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  1. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    I would wait to see what this year brings with him and sign him in the offseason. You have him under contract for next year as well so you can afford to wait. Peace
  2. Blewit waived

    I think Pinero ends up taking this job. Peace
  3. 2019 alternate uniform

    The socks are the best part. Peace
  4. Mr Hicks

    Very cool!!! Peace
  5. Over 30

    I'm fairly sure they are one of the youngest teams in the league. Peace
  6. New TE and WR. uwww

    At this point, he's not as good a Thorton. This is a make or break year for him. Peace
  7. No way should Culter be top 25. I would agree he was too low but I wouldn't put him higher than 50. Hampton was the best player on the Bears SB defense. He's right where he needs to be. Peace
  8. New TE and WR. uwww

    Shaheen missed 8 games in his second year. White was injured and missed most of each of his first 3 seasons. There is no comparison on injury history. Peace
  9. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    Agreed on Smith is going to be a beast. Peace
  10. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    Sims is gone. They cut him earlier in the offseason. Braunecker is a 4-phase special teamer. Peace
  11. Good stuff

    I haven't been a fan of George McCaskey for years since I had a run in with him about my season tickets but I will tip my hat to him and the Bears organization. I love the family atmosphere they are building. Peace
  12. Signed a ST Ace

    I would think Iggy would stick as he has 3 years left on his contract at Kwit is in the last year of his deal. Peace
  13. Bears Trade for Kicker

    And, if works out, no one will care about the draft pick. Peace
  14. Bears Trade for Kicker

    I get it but they have to fix this and they are turning over all the rocks they can to try and do so. Peace
  15. Bears Trade for Kicker

    He only costs us a 2021 7th rounder if he plays 5 games for the team. If he works out, I won't care about the draft pick. Fry won't cost us anything but a minimal signing bonus if cut. I don't care about Blewitt's name if he makes kicks. Realistically, Pineiro is the odds on favorite. He was trained by the kicking coach and I am sure he is the one to recommend we trade for him. Peace