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  2. Offseason decisions

    Stockpiling worthless picks sounds like a Pace victory...🙄
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  4. Offseason decisions

    I would think the nfl will announce some type of leanancy to keep the league from a massive dump of contracts. It may be wishful thinking, but the majority are going to be in trouble. The Bears next season will be a mess anyways, so maybe it can be a blessing to push the reset button. I hate the thought of losing Hicks and opening a huge hole, maybe the glue of the D.
  5. Offseason decisions

    Draft Update: Rookie Pool - Est $5M From what I am tracking, the Bears have 5 original picks and 3 comp picks for a total of 8 draft picks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, (Comp picks: 6th, 6th, 6th) no 4th rounder - Trevis Gipson no 7th rounder - Eddie Pinero So no 4th, but 4x 6th rounders. I can see Pace wheeling and dealing with the house's money and those extra 6th rounders.
  6. Offseason decisions

    Of all the UFA's or potential cut candidates, the highest producing ones are ARob (WR), Hicks (DT), Patterson (WR), Gipson (S), and Santos (K). Now that doesn't count the few rotational guys that excelled (Urban, Edwards) but those are the losses that would hurt the most. Money-wise, it seems like ARob and Hicks are the most likely not to be back. It looks like they could bring Patterson, Gipson and Santos back on some reasonable deals. Guys like Trubisky, Leno, Massie, Graham, Skrine, Coward, Harris all had prominent roles and underachieved. So their losses may actually help the team. QB, WR, OT, and S has to be the early targets in the draft. Grab a punter with one of the 6th round comp picks (or trade into the 7th with a comp and grab one there).
  7. Offseason decisions

    Post-June 1 Cuts ($39.5M in potential savings) Hicks $1.5M Dead Money, $10.5M Cap Savings Leno $2.3M Dead Money, $9M Cap Savings Massie $1.3 Dead Money, $8M Cap Savings Graham $3M Dead Money, $7M Cap Savings Skrine $1.1M Dead Money, $5M Cap Savings This has to happen. If they also restructure Mack and Fuller, they can have about $35M after the rookie pool to fill 15 roster spots. If you assume 8-9 of those will be near league minimum deals for vets or 1-yr deals, that leaves about $25M for 6 spots, assuming you need to fill starting spots at QB, WR, LT, RT, SS, DL.
  8. Offseason decisions

    We would get a comp pick in 2022, and only if we didn't bring in anyone that gives a comp pick to another team. So it will depend on what Pace does in terms of free agent acquisitions, because it would suck to lose Arob AND a comp pick to bring in so lower level FA that gives another team a comp pick, negating ours. The exec one is much better, because I believe those are immune to deletion.
  9. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    Hey im his age and just because I'm in bed by eight doesn't mean he is. But after reading and listening to multiple sources I'd be OK with him. But there is such doubt about this team not sure who would want the job.
  10. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    I think for a year or two he would have the drive.
  11. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    i really like wade phillips. i have called for him to come to chicago forever. as a head coach, no. but he has been one of the premier DC's in the nfl for decades. the bears could have and should have hired him a long, long time ago, certainly before he went to texas. but being the bears they never dreamed of it. the age is a consideration but seeing as how we are in another gm/coaching limbo yet again it might be a good hire still for the short term to right this sinking ship.
  12. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    I love, love love Wade Phillips. There was a stretch of a half a dozen years or so where I thought he was the best DC in the NFL. But the fact that he will be 74 when the season starts gives me pause. How do you put in coach’s hours at that age?There’s probably a reason the Rams let him go last year... Tom S.
  13. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    I think someone from the outside coming in will be reluctant with the prospects of having a new GM and new HC in one year so they will promote from within. Jay Rodgers is most talented to be promoted. The best prospect would be James Bettcher. He presses with his corners and has exotic blitz packages. Both scheme that would best suit this talent on D.
  14. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    Put me down for Rex Ryan
  15. Last week
  16. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    I'm down with Rodgers too. It's time for him to move up, and who knows? Maybe he will be great - he certainly has the pedigree.
  17. WR Concern...

    I agree. But you also need some superstars, so trading down out of a top ten pick isnt automatically a smart move, but I think after that, as you get past 15 etc, it's probably a general rule that trading down is a good thing, and the only thing that breaks it is a certain player falling that's a higher value than the current pick. But if we are talking in general, with an average player for that pick at each draft position, trading down after the top 10- or 15 players is probably always a good idea.
  18. I mailed this today to George...

    Yup. Nagy fingerprints were all over it.
  19. I mailed this today to George...

    This is from a Bear Goggles article. And yes it reeked of Nagy... More evidence of Matt Nagy’s flaw as Chicago Bears head coach Moving back to more current events, there were many reasons why the Bears lost to the Packers last Sunday. However, I believe that the main reason the Bears lost this game was that Matt Nagy called a lot of plays that day. He just could not control his compulsion to involve himself calling plays in this pivotal game. The main evidence of Nagy calling plays was the Bears ran less and threw more passes around the line of scrimmage than they had since Bill Lazor took over as their play-caller. There is a long history of West Coast Offense play-callers calling an inordinate amount of passes within five to ten yards off the line of scrimmage and failing miserably in big games. They typically consider it their smart safe move. However, this tactic among other things lacks courage and often demoralizes the offensive players. When the Bears substituted short passes for some run plays to control the time of possession, they lost one of the most important battles of a football game. They lost the intimidation factor. Football players need their emotions to override the physical pain and mental exhaustion that comes from a hard-fought battle. When a football team is winning the battle of who controls the line of scrimmage, it creates big-time confidence and big waves of energy that courses throughout the entire offensive unit. This tactic is the fatal flaw of practitioners of the West Coast Offense. They often eschew run plays for lots and lots of short passes. To make my point, it was not just the reshuffling of the players in the offensive line that made them a better group. It was also letting them dominate at the line of scrimmage by calling more run plays. This fueled the Bears’ offensive line in playing a big part in the Bears’ late-season surge to the playoffs.
  20. WR Concern...

    Before area of draft, you must consider team depth. If you trade up it costs depth. If you need one guy and your guy is there, go get him. If you are the Bears and have no depth, you just killed the team for another two years if you miss. Conversely, you trade down and build depth so you can play next man up football.
  21. Realistic Options at #20 (2021 Draft)

    Darrishaw hands down.
  22. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    I'm going Wade Phillips. It's not a sexy hire, but neither is Fangio. He has improved every single defense he has ever coached in the very first year. He also adapts every defense he has coached to the talent he was given. He's 73 and knows he's on a last hoorah. I'll take him in a lame duck year over anyone not named Vic.
  23. Realistic Options at #20 (2021 Draft)

    Seriously, what’s the appeal with this guy? Just because he went to North Dakota State like Wentz? And in a quick read on him he only played in one game this season and has started a total of 17 games in his career? And how the hell is Mac Jones in the same tier as him?
  24. The Nagy-Pace party is back for another year

    They know exactly what they are doing. This football team is their life's business. I believe it was said when free agency began that George Halas was rolling over in his grave. They all know the business of football, but they also know money is why they do it.
  25. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    The article I posted the other day listed as many as 15 possibilities. One thing they made light of was that whomever is considered for the position will need do think about the very possibility of Nagy and Pace being canned next year. That will probably scare off any outsiders and those that may want to put a stamp on their potential long term impact. Rodgers makes the most sense since it would be a promotion from within the organization and he’s survived two HCs in Chicago after working with Fangio for some time. The fact he may have some Fangio like qualities is certainly an appealing one.
  26. Realistic Options at #20 (2021 Draft)

    WR is supposed to be a strong class once again. This has been the case the past few seasons. I think the Bears can put this down to 2nd or 3rd round. We found a gem in rd 5, but Mooney is best suited as a 3rd/slot.
  27. There are 10-15 names that have a very low chance of being available at #20, which makes it a little easier to see who may be there at #10. However, from a need perspective, that takes away Lawrence, Wilson, Fields (for QBs), Sewell and Slater (OT), and Smith, Waddle, Chase (WR). That is 8 right there without thinking much. Literally our top needs will be heavily selected in the top 15 (yay Pace!). As far as QBs go, Trey Lance, Mac Jones and Kyle Trask have a chance to be available outside of the top 10, but depending how the combine goes, they may move up or down. Depending on how you view them, some may even be available in the 2nd round. The team obviously has a need for OT, so someone like Darrisaw (VA Tech) or Cosmi (Texas) should be there. WR will be a huge need if ARob walks. I would rather pick one up in the 2nd or 3rd than the first. Depending on what happens with Fuller or Gipson, the Bears may have a hole to fill at CB or S. There should be several of those available at #20. At the end of the day, it seems like QB, OT, WR, and maybe DB will be who they are targeting at 20. What do you think?
  28. DC - who will it be? Who do you want?

    Rodgers has seen a bunch of players excel under his tutelage, so it would make sense that he gets a hard look. Hicks, Goldman, Nichols, RRH, Nick Williams, Urban, etc. In a way, that unit has been a strength for the defense. At this point, as long as he can mix it up, mask coverages and blitzes, stop making Trevathan cover WRs, stop DBs from playing 15 yards off with 7 yards to go, and only bring Quinn in on 3rd and long, the defense is a top 10 unit again.
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