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  2. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    Look at the video on the Horstead thread. Nobody can succeed with this OL.
  3. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    "Nagy cited an example against the Lions two weeks ago when a long pass was called. Trubisky realized it wasn’t there and completed a shorter throw to Allen Robinson. “We had called a shot two games ago to go downtown against Detroit and they took it away,” Nagy said. “Well, he went ahead and dropped it down to 12 yards to Allen Robinson for a first down. To me, that’s a huge step in the right direction. I’m seeing a lot more of that, which I appreciate and for me that’s a huge stepping stone.” Trubisky agrees that he’s making strides." I've become so critical of Trubisky's play that I can't read anything about how things are going without becoming super critical. Take that quote from Nagy. He's relating a play from over two weeks before about how Mitch went to his 2nd read and that's progress. A "huge stepping stone" for a Pro QB in his third year. What am I missing that makes me have no hope.
  4. Horsted promoted

    I am amazed how bad the O-line looked. It's a disaster. Peace
  5. Horsted promoted

    In terms of Hiestand, yes i agree. In terms of Nagy? Im not sure. Maybe theyll fire Pace and everyone else, but I hope they keep Pace and fire Nagy and the staff. But it's like a 55/45 thing. if they get a new GM, Ill be excited about that too. I just hope to save some bathwater...
  6. Horsted promoted

    The O-Line is absolute crap, holy cow. I don't know how you can evaluate anything with that Line. It truly is offensive. I am glad to see Horsted up. I think he can make a difference in the passing game.
  7. Horsted promoted

    I am a big believer in not throwing out the baby with the bath water. I'm pretty sure if an internet blogger has this down, someone in the chain of command of the Bears does also. I'm sure the proper heads will roll.
  8. Horsted promoted

    truth. so we can fire everyone, or try Nagy without Trubisky, or Trubisky without Nagy. you know what I think.
  9. Horsted promoted

    Honestly, after watching this break down on film, Helfrich and Hiestand need to go. Hiestand was getting a pass due to past success. Not after that. Somebody needs to buy Montgomery a crown of thorns, because he was getting crucified at every carry. Lastly, can we get off Mitchs' back for a second. My god he played a decent game under those circumstances.
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  11. Horsted promoted

    Id like to look at some OL too. have you guys watched this week's Tape Never Lies? We have the worst OL I have ever seen. It's so bad there is no reason not to see how some younger players look. They could not be worse. If you replayed the season without Nagy and the OL, replacing instead with Pagano and a random OL, this team would be looking at at least 9-7 If you've never watched the Tape Never Lies, you are in for a treat. It is the answer, with your own eyes, to all of these discussions.
  12. Horsted promoted

  13. That’s....hilarious! One more thing; I predict Eli will catch the flight back to Chicago after the game so he can audition for the starting job next year.
  14. So much drama for this game. Will Trubisky start? Why is Trevathan not on IR and taking a 53-man roster spot? Is Ryan Pace an idiot? Will Pineiro miss another FG and blame the hash? How many penalties will Leno have? How many yards off will Kyle Fuller play? How many times will Montgomery be hit in the backfield? How many Cohen runs up the gut are we in store for? How many dropped passes will Bears receivers have? How many helmets will be removed on the field after a special teams tackle? Will Mack register anything on the stat sheet? How many times will Floyd disengage from the blocker? To hurt the Raiders draft position, the Bears will win this 19-16 in an extremely ugly fashion, Club Dub will be back open and everything will be back to normal.
  15. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    It's really easy to make an average QB look like crap. Mitch is an average QB with some mobility. This year, he never used his mobility which killed off one of his best attributes. Then if you add bad O-Line play, zero production from TEs, no running game, AND WR's dropping passes. This is what you get. My problem with Mitch is when he has all of that working, he misses the throw or misses the read. In Year #3, he should be able to overcome bad play from other players, and he has shown time and time again that he is incapable of doing that. Make a damn play. The same goes for the receivers dropping passes, make a damn play, every ball doesn't need to be perfect, if it hits your hands, you need to catch it. For the O-Line, at least make the defender run around you like a tackling dummy and not through you. Our TE's are so bad, it might be better to go with Montgomery and Cohen in the backfield and 3 WR's. It will be telling on how the season progresses at QB. If Mitch doesn't play against the Giants, he is done as a Bear. If he plays, then the team is sticking with him for 2020.
  16. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    Or Lovie Smith (while with the Bears 81-63 overall, three NFC North Titles and one SB appearance) or Chuck Pagano (53-43 and 3-3 playoff record). But really, hindsight being what it is, would you have preferred Fox's 'boring' offensive scheme with this defense the last two seasons? Going back to earlier conversations, if you have a stellar defense even Qb's like Rex Grossman can make it to the Super Bowl.
  17. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    Stats are really deceiving at times without context. I thought Trubisky played well the last couple games. Where does all this fit in? While I see the issues Mitch has, on the other hand he is still playing like the 3rd or 4th best player on the offense. I'll list them as I see it: ARob, Gabriel, then it's a toss up between Montgomery and Trubisky. At #5 I'd take Whitehair, Coward (big improvement over Long but still learning), Massie, Cohen, AMiller, Daniels, Leno. You can shuffle the bottom 5 in a ton of different ways but they've all had significant issues that cost us big plays, either positive or negative. Then there is the play calling. NFL Team Leaderboards: Receiving Receiving Categories: Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns Receptions YAC for Receivers Yards/Catch Passes Dropped Big Catches (>25 yd) Longest Reception Receiving First Downs %First Downs/Reception Receptions Inside Opponents' 20 Receptions Inside Opponents' 10 100 Yard Receivers For 100 Yard Receivers Against NFL | NFC | AFC NFL Passes Dropped Rank Team Passes Dropped 1 Chicago Bears 18 2 Miami Dolphins 18 3 Cleveland Browns 15
  18. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    Id rather have that than a bunch of average players, so I guess I share his philosophy
  19. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    yeah I thought about that when I wrote it hahahah maybe a GOOD one...
  20. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    The draft is really a crapshoot, you have to trust your scouts and assessments, but if you look at just first round picks, you have about a 33% chance to hit on it. Check this out, using AV (Approximate Value), here are the players that would be considered "starters" or better from 2016-2018's first rounds: 2016: Goff, Wentz, Bosa, Elliott, Ramsey, Buckner, Conklin, Stanley, and Decker. 9 out of 32. The Bears had 3 players in the top 23 of the entire draft (Howard, Floyd, and Whitehair). 2017: Ramczyk, McCaffrey, Garrett, Mahomes, Watson, Trubisky, Watt, Adams, and Jarrad Davis? 9 out of 32. If you use AV, Pace killed this draft. Of all the players drafted in 2017, Pace drafted 3 players in the top 15 (Trubisky, Jackson, and Cohen), which is pretty impressive. However, there is no one else worth a damn in this draft (Shaheen is a total bust). Only Shaheen, Forrest Lamp, and Obi Melifonwu have had an AV as low as Shaheen's thru 2.5 years in the league from the 1st two rounds of this draft. 2018: Barkley, Nelson, James, Vander Esch, Mayfield, Smith, Edmunds, Ward, Chubb, and McClinchey. 10 out of 32. It is still pretty early to judge this year group, but only 6x Pro Bowlers from this group (as rookies). Others are standing out this year (in Year 2) like Jackson and Ridley. Daniels, Nichols, and Miller show up as 37th, 48th, and 55th for AV respectively. So again, 4 players in the top 55 of the entire draft is not as bad as I thought it was. What it seems like is Pace is a completely boom or bust type drafter. He gets Cohen but also gets Shaheen. For every Jackson, there is a Bullard. For every Smith, there is a Trubisky.
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  22. Post mortem

    I think the kicking game goes hand in hand. The team is ill. Everybody has to be their best version of perfect, all the time, or we can't win. Now everyone is tight. Tight kickers miss kicks. Tight pass rushers don't get sacks. Tight QB's overthrow the wide open guy. Tight receivers drop passes. Right now, they are all tight because they care. It means it's fixable. When you start hearing about on fighting and complaining, game over.
  23. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    Like John Fox...
  24. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    well said re: Trestman. Ugh.
  25. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    It's a nice idea to think that the GM should make good picks, but the consensus on Trubisky was that he was the best QB. Most NFL GMs and NFL pundits thought so at the time. Maybe Nagy ruined him. But I digress... Championship poker players dont always get good cards. What makes them champions is not that they can win every hand, but that they can make smart bets and handle the chaos, maximizing their chances of winning over time. First round QBs are a real gamble. I give Pace credit for getting Trubisky. At the time, it was generally thought that he would be a good NFL QB, and Pace did what it took to make sure we got him. He didnt promise us that Trubisky couldnt be a bust. No GM knows that. What he did was get an in demand player and make sure he was a Bear. Im not ready to fire Pace. But to me his biggest failure was Nagy. I dont really care if Pace stays or we get a new GM. I just think Pace is pretty good. Will the next guy, picked by the McCaskeys be as good? I dunno. It's certainly possible. It's not like Pace is an A+, there is room for improvement. But if they keep him, I'd be good with that too. But Nagy and the entire offensive staff has to go. Nagy, Helfrich, Ragone, Hiestand and Childress all need to hit the road. Pagano is OK, but I'm open to new defensive coaches too. Whatever the new Head Coach needs. Maybe we will get a defensive oriented coach who will choose a run oriented offense to compliment. In all the chaos, please let's keep Mack.
  26. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    I'd love it to happen sooner than later...but it won't. I've been w/ you on this. But the Bears aren't. The best hope is we have epic fails w/ Chase Daniel behind center, so all can see that it just might be a coaching and personnell issue. Thus resulting in no shows at Soldier, thus resulting in an angry Virginia. Thus resulting in coaching/gm change in the off season. Feels like deja vu all over again like w/ Trestman/Fox. Third time's the charm.
  27. Post mortem

    No doubt. The problem is also the GM and his inability to gauge talent correctly.
  28. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    you guys are coming around to my way of thinking. So now, two choices: 1) Fire Nagy now and get a look at Trubisky with a running game so you can make better decisions in the offseason 2) Wait until the end of the season, and then use NEXT YEAR to do the same thing. Why wouldnt we want to leapfrog a year? Only thing that makes this all moot is if Pace and Nagy are getting fired at the end of season and they want all new everyone.
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