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  1. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    Tolbert off to the cowboys. something I was worried about with reverting back to the Tampa2, and admittedly I’m probably overreacting here, but it just feels like Lovie Smith still having too much influence on the draft. Only difference though, is no small school DB’s yet.
  2. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    Velous Jones? With Tolbert still there? Feels like a reach to me.
  3. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    Tolbert, Danny Gray and Bo Melton are still pretty WRs to target. Plus, there are still a couple good OL prospects. Two picks in 5th round.
  4. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    Is Lovie calling the shots?
  5. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    The Kyler pick makes sense just not who or when I expected a CB. This my allow them to move Thomas Graham inside to slot CB. Pass defense just got a lot better with one pick.
  6. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    With QBs still on the board Bears are in position for a trade back?
  7. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    May the football gods forever curse Minnesota Vikings for trading draft picks with the Packers!!!
  8. ParkerBear7

    Draft Day 2

    Stupid Vikings make trade with the packers who draft WR Watson.
  9. My only question on Tevin Jenkins was his health last year. I love his attitude and think he is a beast! With a little more technical refinement and experience he will be a LT the Bears haven’t had in a long while. If Borom ends up kicking inside to G and can become a swing tackle at worst case then I’m okay with that too. Last Year Pace finally addressed the draft the right way, QB and 2 OL. As an organization the Bears have alway managed to neglect these positions early in the draft. Hopefully at least Jenkins and Fields go in the be perennial All Pros.
  10. ParkerBear7

    Mock Drafts

    Brian Urlacher came from The University of New Mexico via Lovington High School in Lovington, New Mexico; with less than 650 students. Just saying ; ). Although I get your point and certainly understand the Bears past GMs track record in this aforementioned talent pool.
  11. Bears already are winning the off-season by firing Pace and Nagy. I love the direction Poles and Cunningham are taking. I’ve always admired organizations like the Ravens, Steelers and more recently the Chiefs as they seem to always draft and develop well. Poles is obviously from the Chiefs organization and Cunningham has experience in the Ravens and Eagles organization. Looking forward to the Bears refresh 2022!
  12. ParkerBear7

    Mock Drafts

    Every year I find myself cramming for the draft since I don’t have time to watch much college football. I expect Poles to make some additional trades and stockpile draft picks. So many intriguing players with speed in this years draft class which I made a primary focus as it aligns with Poles’ three player attribute pillars of Fast, violent and nasty! 7 Round - 1 Team: Mock Draft Created: 4 minutes ago Draft Mode: Realistic Trade Mode: Strict Draft Order: Pre-Draft Trade Recap Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 2, Pick 41 2022: Round 5, Pick 152 Seattle Receives: 2022: Round 2, Pick 39 Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 2, Pick 43 2022: Round 5, Pick 151 2022: Round 6, Pick 213 Atlanta Receives: 2022: Round 2, Pick 41 Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 3, Pick 73 2022: Round 5, Pick 159 Indianapolis Receives: 2022: Round 3, Pick 71 Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 6, Pick 197 2022: Round 6, Pick 198 2022: Round 6, Pick 222 2022: Round 7, Pick 235 Jacksonville Receives: 2022: Round 6, Pick 186 Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 7, Pick 254 2022: Round 7, Pick 255 2022: Round 7, Pick 260 2022: Round 7, Pick 236 Los Angeles Receives: 2022: Round 7, Pick 235 Chicago Receives: 2022: Round 7, Pick 254 2022: Round 7, Pick 255 2022: Round 7, Pick 260 2022: Round 7, Pick 236 Los Angeles Receives: 2022: Round 7, Pick 235 My Selections 43 Round: 2 Christian Watson WR | North Dakota State TRADE 48 Round: 2 Nakobe Dean LB | Georgia 73 Round: 3 Calvin Austin III WR | Memphis TRADE 148 Round: 5 Braxton Jones OT | Southern Utah 150 Round: 5 Jalyn Armour-Davis CB | Alabama 151 Round: 5 D'vonte Price RB | Florida International TRADE 152 Round: 5 Tycen Anderson S | Toledo TRADE 159 Round: 5 Kalon Barnes CB | Baylor TRADE 197 Round: 6 Cole Turner TE | Nevada TRADE 198 Round: 6 Isaiah Thomas EDGE | Oklahoma TRADE 213 Round: 6 Kevin Austin Jr. WR | Notre Dame TRADE 222 Round: 6 Quentin Lake S | UCLA TRADE 236 Round: 7 Cordell Volson OT | North Dakota State TRADE 254 Round: 7 Josh Ross LB | Michigan TRADE 255 Round: 7 Eric Johnson DL | Missouri State TRADE 260 Round: 7 Chris Oladokun QB | South Dakota State TRADE
  13. Why does everyone assume Poles didn’t know about Ogunjobi’s injury which kept him from playing in the playoffs? Poles took a shot because of his talent and it was contingent on passing a physical which he did not. Why is everyone thinking this was a mistake by GM Ryan Poles? it would only have been a mistake if the contract offer did not require the player to pass a physical y the Bears medical staff.
  14. Angelo made the right call trading for Jay Cutler. He failed miserably at protecting Jay with a good online and providing offensive weapons to throw to outside of B. Marshall.
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