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  2. Coach on Mitch

    I think so to, it sounds like a general offseason compliment, that mostly means he feels Mitch is more fluid and comfortable/confident in leading the offense. And the game has slowed for him to the point where he's more focused on reading the defense better in understanding what they're doing and how best to attack it. Proof will be in the pudding when the season starts and the games count.
  3. New TE and WR. uwww

    this is a good point, and Naggy does like to get creative. It would eliminate drawing attention to him being eligible as teams are now all to aware that inside the 10 Naggy likes to pull something from the bag of tricks. Not having an official make the announcement of Sowell being eligible. Good point also by BearFan NYC that he'll likely still fill the roll of a 6th OL as more of a blocking TE who will occasionally catch the ball. He did show good hands on his one TD reception for an OT. Looking at it in this light it makes more sense. Like others I have a feeling Mizzell will be gone and that I see as addition by subtraction. He's not good at RB, he won't be good at WR, with our group of WR's I'd rather see someone else get the practice squad spot.
  4. New TE and WR. uwww

    I agree Shaheen can still turn it around. I sure hope he does, that would be fantastic for our offense. I also agree that Sowell doesnt replace what Shaheen does, so they arent related. I still think they arent convinced about Shaheen, and if he doesnt shine in camp, he might not make the cut. He still might, but a free agent might replace him too. Pace isnt one to sit on his hands.
  5. New TE and WR. uwww

    I do not think any of these moves at TE mean anything in regards to Shaheen. The Bears will have at least 4 TEs on the roster. Burton, Shaheen, Braunecker are locks. Sowell and Raymond will compete. Burton mysteriously was unavailable for the Bears biggest game of last season. I think that burns Pace and Nagy more. If they keep Nall as a FB with his preseason leading 7 yds per carry, I think he can do what Burton can in a pinch if needed. Shaheen does have a lot to prove, but he looked the part early on in preseason until his injury. This is Shaheens make or break season, year 3 you have to produce.
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  7. New TE and WR. uwww

    What great news! Means Mizzelerable is out!
  8. Daniels Moving to Center

    I do think you're right that this is scheme related. Putting Daniels and his agility at Center is part of the quicker hitting inside run game that Howard wasn't suited for. Howard was a back with vision who had patience to let his blocks develop off tackle. Nagy prefers someone who hits the whole quickly, or one cut and go, and that means the guys reaching the LBs would be inside and move more quickly. Moving Daniels goes along with adding Mongotmery and Davis to the backfield. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XBfw3ktCIo I have another silly point that wouldn't be worth thinking about if ANYTHING else was happening to talk about LOL If they are looking to extend Whitehair, it seems that they're going to cost themselves some money if they do it as a Guard instead of a Center. According to this site: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/positional/center/ guards get paid quite a bit more than centers. Here's the average salary of each for the past four years... 2016 2017 2018 2019 Guard 5.8M 6.6M 6.9M 12.9M Center 2.6M 4M 4.9M 6.1M G/C +223% +165% +141% +211% You can see that in 2106 and 2019 OG made more than double what OCs got. Even in the closest example, centers only made about 2/3 what guards made. So switching Whitehair to OG might cost us a few million dollars each year on the cap. Am I suggesting that we shouldn't move him over until he's signed? Nah. They should do whatever's best for the team. I'm just bored, and have nothing else to do but ask and answer this question. It's interesting though...
  9. New TE and WR. uwww

    I agree, Shaheen is looking more and more like a bust. If he has a good camp and plays up to his potential, he still has a shot, but I think unless some kind of lightbulb comes on, he's gonna be a swing and a miss. TE will definitely get some attention going forward into free agency, next year's market and the draft.
  10. Daniels Moving to Center

    I thought Jason would be all over this. I think it was always inevitable. Now after a season to adjust to the NFL and learn our playbook it's time for Daniels to take over leading the Oline. I don't know much about blocking schemes but Daniels has better mobility and will either handle reach blocks better than Whitehair or will be better when pulling into space. Whitehair likely is moving back to his more natural position too. Will we get better snaps to Trubisky in the shotgun instead of those floating snaps that sometimes took forever to arrive? https://chicago.suntimes.com/bears/2019/5/22/18636528/bears-james-daniels-center-cody-whitehair-guard-switch
  11. New TE and WR. uwww

    Coward looking good at OT was my first thought as well. It's not like we have a lot of other options. If you get in a bind you could still slot Sowell into the spot for half a game. It also keeps Nagy's play calling options a bit more secretive as Sowell no longer has to report as eligible. The flip side here is what this means for Shaheen because I don't think it's good. We have to see how everyone performs in the preseason but with Dax Raymond there will be competition. Raymond will be a better blocker in the open field than Shaheen, less good as inline blocker. If Raymond's getting the playbook down I could see us keeping Sowell, Burton, Raymond, Braunecker (special teams). Shaheen could be cut or traded for a day 3 pick. I think that's a long shot for Raymond as he's more likely to end up on the practice squad but if Shaheen struggles at all or is injured again, I could see them going with the new guy. Mizzell I think is being groomed as a practice squad WR who might get called upon as a slot WR in an emergency. He still doesn't have the athleticism needed to succeed at this position either. I'd much rather see a practice squad spot go to someone else with more potential.
  12. New TE and WR. uwww

    I agree about Mizzell. Sowell will just be a 6th OL type TE, a blocker. If he can get open on a few surprise plays like the one he caught in the endzone, so much the better, but he's still gonna be an OT, he's just gonna be the 6th OL on the field type.
  13. Coach on Mitch

    Nagy said during the offseason that last year at this time, Mitch was learning basic things like getting out of the huddle and getting everyone aligned, and didnt really see the defenses. I think hes saying that Mitch has enough experience now that he is able to perform the mechanics automatically, and now his mind is free to work on the puzzle in front of him. Thats my take anyway.
  14. Coach on Mitch

    Bears head coach Matt Nagy updated the progress of third-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on Wednesday, noting that, "Mitch is in and out of the huddle, he sees the defense, and from the time we've been out here it's exciting. OK, I know that is coach speak but it just seems funny. I would be really scared if he could not get in or out of the huddle and did not see the defense. Does someone point him in the right direction when he can't get in or out of the huddle or see the D? It's that way Mitch.
  15. New TE and WR. uwww

    No way Mixzell makes t roster at WR. We are stacked there with real WRs. The Sowell move is puzzling
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  17. New TE and WR. uwww

    Bradley Sowell is now a TE ( must mean Coward is looking good to be our swing tackle.) Taquan Mizzell is now a WR. good luck with that.
  18. Running Back By Committee, Not.

    I think what Nagy wants is all of his RBs to make plays no mater on many reps they get. I think Davis starts as leader in carries but is David M. is special he will quickly take the lead. Cohen has his place already laid out. He had 87 his first year and 99 last year. He will have between 80 and a 100 coming this year. Last year we had 468 rushing plays out of total offensive plays of 1013. As the offense progresses this year out play total is going to go up. say 1100 to 1200, so their will be more rushing plays to go around ,500? So all will get their time plus the specialty plays. I think MT has less carries as we will have less need of him to make rushing plays with a better offense. 44 last year, cut down to 25.
  19. Running Back By Committee, Not.

    I think when you look at those numbers from Kansas City, you get an idea of how poorly Jordan Howard fit the scheme last year.
  20. A good read for me of one persons opinion on how the Bears will use their running backs this season. https://www.windycitygridiron.com/2019/5/20/18616944/chicago-bears-the-myth-that-is-backfield-by-committee-david-montgomery-tarik-cohen-nfl-2019
  21. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    I would've broken the list down between offense and defense. The last Bear to win either award was Anthony Thomas in 2001 a year after Ulracher won the DROY award. Montgomery has the skills to win it, but I don't think he will get enough touches or percentage of the production (like Barkley) to win the award.
  22. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    I think it's an easy prediction to make - you look at Kareem Hunt, and extrapolate similar success here. It's another weay of saying that Nagy has a great system, and they believe that Pace picked a guy that fits perfectly into it. And this was in the third round, after having drafted most of Khalil Mack in the first round and Anthony Miller in the second. Dont forget that We got a 2 back next year for the one we traded away. If Oakland sucks, and we are good, those two picks we swapped next year might only be like 10 or fewer picks apart. Pace is absolutely killing it.
  23. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    who is Adam Rank?
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  25. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    I am not surprised at all. His style fits the system, he compares to Kareem Hunt, he has the opportunity to take the position as the featured back. I know Henderson may have been the top guy, but once he was taken Pace made sure to get the next guy. Montgomery probably checks more boxes over Henderson too. Have to see him play, but I think we got a really good player in rd 3.
  26. I was surprised to see Montgomery listed among the top 5 on this list. I think he's a good fit for what we need and his ability to make the first unblocked defender miss will add significantly to our offense even if he doesn't have breakaway speed. Regardless I'm not sure I see him as a top 5 RoY candidate. If he's in the discussion late in the season it means our offense is kicking some butt. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030975/article/top-25-nfl-rookies-in-best-position-for-year-1-success 5) David Montgomery, RB, Chicago Bears: We're riding the Montgomery hype train with colleague/conductor Adam Rank. This former Cyclone breaks tackles with the best of 'em and has one of the league's better offensive lines in front of him. As long as Matt Nagy is willing to lean on him, he's going to do work.
  27. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    I have a strong suspicion that Shaheen will be gone soon. Kid’s made of paper...unless he makes some amazing transformation... Interesting with the signing of Horstead the Bears currently have two Ivy League players at TE (Brauneker being the other).
  28. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    Braunecker is a fringe player that is an important ST player. He can play some snaps and have backup value.
  29. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    Sims is gone. They cut him earlier in the offseason. Braunecker is a 4-phase special teamer. Peace
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