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  1. Roquan Smith requests trade

    I'm to the point where I say you make a final offer and tell him take or leave it. If he says no then trade him and move on. He's a very good LB (not a great one) and is not worth the headache. Another note - You can see Eberflus is to the point where he doesn't want to deal with this anymore. I actually feel bad he's the middle man on this. Poles needs to tell the media that all questions about Roquan will be addressed by him until the contract situation is resolved. Eberflus needs to concentrate on the players he has available. Peace
  2. Roquan Smith requests trade

    He said it was a take it or leave it offer. We actually have no idea what has been said or exchanged. The major point is he shouldn't be negotiating. He should have an agent. You also note he has no leverage here. That is the most important point. They'll eventually reach an agreement. Peace
  3. Roquan Smith requests trade

    How do you know he's gone? I would say it's probably 75%+ he stays. This is a negotiating tactic - nothing more. That being said, he really needs an agent. You can't take this personal - it's business. Peace
  4. Camp notes

    This sucks but it's early enough where he can be back by the regular season and it gives Kramer a chance to get a ton of reps. Peace
  5. Bears sign Riley Reiff, OT, to 1yr deal ($10M)

    This 100%. Peace
  6. 11 days to camp

    Fxxk!!! This crap pisses me off to no end. Hopefully, the holdout doesn't last too long. Peace
  7. Eddie Goldman Retires

    Wishing him the best in his life going forward. Peace
  8. Trade Quinn?

    Quinn needs to show up to camp to help make this happen. Peace
  9. Training Camp at Halas Hall

    Pix - It's been a while my friend. Hope you are doing well. I see Gary every few months as he lives about 10 miles from me. He goes with me to a game every year. Take care of yourself. Peace
  10. If You Had Doubts About the New Sheriff

    It was obvious that George had a high amount of respect for Soup so I love this move because it shows they are letting Poles do his job. Peace
  11. Old school meet new school

    Flus has said having former players around is a priority for him. I'm glad to see a change in direction. Peace
  12. Draft Class Thoughts

    The first paragraph summarizes the article: This draft ended any confusion over the Bears’ objectives under new GM Ryan Poles and new head coach Matt Eberflus. They are embarking on a long-term rebuild, not scrambling to prop up the quarterback they inherited, Justin Fields, for the best possible short-term results.
  13. Draft Class Thoughts

    I'd be happy with 30-40 receptions, 400+ yards receiving and 4+ touchdowns. Peace
  14. Draft Class Thoughts

    I'm good with losing the 6th round pick for this. Poles showed he knows how to replace it. Peace
  15. Roster optimism

    I'm not sure they offer him a deal. He's a good player and a solid back but he doesn't fit his offense. Peace