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  2. Eyes on Training Camp

    With 3 days remaining until the rookies report here's who I'm focused on this year in camp/preseason. It's a rare year with little battles to look forward to for starting jobs. So it's about the depth and future of the roster for me. I want to see Tolliver really ascend and demonstrate confidence to take over one of the outside CB slots next year. Likely cut Prince saves $8mil in cap space in 2020. Stephen Denmark...is he the real deal or just a paper tiger? Can he replace McManis as our special teams ace this year? Not sure that will happen but if he can become an NFL player next year should be likely. The fact McManis is switching to safety indicates his time here is coming to a close. WR battles for #4/5/ and do we keep 6. Who ya got? We know Patterson is guaranteed a spot and Ridley is virtually guaranteed a slot on the 53. For the last spot (or two) is it Wims, EHall, or MHall? IMO this has big implications for what happens next year with potential cuts, or contract restructuring, to save cap space. If Wims stands out could he replace ARobinson in 2020? Or EHall could he replace Gabriel in 2020? OG depth battle. Kyle Long will be here for sure this year. Next year is a bit of question mark. How good is Alex Bars? Rashaad Coward at OT? Interesting training camp battle: Can Bradley Sowell beat out Shaheen for the starting TE role? This doesn't seem likely but Shaheen hasn't impressed so far in his career even when healthy. Sowell has little track record as a TE but he basically lined up there all last year when he was over 300lbs. --------------------- One other thought: I don't think we'll see much of our pass catching RBs in the preseason. Running yes but there's no need to open your presents early when we play the Packers in week 1.
  3. Riddick on Bears

    I don't know who his source is but last year he was spot on with the Bears. In general I've always liked his analysis of players and teams. I"m having a tough time getting Twitter links to work correctly If the bottom one doesn't work scroll through this until you see Riddick. https://twitter.com/hashtag/Bears?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  4. Kollman on Trubisky

    Right now Watson is injury prone and he has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long. As pointed out in the video Trubisky also holds onto the ball too long at times. My concern with Watson was some of his deep passes in college we just complete ducks, even when he wasn't under pressure. I loved his leadership and thought he'd be a great QB in the right system that took advantage of his very good short-to-intermediate passing game. He's been better at the deep ball so far than I expected. There's no denying having one of the top 3 WRs in the NFL helped him compared to what Trubisky had in year one. If that 2017 draft were done over all 3 QBs would be taken top 10 with Mahomes going #1 overall to Cleveland. I'd presume SF then takes DE Garrett and we'd take Trubisky #3.
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  7. Only 50 days but who's counting!!

    Me too! Was just thinking about how close we are getting to the start of the season and how exciting this year will be. I agree the defense won't fall back too much but as some analysts have noticed, if the defense doesn't at least match or surpass last year's results some will question Pagano. I think it'll be tough to do worse because of all the returning players (especially Mack) and their having a whole offseason to gel. The one weakness I see in the D going into this year as of right now is the NB position with Skrine and maybe CB Amukamura - due to his age. Otherwise, everything else looks good.
  8. Kollman on Trubisky

    As they should be. That is a result of one of his two years of play not his career average. But I see this continuously being brought up and wonder if that is the measure; 66% completion rate? (Speaking of Cam, his completion rate for last year was almost 68% at 67.9). Are you as willing to defend DeShaun Watson's CAREER completion rate of 66.4% or Dak Prescott's at 66.1% I sorta know your stance on Watson in that your belief for his success relies mostly on Hopkins and that 'he can make any QB look good'. But what about Prescott? I've been a marginal fan of his since he came to the NFL but I can't tell you any specific time he 'wowed' me with his performance. Still, he has one more year on Trubisky and even with his completion rate at the 66% bar, Dallas isn't sure they are going to extend / renew his contract.
  9. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2019/06/19/the-nfls-11-best-offensive-tackles/ So the Bears did not make a top eleven tackle. But they had a player in every other list and in some two. Just amazing how good this defense is. I am looking forward to seeing how they will play with Pagano. And I don't for a minute think they are going backwards just because they lost Fangio. When Ryan left they were just as good and in many areas even better.
  10. Kollman on Trubisky

    Players win games in different ways. If we play Cam Newton you can bet I'm concerned about his ability to run and make big plays that way, even if I'm not too concerned about his passing. If we play against Tom Brady it's the complete opposite. Even at other positions it's the same. Look at Tarik Cohen. He's not a very good RB but he is capable of making very big plays and can do so in a variety of ways. For those reasons I think analysts should evaluate everything a player brings to the table to help win games. If you add in the ability to scramble and extend or create plays on his own then a QB who cannot do so very well has to be more effective throwing to get the same results. How else can you explain Cam Newton winning league MVP with less than a 60% completion rate? People are critical of Trubisky at 66%. A good coach knows those strengths and utilizes them to the offense's advantage while minimizing what a QB doesn't do well.
  11. Kollman on Trubisky

    Personally I don’t think as much emphasis should be put on Trubiskys running ability. Sure it has helped some QBs like Cam and Russel Wilson but it has also hampered some QBs like RGIII or Kordell Stewart who either through injury or just being contained by the opposing defense were outed as one dimensional. The scrambling QB has a short shelf life, especially those that can’t throw with equal or more skill. Tom Brady certainly isn’t know for his scrambling ability and that doesn’t figure into oppositions game planning. So again, not sure we can (or should) rely on that as a factor for Mitch. Just look at last year when Trubiksy was injured and how much it affected his playability (missing two games and playing rough while he recovered). It’s safe to assume that he can’t continue to rely on that as his primary skill set. He needs to improve upon his throwing ability and ability to read defenses. The points made in this analysis were more about the inconstancy across the season, not so much whether Mitch improved or even declined in his ability during the season. Kollmans point about the ‘2nd quarter Mitch not as good as the 4th quarter Mitch’ is a point observed throughout the whole season, not just early on. This was seen both during games in the first few weeks of the season as it was during the playoff game against Philly. Again, this is a consistency (or lack thereof) issue. I’ll agree that with more playing time this could be something that Mitch is able to overcome but it’s possible he may not (again see Cutler). That is more what Kollman is speaking to, at least that was my understanding.
  12. Tarik Cohen's Brother Paralyzed

    Inspirational. Tarik is a solid for this team.
  13. Gould re-signs with SF

    Not a surprise. SF had made it clear they weren't going to cave. Many of us would have liked to see him return to Chicago, once the tag was applied that pretty much ended any hope of him coming back here. We have to move on and hope we find a solution at kicker.
  14. Kollman on Trubisky

    I think the analysis is spot on. The only real problem I have with Kollman is that he feels a QB is already displaying what they will become in year two. I disagree with that just based on how other HoF QBs have fared early in their careers. He freely admits he has no idea which way Trubisky will trend next season (of course) but still alleges that he should have been better in his second season. (Note: He could have been better is different from he should have been better.) He also largely ignored his running game and ability to extend plays. Would he do the same when evaluating Cam Newton? I doubt it because that's a big part of what makes Cam so dangerous despite his subpar passing stats. I also would have preferred seeing him compare him across the season as I think there was improvement albeit some ups and some downs throughout the year. Trubisky was clearly lost in the first few games of the season. History, and I've shown plenty of data to back this up, says we won't know what he is until after year 3 or 4. For now I enjoyed his progress last year over his rookie year when snaps under center were a "problem". I still remain optimistic that he'll improve again this year. Whatever he becomes I think he has the right HC to bring the best out of him.
  15. Gould re-signs with SF

    In case you were wondering ... 4 years $19 million. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035810/article/niners-sign-robbie-gould-to-4year-19m-contract
  16. Kollman on Trubisky

    I saw this video pop up the other day and recall it being the same guy that did an analysis of Howard that you (AZ) brought to our attention? It's interesting that his analysis of Howard and his not meshing with Nagy's offense was 'spot on' but this analysis is under more scrutiny. Nevertheless... I agree that Trubisky's mechanics are flawed. Especially with how Kollman illustrates it. His hips not squaring up to throw is a QB 101 type problem that may/may not get fixed with more practice. Sort of like how Cutler was notorious for throwing off his back foot. The problem with Trubisky is he doesn't have a lot of 'tape' to look at. Again his starting record reflected his one season as a starter at only 13 games. And when he did have the chance to get live reps in last year's preseason. Nagy chose to sit him. This doesn't help for a guy who might be struggling to learn a complex offense. With regards to the reads; Kollman pointed out the same play was called in two separate games (sometimes in the same game) and in one instance Trubiisky made a brilliant read where in the second instance he did not. Remember last year Nagy limited the offense to what Trubisky could handle, at the time, so having a myriad of reads wasn't really a priority. Having a 'look' is different than having a 'read'. The one difference being that with this QB, last years singular read will expand to multiple reads whereas the look will fundamentally remain the same. I think what happened with one play looking better than the other was Trubisky trying to freelance too much and his mechanics getting sloppy...or as Kollman points out; 'Trubisky overthought it'. We all agree that Mitch has great potential. For what its worth, I would even say as long as Mitch is able to play similarly to Alex Smith the defense will pick up the slack. So no he doesn't really need to play up to his 2nd pick overall expectation, just as long as the wins happen. Worked for Grossman...should work for Trubisky too.
  17. Kollman on Trubisky

    I think the main issue he had with Trubisky was that he was missing the primary read.
  18. Tarik Cohen's Brother Paralyzed

    Such a tragedy. I can only pray for Tarik and his brother. Reading the article, and looking at all of the photos of the football camp he held, I have it was fantastic. We see NFL players put on camps all the time. So many times it looks like they do it out of obligation, not for the love of the kids. Not this one. Tarik really cared about these children. You could tell these kids were really having a blast!
  19. It's been a challenging offseason for Tarik and, not surprisingly, he's still coming to grips with this tragedy. https://www.greensboro.com/sports/ed-hardin-tarik-cohen-returns-to-a-t-finds-inspiration/article_5ab30b6c-a5ad-11e9-b131-a3407fbdb947.html#1
  20. Kollman on Trubisky

    When I looked at the one play where Kollman said Trubisky made the right read early in the season, then later in the season held onto the ball and missed the read... IMO on both plays Trubisky was holding the ball too long. I don't see much difference other than the fact on the first one Burton comes open so much that throwing late was ok. On the second play against the Patriots Trubisky hesitates a bit then holds onto the ball knowing he missed the read. While this is not ideal it's also what I prefer the young QB does, hold onto the ball and don't force a bad play because you were a second late on the read. If he's learning those plays should eventually be read more quickly and it's very subtle on which DB, or DBs he has to look at. Nobody is better than NE at disguising coverages while also having their team coached up on how to defend the usual plays. That's what we see where the Patriots DB starts to fall for the deep routes then remembers he has to drop off to cover the underneath route. Belichick has been coaching against Andy Reid's plays for how many decades?
  21. Kollman on Trubisky

    For sure. There is every reason to think he will be faster and better in his reads in this second year in the offense.
  22. Kollman on Trubisky

    I am sure most QB's have passes that look like that (some good, some bad) on the same play. He definitely makes some good points (Trubisky's hips) which lead to inconsistent deliveries, however, you don't throw to the same receiver just because you run the same play. The reads can be completely flipped based on the coverage. So I think he is reaching there. Overall a good analysis, but I think some of the inconsistencies are with Trubisky's knowledge of the offense. You can only process some many things in 2-3 seconds, and if things are not committed to memory or 2nd nature, he is processing an extra thing, which leads to those inconsistent decisions. Also, how many bad throws did he really have? Let's say 2 a game that should've been completions. That would've put him at 73% completion percentage, 2nd only to Brees. That seems incredibly high. I also don't know where he gets Trubisky being terrible in the 2nd, but great in the 4th. If you look at his splits. His best quarter is the 1st, so I don't know where he got that from. He also has a better QB Rating with the lead compared to when trailing. Contrary to the video.
  23. Kollman on Trubisky

    It was a good analysis, and you can bet that Nagy and Helfrich are aware of all of it, and that Trubisky is motivated to improve. I wouldnt bet against that. I think the arrow points up. But yes, Trubisky was totally inconsistent last year, but that means he had flashes of greatness too. He was just uneven. And thats a lot better than consistently average.
  24. Kollman on Trubisky

    From my viewpoint, that was a great analysis. If Mitch takes us on a roller coaster ride and improves while doing so, he will be fine.
  25. Kollman on Trubisky

    This has been all over the Bears fans message boards and such the last week. Comments on some threads have been highly emotional (no shock). I don't really see any surprises in this analysis. I still see a young QB in a new offense with an entirely new WR group and Burton still learning the NFL. Trubisky improved quite a bit over the course of the season and he definitely still has room for improvement. I'm not sure why this is "news" to any NFL fan who has watched many young QBs struggle early in their careers. Nobody knows what trajectory his career will take from here but we do know that he is putting in the work to get better. At this point it seems his floor will likely be that of a good NFL QB (an Alex Smith type), one you can win with. That's not what we want from the #2 overall pick but there are also plenty of flashes of elite play enticing enough to make us wonder what if he puts it all together?
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  27. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    Happy #60 Lemon! August is a good bday month. My oldest daughter turns 21 and a good friend turns 50 on the 9th and 10th. We’re heading to Vegas for all that!!!
  28. Fox’s take on Bears offseason

    Plus we had a really sweet job opening a lot of people would have wanted, and this is who Pace chose. Thats good enough for me.
  29. Fox’s take on Bears offseason

    In a quick snoop of Paganos Wikipedia page it looks as though his specialty is with pass defense. Some may have remembered the success of Butch Davis while HC at Univ. of Miami. Pagano was his DC. They ranked near the top in most defensive categories. The trend continued when he moved to the NFL and assisted or DCed for Cleveland, the Raiders and eventually Baltimore. It’s noted while with the Ravens, Pagano dramatically improved the pass defense after years of the team dominating the run defense. The way I see it, Fangio was not as well known for his blitz packages and generally likes his corners to be aggressive and big. It didn’t seem his forte was as much with the defensive backfield; he’s more a ‘front seven’ guy . I think with the returning 10 of 11 defensive players paired with essentially the similar scheme, and Pagano’s tendency to blitz more, we’re in for some fun times. Being a defense fan-guy myself, I’m pretty geeked about it.
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