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  2. Robert Schmitz Top 10 QB Options for 2020

    No concerns for me. The only real concern is at what cost because we have so many holes to fill.
  3. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    LOL. Stinger - you're on. And I agree, if Leno is injured, then it's a push.
  4. 2nd Round Mocks

    I see a lot of people taking Jordan Fuller. I havent seen him play so I dont know how good he is or not, but I am pretty good friends with his mother, and their whole family is incredibly special. His mom Cindy is one of the most popular background singers in the music business. She tours with Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan and the Stones, as well as working on a ton of records and commercials etc. In addition to her incredible talent she is one of the sweetest and kindest and most authentic people I have ever met. I'm not personally religious, and I often find people who are very religious to be preachy or hypocritical. Not Cindy. She is religious and when you are in her immediate space, you can just feel the goodness pouring off of her. It's a hard thing to describe. It's like star power, but it's more authentic and wholesome. Whatever Jordan's measure-ables are add the X factor to him, because I know he was raised about as right as any one ever was. Wherever he lands, I wish him well in the NFL, and some team is going to be very lucky to have him in their locker room. And the moment will never be too big for him, he's used to all that.
  5. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    Kinda weird
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  7. 2nd Round Mocks

    XFL and Draft simulating this Saturday. Liked a lot of these selections the simulator gave to me. NFL DRAFT GAME 2020 Logged in as: ashkumbear YOUR TEAM: CHICAGO BEARS GAME OVER! Your score is: 36810 (GRADE: A-) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 11: Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame (A) Round 3 Pick 13 (DEN): Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia (A+) Round 3 Pick 19 (DEN): Bradlee Anae, DE/OLB, Utah (A) Round 3 Pick 31 (DEN): Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan (A+) Round 4 Pick 41 (COMP): Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida State (A+) Round 5 Pick 13: Ben Bartch, OT, St. John's (A+) Round 5 Pick 17: Jordan Fuller, FS/SS, Ohio State (A+) Round 6 Pick 17: Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland (A+) Round 6 Pick 21: Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor (A) Round 7 Pick 19: McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas (A+)
  8. Robert Schmitz Top 10 QB Options for 2020

    But why not? What if they get someone they find out is better at running the offense and understanding ‘football 200’? What if that person is able to do it before the season starts? Are WE concerned with making Pace look bad?
  9. Robert Schmitz Top 10 QB Options for 2020

    If you are going to push somebody, they must have ability to do so athletically. Agreed, Daniel is not it. I do like Dalton and Mariota for it.
  10. Robert Schmitz Top 10 QB Options for 2020

    I am just throwing names out. The reasoning was to have someone come in to push Trubisky but not necessarily surpass him. McCarron should be a cheaper option and better option than Daniel to do that. The jacket is on fire and needs a hat or cigar for sure, lol. The coolest part, he did all that in Unreal Engine.
  11. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    How about this for a wager. The loser is not allowed to mention his name or position for the rest of the season.
  12. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    We have to chug a beer , video it and post here? The only presser is not because of injury.
  13. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    https://www.behavioraleconomics.com/resources/mini-encyclopedia-of-be/sunk-cost-fallacy/ For example, individuals sometimes order too much food and then over-eat just to “get their money’s worth”. Similarly, a person may have a $20 ticket to a concert and then drive for hours through a blizzard, just because she feels that she has to attend due to having made the initial investment. If the costs outweigh the benefits, the extra costs incurred (inconvenience, time or even money) are held in a different mental account than the one associated with the ticket transaction (Thaler, 1999).
  14. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    well it's a prediction, neither of us KNOWS of course. But the logical fallacy is the idea that you have to continue with a losing idea because of "sunk costs." And it's a generalized logical fallacy it isn't just about Leno or whatever, it's a standard thing they teach in business school. Of course that doesnt mean they dont still think he is their best alternative - maybe they do, we just disagree on that. So Stinger, do you and I have a gentleman's wager (no $) on this? I say Leno doesn't start at OLT on snap #1 of the 2020 regular season, you say he does?
  15. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    Unfortunately Leno will be day one starter that's not a fallacy.
  16. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    That is a logical fallacy - the trap of "sunk costs" If we keep him, we pay $10 Mil this year against the cap. If we cut him, we lose $7 Mil on the cap. We can lower that to $2 Million this year by pushing $5mil to next years cap. So we save at least $3Mil cutting (or trading) him. But regardless of all this money stuff, he is TERRIBLE. They MUST see it. I think he might stay as a backup, but he does not start opening day 2020.
  17. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    I think we bring in competition at CB but not a clear starter. ILB will be a cheaper Trevathan, a 6 mil a year contract with Kwit or KLP. RG will be a cheaper RG in FAency or a draft pick. The wildcard is if Bars can play and takes over at RG. We have to bring in a SS, fournitely there are a lot in FA and probably can get one to do a HaHa deal like we got last year. TE will be added in the draft. So the draft will come down probably only having to fill one spot as a starter and add a speedy WR or a OT prospect.
  18. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    I think we would all agree we need to replace him but the circumstances of 4 long term money contracts on the OL prohibits that. Take in consideration we have no backup in place to take over for him. A better option in FAgency will cost to much. The chances of us drafting a LT starter on day 2 is slim. There is a better chance he plays better in 2020 than what we could replace him with. If he can reduce his penalties and play like 2018 , he would be acceptable.
  19. Greg Olsen signs with Seattle

    The beginning of the post gave his contract and I agree he would be the best TE on the team. Unfortunately we can't look at this with blinders on. First he cost 7 mil, secondly he is older now , 35 in March, and has been injured for the last 2 years. https://sportsinjurypredictor.com/player/greg-olsen/2385 This is a link to a website that lists injury history on players and rates the prediction of future performance. He has a 51.1% chance of a injury in 2020.
  20. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    I really think you guys are missing the writing on Leno's wall. I dont see any way he is the starter opening day 2020.
  21. Derek Carr?

    Not a snowball's chance in hell...
  22. Derek Carr?

    Or before getting there, maybe in the mound again for a MLB team.
  23. Robert Schmitz Top 10 QB Options for 2020

    Skip McCarron...his arm is too weak for the NFL. Does that jacket come with a cigar because it sure needs one?
  24. Derek Carr?

    Kyle is really good on TV. I saw him for a little bit on NFL Network and he was both informative and entertaining to listen to. He's going to land somewhere either local or national.
  25. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    We are looking much better now cap-wise, and if you only consider starters, we have 4 holes: at RG (Long), ILB (Trevathan), CB (Prince), and SS (HHCD). Not bad for that cap space. If you add TE to the list, that's 5, and then if you don't re-sign Floyd, that adds another for 6. However, cutting Shaheen/Braunecker and not keeping Floyd saves $16M-ish, so we would have over $42M for 6 starters in which at least two should be addressed in the draft, leaving 4 starters to address in FA.
  26. Derek Carr?

    Yeah, saw an interview on NFL Network with Kyle Long (not sure how old the interview was). But they started to talk about potential QBs coming to Chicago and he cut them off to say the team needed a POWER running game. And that although both current backs (Montgomery and Cohen) are great scat backs, they still needed that power running game. When asked if Jordan Howard was that guy Long stopped short of saying yes. But instead said he’s a great back and he’s not currently on the team. And that the answer is “out there somewhere”.
  27. Greg Olsen signs with Seattle

    So my typing DANG IT then explaining how I understood him not coming to the Bears because he cost so much means I “walked back” my thoughts? Wow...just wow. I’ll try this again. Yes I would have liked to have seen him come back to Chicago (why I said DANG IT). At the time I didn’t know he would cost as much as he did. I don’t really pay attention to all that . But once I saw how much I realized it didn’t make a lot of sense. Not with all the other issues on the team. Your counter-claim to me was not about that at all. You said he was an injury risk. I didn’t agree to the level you did. His talent, to me, outweighs what you perceive as an extensive injury history. Which he does not have. Yes he has had a rough two years but who on the Bears TE grouping is better than he with talent and lack of injury history?
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