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  2. NFL COVID OPT-OUT Tracker

    I updated the first post. Total up to 53 players now, an entire gameday NFL roster size. Deadline is tomorrow for opt outs.
  3. Football is back

    Thursday is the opt out deadline. Goldman still the biggest name to lose, but Nichols and Jenkins can fill that void. They could also go to a 4-3 look where Hicks and Nichols are on the inside and Mack, RRH, or Quinn are the two DE's.
  4. Football is back

    Good news Jenkins is already back in the fold, C-19 was due to around someone that had it. Jordan Lucas outed to sit out the for year. Basically a STer after we signed Gibson.
  5. Football is back

    Finally people on the field and hopefully it lasts the whole season. It would be easy to be negative in my assessment of a full season but to happy to see its not called off.
  6. Goldman sitting out etc

    If that's the case, it makes a lot of sense.
  7. Goldman sitting out etc

    I read where Goldman has asthma and a new born, so I understand why he is being cautious. Two reasons he opted out.
  8. NFL COVID OPT-OUT Tracker

    Jenkins out for a few weeks with a positive test. I think we are okay, he's a veteran, but here before. He will have no problem being able to fit back in. I think between Nichols, RRH, Jenkins and Brent Urban, we wont have much of a drop off. I read where Goldman has asthma so I can understand why he is cautious.
  9. Mitch

    Just watched Foles interview on the same page. Just seems like someone who knows what it takes. I hate to diss Mitch but we'll see perhaps.
  10. Mitch

    https://www.chicagobears.com/news/trubisky-well-equipped-to-battle-for-starting-job I'm not an expert on body language and speech. But I do play one on the internet. This just does not look like someone who is going to lead an NFL team anywhere.
  11. Goldman sitting out etc

    Several things. First, Goldman is passing up 7 million this year not to play. Granted, he’ll get it eventually, but this could not have been an easy decision. While it’s disappointing, I have no problem with it. As for football being the thing we all look forward to, I was just lamenting that July 31 was typically the day I visited training camp. Granted, it was not going to be in Bourbannais this year, but at least we’d have been flooded with camp stories by now. That being said, I’m a St. Louis Cardinal fan, and tonight’s game is cancelled because 2 pitchers tested positive. Baseball has far few players and much less contact. I REALLY hope we can have a football season regardless of who decides not to play. Most importantly: we are saving 7 million in cap space on Goldman. That’s damn good starter money. Who are we signing??? Who are we trading for???
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  13. NFL COVID OPT-OUT Tracker

    It is odd, but the team might have put out their own deadline for submissions. Like you must opt out before training camp starts. If they add more guys, then yes, really odd.
  14. NFL COVID OPT-OUT Tracker

    Does anyone think its odd that NE has such a large list?
  15. foodie rant

    Spot on the two best.
  16. foodie rant

    Yes. My two favorites a long time ago was the Capri and Linos just up a few blocks. My dad worked in-between them and became friends with the owners and I always loved getting a carry out pie in the old paper bag that would sit on my lap on the way home. The smells I still remember. And how they would snap the bag to slide the pie in.
  17. foodie rant

    Yep, Portillo's is a good one. In the Rockford area there are several Old time Italian pizza restaurants that kick ass.
  18. foodie rant

    Damn, no Portillo's by me. I might have to open one.
  19. foodie rant

    I have already ordered the Malnati's Deep Dish that way, I will need to check out the Italian Beef from there. I got a $100 package, in dry ice, was completely frozen upon arrival in Alabama heat, which was impressive.
  20. foodie rant

    Taste of Chicago has mail order you can get some Malnati Deep dish and everything Italian Beef. From roles to gardenarie. Portillos and Vienna. Not cheep but quick service. I got mine in less that a week. We remodeled our Kitchen the last two months ourselves and ate a lot of take out. Turns out the mail order wasn't that much more expensive.
  21. foodie rant

    Stop it, you're killing me! LOL
  22. foodie rant

    Portillo's makes a pretty good hot ital beef. in the last few years they have expanded their chain so check if there is one near your location.
  23. NFL COVID OPT-OUT Tracker

    Here is the current list of players (26 so far) opting out of the 2020 NFL Season due to COVID. Goldman is currently the only Bear, and is the 4th highest rated player in the league to opt-out so far (according to PFF grades). I assume this list will triple by the time the deadline hits sometime next week. For the Bears, my guess is Leno and Miller will follow suit as both have recently had children. Miller has at least been shown working out with Trubisky, so he has a chance, but Leno seems like the type of guy that would take this option and run with it. I have no issues with players opting out, I just didn't like the timing on some of these guys. NFC NORTH (7) Bears (2) DT Eddie Goldman S Jordan Lucas Lions (2) DL John Atkins WR Geronimo Allison Packers (1) WR Devin Funchess Vikings (1) DL Michael Pierce ------------------------------- NFC EAST (8) Cowboys (3) WR Stephen Guidry CB Maurice Canady FB Jamize Olawale Eagles (1) WR Marquise Goodwin Washington Team (2) DL Caleb Brantley LB Josh Harvey-Clemons Giants (2) OT Nate Solder WR Da'Mari Scott ------------------------------- NFC SOUTH (4) Buccaneers None Falcons None Panthers (2) LB Jordan Mack LB Christian Miller Saints (2) TE Cole Wick TE Jason Vander Laan ------------------------------- NFC WEST (3) Cardinals (1) OT Marcus Gilbert Rams None Seahawks (1) OG Chance Warmack 49ers (1) Travis Benjamin ------------------------------- AFC NORTH (7) Bengals (1) DL Josh Tupou Browns (4) OT Drake Dorbeck OG Drew Forbes DT Andrew Billings OG Colby Gossett Ravens (2) OT Andre Smith WR De'Anthony Thomas Steelers None ------------------------------- AFC EAST (13) Patriots (8) S Patrick Chung LB Dont'a Hightower OT Marcus Cannon RB Brandon Bolden FB Danny Vitale OL Najee Toran WR Marqise Lee TE Matt LaCosse Bills (2) DL Star Lotulelei CB E.J. Gaines Dolphins (1) WR Allen Hurns Jets (2) OL Leo Koloamatangi LB C.J. Mosley ------------------------------- AFC SOUTH (5) Colts (1) LB Skai Moore Jaguars (2) LB Lerentee McCray DL Al Woods Texans (1) DL Eddie Vanderdoes Titans (1) OT Anthony McKinney ------------------------------- AFC WEST (5) Broncos (2) DL Kyle Peko OT Ja'Wuan James Chargers None Chiefs (2) OG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif RB Damien Williams Raiders (1) LB Ukeme Eligwe ------------------------------- Free Agents (1) G Larry Warford
  24. foodie rant

    Man I love those, of all the foods from Chicago, outside of authentic pizza, the Soaker is my go to. Now that I am in Alabama, all I can get is Italian Beef and rolls from Sam's Club. It is not the same but close. What is another one you like?
  25. foodie rant

    Sloppy wet so you need a bib to eat it. You bet. But I like to dip mine in the juice just before each bite so the bread is soaked but still has a little crunch. Gotta have the right bread. Just out of the oven, crispy but not heavy dense. The rolls that come with the kit work great because they need about five minutes of finishing cooking and are just perfect.
  26. foodie rant

    Bill, is that a Soaker, Italian Beef sandwich dipped in au jus?
  27. Goldman sitting out etc

    Yep, contract slides over, bonus on this year's cap, not next. Interesting timing for me with a lot of these guys. My thought is if you waited until today (first day of mandatory camp) to notify the team, you were not ready for camp and this was an easy way out and was not about the virus. The guys with underlying conditions or family members that live with them, I can understand.
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