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  1. Stinger the league doesn't agree with you. I'm not a big film watcher but, I watched him and he defends his position and doesn't attack defenders. IMO.
  2. Jimbo Covert was the last OT the Bears drafted in the top 10 but, we have endured Cedric Benson , Kevin White, Mitch Trubisky, Leonard Floyd and Roquan Smith. As a Bears' fan I agree with Jason , this bothers me
  3. There are 3 players that were considered 1st round talents still available Joey Porter Jr, Will Levis and Michael Mayer. This helps push the edge rushers to 53
  4. As a fan of a franchise that is known for great RBs and LBs it is difficult to see this trend but, I get it. Lesson learned when Matt Forte played for another team. I've since put my focus on mid round RBs since the Pace Era.
  5. Just listened to Wright's zoom press conference . He sounds good.
  6. I'm sticking with my 2.0 9) Paris Johnson Jr. OT Ohio State 53) Keon White DE Georgia Tech 61) Joe Tippmann OC Wisconsin 64) Gervon Dexter DT 3T Florida 103) Jayden Reed WR Michigan State 133) Jartavius Martin CBN Illinois 136) Kenny McIntosh RB Georgia 148) Andrew Vorhees OG USC 218) Aubrey Miller OLB Jackson State or can't decide Andrei Isoivas WR Princeton 248) Jake Moody PK Michigan
  7. I would consider myself an untrained eye because I never played football but, it seems Skoronski lets the defenders get into his space quickly and doesn't use power at the point of attack and more finesse. The arm length may truly be the reason because he doesn't look like he has his arms extended when engaged with a defender.
  8. Truth be told AB I was trying to figure out a way to fit both Twins in my mock. I like Chase but, i think Sydney will have the better pro career.
  9. Steelers finalizing trade with Rams for Allen Robinson
  10. My annual stab at a 7 round mock. 9) Paris Johnson, OT, Ohio State 53) Keon White, DE, Ga Tech 61) Joe Tippmann, OC, Wis 64) Gervon Dexter, DT, 3T Fla 103) Jayden Reed, WR, Mich ST 133) Jartavius Martin, CBN, Ill 136) Kenny McIntosh, RB, Ga 148) Andrew Vorhees, OG, USC 218) Aubrey Miller Jr, OLB, Jackson ST 258) Jake Moody, PK, Mich
  11. Last year Poles drafted 2 DBs with his first 2 picks and that was unexpected. He then took somewhat of a gadget player with his 3rd pick. I'm clearly in a fog as to what he might do. This GM turned 5 picks last year into 11. I expect the unexpected.
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