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  2. Bears Draft Survey

    I'll do mine: 1. Player(s) you'd love to see the Bears land. Tee Higgins, Trevon Diggs 2. Players(s) you do not want to see the Bears draft. Any Big 10 QB. 3. Player you are most wary/nervous of the Bears drafting. Laviska Shenault Jr. He reminds me of Kevin White but already has Kevin White's injury history. Also a little worried about Jalen Reagor, who I'm getting Phillip Dorsett vibes from. 4. Should the Bears draft a QB? If so, when? Not unless they trade down and get more picks. 5. Player you don't want to see drafted by another NFC North team. Tua Tagovailoa. I could see the Lions getting him. I'm fine facing Matt Stafford twice a year. 6. Player you irrationally love. Lynn Bowden, Darrynton Evans 7. Early round bust. Justin Herbert 8. Late round steal. Nigel Warrior, S, Tennessee 9. Player who will go at least two rounds later than everyone thinks. Robert Hunt, G, Louisiana 10. Player who will go at least two rounds earlier than everyone thinks. Geno Stone, S, Iowa
  3. Bears Draft Survey

    1. Player(s) you'd love to see the Bears land. Jeremy Chinn, S; Antonio Gibson, WR/RB; I am expecting these guys to be available when the Bears pick. I would love for them to be able to get both of them as I see them both filling need areas. 2. Players(s) you do not want to see the Bears draft. Any small school players. I almost feel like Pace has Adam Trautman and Kyle Dugger as first round grades just so he can justify drafting them both in the 2nd. Also, I do not want to see the Bears draft a project in round 2. We need players that can contribute Day 1 and with a potentially short or limited offseason, we need players that are ready to go off the bus. 3. Player you are most wary/nervous of the Bears drafting. Any player with injury concerns or any player. I don't want the Bears reaching on anyone until the 6th. If they want to take a flyer then, fine, but not before then. 4. Should the Bears draft a QB? If so, when? Yes, just not in the 2nd unless someone falls. 5. Player you don't want to see drafted by another NFC North team. Chase Young, with our O-Line, we don't need any additional elite pass rushers in the North unless they are on the Bears. 6. Player you irrationally love. Antonio Gibson, his overall game intrigues me the most. I can see him as an instant replacement for Gabriel AND Cohen. He can split out wide with Monty in the backfield, or be perfectly fine coming out of the backfield. He would give Nagy a lot of options. 7. Early round bust. Jordan Love, QB. One of the early round QBs is going to fail. 8. Late round steal. Jon Runyan Jr. Mock drafts and sims have him going really late, 6th or 7th. He has NFL in his DNA, and I think he will be a starting G somewhere in the league. 9. Player who will go at least two rounds later than everyone thinks. One of the mid-round TEs, I can see all the TEs going later than expecting, setting off a cascade effect where guys originally expected to go in the late 2nd or 3rd fall a couple of rounds. 10. Player who will go at least two rounds earlier than everyone thinks. Chase Claypool, he has been moving up the draft boards quickly. I think someone with a huge gap between picks may reach for him early rather than miss him 2 rounds later.
  4. Bears Draft Survey

    I'm not going to play the whole game, but I love Jalen Raegor and Lynn Bowden respectively. Ben Bredeson keeps me thinking of Quentin Nelson. Lastly, Jordan Love is going high in the draft. Had a lot of coaches and coordinators in college. But tremendous upside. We won't have draft collateral to get him anyway.
  5. Bears Draft Survey

  6. Foles it is

    Apparently crazy restructure made his deal so he only has a cap hit of $5.3mil this year. We still have $11.4mil in cap space per OTC. Spotrac still shows Foles with a $15.6mil cap hit this year. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/chicago-bears/ Not restructured yet: ARob. If that gets done we could have even more cap space available plus we still have Shaheen and Braunecker on the roster. Aside from signing a FA Safety or some bargain shopping among Oline cuts but I'm not sure there's anything else we'll do in FA. Pace could try to sign someone like RRH long term. Instead of using Robinson's deal to free up cap space he could front load it a bit to make 2021 easier.
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  8. Bears Draft Survey

    Hard to believe we're getting close. Interested where people are at with this draft, so figured I would shoot out some questions: 1. Player(s) you'd love to see the Bears land. 2. Players(s) you do not want to see the Bears draft. 3. Player you are most wary/nervous of the Bears drafting. 4. Should the Bears draft a QB? If so, when? 5. Player you don't want to see drafted by another NFC North team. 6. Player you irrationally love. 7. Early round bust. 8. Late round steal. 9. Player who will go at least two rounds later than everyone thinks. 10. Player who will go at least two rounds earlier than everyone thinks.
  9. Mock Draft Live

    Of those, I would take Ruiz and Johnson.
  10. Mock Draft Live

    I would pick one of the two IOL and one of the two CB. Which ever fits the Bears scheme best.
  11. Mock Draft Live

    Any 2 of 3 of the SEC kids.
  12. Mock Draft Live

    So while drinking some coffee this morning, I ran the sim 10 times to pick 42 to see which players had the highest probability that they would be available at 43. Here are the 8 most likely players available at pick 43: Marlon Davidson, DE Auburn Cesar Ruiz, C Michigan Jacob Eason, QB Washington Lloyd Cushenberry, C LSU Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame Noah Igbinoghene, CB Auburn Jaylon Johnson, CB Utah Julian Okwara, DE Notre Dame Now the interesting thing is we have pick 43 and 50, so technically we would be able to get 2 from this group. If you could pick any two, which two would you choose?
  13. Mock Draft Live

    So it was definitely possible to get better trades, Lester was probably trying to just go quick. Here is one with trade downs from 43-51, and 50-61. So I used 43, 50 to get 56, 61, 93, and 141. I got 2x 2nds, a 3rd, and a 4th for the 2x 2nds. 56. Terrell Lewis OLB Alabama 61. Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois 93. Adam Trautman TE Dayton 141. K.J. Hill WR Ohio State 163. Antonio Gibson RB Memphis 196. Nevelle Clark CB UCF 200. Nick Harris C Washington 226. Rodney Clemons S SMU 233. Steven Montez QB Colorado
  14. Mock Draft Live

    With trades: 54. Noah Igbinoghene CB Auburn 56. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU 128. Anthony McFarland RB Maryland 141. Jake Fromm QB Georgia 163. Josiah Deguara TE Cincinnati 196. Nevelle Clark CB UCF 200. Broderick Washington Jr. DT Texas Tech 226. Jon Runyan Jr. G Michigan 233. Rodrigo Blankenship K Georgia It seems that Lester didn't really try too hard on the trades. I tried two (just to get a 4th in return) and instead of 43 and 50, I got 54, 56, 128, and 141. Still not the best value, but better than 6th's. I am going to see if I can get a 3rd in some of the trades.
  15. Mock Draft Live

    Here is mine without trades: 43. K.J. Hamler WR Penn State 50. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU 163. Josiah Deguara TE Cincinnati 196. Antoine Brooks Jr. S Maryland 200. James Robinson RB Illinois State 226. Juwan Johnson WR Oregon 233. Jon Runyan Jr. G Michigan I tried to stick to BPA as much as possible.
  16. Mock Draft Live

    I really liked the concept of using the simulator, I just don't like the results, lol.
  17. Mock Draft Live

    Here are the picks between 43-56. We had 43 and traded down to 48. We had 50 and traded down to 57. 43.Tee Higgins - Original Pick 44.Marlon Davidson 45.Jacob Eason 46.Lloyd Cushenberry 47.Cesar Ruiz 48.Isaiah Wilson BEARS 49.Zack Baun 50.Jaylon Johnson - Original Pick 51.Adam Trautman 52.Michael Pittman Jr. 53.Brandon Aiyuk 54.Julian Okwara 55.Joe Bachie 56.Cole Kmet 57.Laviska Shenault BEARS
  18. Mock Draft Live

    Lloyd Cushenberry went at #46, I would rather have him at #43 than Wilson at 48 and a 6th. Wilson is still a project and you need a starter in the 2nd round. Jaylon Johnson went at #50, I would have taken him at #50 instead of Shenault at #57 and a 6th. Johnson is BPA and fills a need at CB.
  19. Mock Draft Live

    The ironic part is these are the people who criticize Ryan Pace for his drafts.
  20. I see a lot of good names in this thread that would probably require some luck for them to fall to us at #43. Assuming that we don't get any luck, the four I'm looking at are WR KJ KAMLER OT PRINCE TEGA WANOGHO S KYLE DUGGER TE KOLE KMET Kammler would have to be taken at #43, the other three will likely be there at #50. Kammler would be the new Gabriel. Of course if some better players drop, that could be a great opportunity. But if nothing lucky happens, I think Kamler and Wanogho would be fine picks. You guys know I want someone at OLT, so if Kamler isnt available, Dugger would be a great fit too. I admit it would require too much luck for Austin Jackson to fall to #43, but I can dream...
  21. Remaining Offseason Moves

    Then we better start writing in which S we are going to draft at 43. That's huge hole on our roster right now. I'm reviewing tape of Chinn, Dugger, Delpit, Davis, Winfield. We're not going to get McKinney so its likely among these options. As I've said before Delpit is my preference because I think he'll fit in immediately and be able to contribute. Behind him I like Chinn or possibly Davis. I like Chinn for his upside potential and he's a good fit for the downhill role we need right now. Plus he will be surrounded with veterans to tell him where to go on each play. That should mask his inexperience coming from a smaller school Davis is another athletic talent, might be more of a backend FS type but I don't think we'd be in a bad spot with either one. Winfield seems like a good prospect albeit with a lower ceiling. He's just 5'9" so that alone limits him against TEs, especially critical in the red zone. I think Dugger is going to be lost his first year as he transitions to NFL speed and plays. Athletically he fits the role but suspect special teams is where he starts his career.
  22. Mock Draft Live

    It's impossible to know who we gave up by trading back so makes the value proposition a big unknown. One thing is clear from the comments we could have had Zach Baun at 43 and I'd have stayed put and taken him. He puts legitimate depth into our pass rush and he can help cover open field by dropping back into coverage which is something Quinn nor Mack are good at.
  23. Remaining Offseason Moves

    I think they are done with FAs until after the draft. They barely have enough cap space to sign that. If that is the case, I think they are looking to draft their starting SS. If they fail to, then back to rework some contracts and hit the market.
  24. Mock Draft Live

    I think those picks align very well with the opinions we get on this forum as far as positions of need.
  25. Remaining Offseason Moves

    We have 1 signing left in FAgency for a 1 yr deal worth 3 to 4 mil. Who do you choose? Now keep it realistic as to the player. For example : A Clowney pickup would not be realistic. I think Eric Reid would fall in that category mainly because of his conflicts over his political stances. Last yr he had a 130 total tackles and 4 sacks I think he would fit in well here. That's who I would choose.
  26. Mock Draft Live

    Not a mock draft person. Don't know anything about any of the picks from round two or three on. But a good way to spend a wet rainy Sunday. And see how a bunch of other fans would pick in same draft.
  27. Germain Ifedi, OL, signs one year deal

    A lot of times fresh starts can be good for a player. All those penalties are a mental issue, so now he will be forced to work on the problem. Also new coaches can have a positive affect on a player. Hopefully he gets it done but if not at least you have a cheap swing OT with lots of experience. This still leaves the option open if we don't draft a OG high , Bars is still in play.
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