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  1. Post June 1 Cap

    I prefer Fisher. They should also sign an OG. If they wanted to sign Will Fuller or Julio Jones I wouldn't mind that either.
  2. Post June 1 Cap

    Will Fuller
  3. Free agency begins

  4. Free agency begins

    Opinion about WR that make the roster: Mooney Pringle Jones St Brown Sharpe Pettis I also think that they think St Brown has untapped potential so I think he's going to be the X.
  5. Free agency begins

    I still want them to sign Fisher.
  6. Roster optimism

    St. Brown and Coulter are really the only X candidates on the roster.
  7. Roster optimism

    I wonder if Getsy thinks St. Brown has untapped potential. He's only 25 so it's possible. Was in GB before here.
  8. Roster optimism

    Idk about you guys, but I'd trade a conditional 6th or 7th for Leviska Shenault. He's buried in Jacksonville. I'd also take a flyer with a conditional 7th on Denzel Mims.
  9. Draft Day 3

    The fact that they didn't draft a 3T high strongly suggests to me that they're bringing back Ogunjobi on a lesser deal.
  10. Draft Day 2

    25 years old
  11. Draft Day 2

    Seems that way.
  12. Draft Day 2

    I think they're picking Winfrey or Leal I want them to take Tolbert
  13. Draft Day 2

    If Winfrey makes it to 71 I think that's the pick.
  14. Draft Day 2

    Bears on the clock
  15. Draft Day 2

    I like Kyler Gordon.