinger, post the link so I can hop on that thread. Sounds fun. Outside of PFF, HHCD is a better overall safety. Is he better than Amos at everything? No, but the things he is better at are more important to the team at the price point we got him for. Also, how much worse is Amos going to look at the lead Safety on that team? He played with several All-Pros and Pro Bowlers.
  15. PFF hates Trubisky

    There are not 19 QB's better than Trubisky, come on, that is BS. At worst, he is 15, at best probably top 5. Here is his listing with the top 14 order not announced yet: 32 - Rosen 31 - Brissett (backup in Indy) 30 - Jackson (too low for me) 29 - Mariota (too low for me) 28 - Keenum 27 - Winston (too low for me) 26 - Dalton 25 - Flacco 24 - Murray 23 - Allen 22 - Darnold 21 - Garoppolo 20 - Trubisky 19 - Goff 18 - Carr 17 - Mayfield 16 - Foles 15 - Cousins 1-14: Mahomes, Brees, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Luck, Ryan, Wilson, Wentz, Watson, Newton, Prescott, Stafford, Rodgers 2018 QBR Rankings 1. Mahomes - 82.8 2. Brees - 80.8 3. Trubisky - 73.0 4. Roethlisberger - 71.7 5. Luck - 71.7 6. Brady - 70.5 7. Rivers - 70.0 8. Winston - 68.3 9. Ryan - 67.9 10. Goff - 65.9 So Trubisky had the 3rd highest QBR in the NFL on a 12-4 playoff team, yet he is the 20th best QB in the league going into this season with a better offense around him and the 2nd year in the same offense? That doesn't add up. Just based on sheer age, guys like Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Rivers can fall off the cliff at any time. Wentz and Newton are coming back from injuries, and Stafford and Prescott always seem overrated to me. Watson has barely done any more than Trubisky has and still has injury concerns. That leaves Mahomes, Brees, Luck, Wilson, and Rodgers. Also, no way is Mayfield, Foles (in Jax), Cousins or Goff better than Trubisky.