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  1. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    I would've broken the list down between offense and defense. The last Bear to win either award was Anthony Thomas in 2001 a year after Ulracher won the DROY award. Montgomery has the skills to win it, but I don't think he will get enough touches or percentage of the production (like Barkley) to win the award.
  2. Pace

    Horsted makes a ton of contested catches. He rarely gets separation, but he seems to catch everything.
  3. Bears Trade for Kicker

    If you watch the video, Aguayo is kicking 45 yarders and barely clearing the crossbar. Aguayo was really accurate in college, but never had a big leg. Pineiro has a big leg and is accurate. He hurt is groin, so who knows if he has recovered from that. His form seems really consistent, and knowing the Raiders blunders, watch this guy become a Pro Bowler on the Bears while their kicker struggles.
  4. Bears Trade for Kicker

    Yeah, the kicking consultant obviously had a lot to do with it. Hopefully it works out, we really need to get that position locked down. It is a conditional 7th round pick, so no biggie. It looks like he has to play 5 games for the pick to become official.
  5. Bears Trade for Kicker

    He was the most accurate kicker in the NCAA in 2017.
  6. Bears Trade for Kicker

  7. Bears Trade for Kicker

    In practice, this kid kicked a 81-yarder in pads in 2017. In 2015, as an 18 yr old, kicked a 70 and a 77 yarder. All in practice, but that is really tough to do in any conditions. 77-yarder from 2015:
  8. Who Would You Have Taken?

    Looks like we were looking to move up to 74 with the Bills, they said no, so we moved up to 73 and took Montgomery. They took Singletary.
  9. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-spt-bears-brad-childress-hiring-20190501-story.html I guess it can't hurt to have a guy with that much experience in the building.
  10. David Montgomery RB is the pick

    I would love for them to do the 40 in pads. The smaller, lighter guys wear relatively the same amount of gear, but a higher percentage compared to their body weight. So a 185lbs WR wearing 10lbs of gear is going to be slower compared to their original speed than a 215lbs RB wearing 10lbs of gear. Both will be slower, but the lighter guy will traditionally take a bigger hit with the extra weight than the bigger guy. The difference between 4.5 and 4.6 is one yard of distance every 5 seconds. So a 4.5 player would take 5 seconds to make up one yard of distance if chasing a 4.6 player. In that time, the 4.6 player would have traveled 44 yards. So if the 4.6 player has a two yard lead, that's 88 yards.
  11. David Montgomery RB is the pick

    Absolutely, I just think it shows his commitment and effort level. Very few kids at that age would be doing that.
  12. David Montgomery RB is the pick

    Cool story about Montgomery: - from 2017 https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/college/iowa-state/football/2017/08/17/iowa-states-david-montgomery-working-avoid-sophomore-slump/570184001/ I also read that eventually half the team was in with him at the facility working out or watching tape after hours.
  13. Emanuel Hall WR Missouri

    Oh yeah, definitely sarcasm. If he makes the team, it would be shocking.
  14. Weapons and toys

    The coaching staff has some input into the selections as well. Last year looks pretty solid with Smith, Daniels, Miller, and Nichols all contributing. Iggy, Fitts, and Wims still have a shot.
  15. Emanuel Hall WR Missouri

    Then run Mizzell up the gut for 1 yard.