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  1. Eiselen. He's been on the roster going on three years? Have not seen him in a game. I believe he got reps in preseason. I have read a lot about so many loveing him.
  2. Has being a Bears fan come down to worried about winning. Or what ever its called when a team works to improve their draft. I never played college sports etc. But I have always thought that winnings is learned just like losing.
  3. At least one sure TD Fields missed in a high low route tree. Got the first down though
  4. The Packers and Rodgers just took away the most wins in NFL history. Was tied.
  5. No one likes losing but did not most on here say Fields getting better is the first goal. So far season won.
  6. There is nothing neg. about any team winning in Lambeau. Except the Packers. Best game of week.
  7. Bill

    2-15 Chicago Bears

    Any way Poles played this team this year was going to be a losing season. No money and only two 2nd round picks. Pick the two best OL or WR drafted with our DB's picks and we would be no better off. Questions everywhere and will be even more after this season sadly. Most had hoped they would know what they had in Fields this year. Looks like it will take at least two.
  8. My point was that before the Giants game they seemed to say he was doing great. Have not seen it all season so far. They just don't have enough OLmen to play the game at this point. Eislien anyone?
  9. Thru first three weeks. https://twitter.com/adamjahns/status/1577049041766125574/photo/1 Things don't add up
  10. The only thing I have seen so far is that Justin is worse that any starting QB right now. According to most preseason accounts the only thing that mattered this year was the improvement of Fields. Based on that criteria this season in a failure so far no matter the record. Lots of games to go to see improvement. So does the coaching staff stop playing to win or just let Fields live or die by his ability or lack of getting the passing game going?
  11. As a homer fan I am again picking the Bears to win. Last week I said 23-13 because of the D and Lances lack of game experience. Can't say that this week with Rogers. But he does have little to no chemistry with his WR's. Again, the other team is better on paper. But I think because it's just the 2nd game of the season they have a good chance to pull off an upset with just hustle and guts. Yea and about 23 points will be enough
  12. They scored three TD's in a half and made Lance look like the guy hadn't played a meaningful game in years. Held a so called SB quality team to ten points. Thats not just bad coaching by the Niners. Seven point underdog. No, they kicked their ass when it mattered.
  13. I'm not goin to be so calm. After almost a year of every talking head telling us how much this team sucks. They just kicked the ass of a team 95+ said was a superbowl team. Yea first week. Gee maybe we get better? F yea
  14. Well the human race survived. So there's that to go on. And I like your ending better.
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