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  1. Roster optimism

    Spring hopes eternal; every year I hope my Cubs will win it all. So goes the Bear’s draft for me. There are players I do some pre draft research, I read as much as I can, I listen to shows filled with the experts. At the end of the day, I place my trust in the guys hired to do the job. Booms or busts, it all happens every year. I really just get a kick out of watching these young guys have their dreams fulfilled, even if just for a little while. Good luck to them all and I hope they can contribute to making the Bears better this year.
  2. Eberhaus Staff thread

    I LIKE it!!! Can’t imagine what Eddie Jackson’s take is going to be.
  3. Ryan Poles next GM

    I’m good with it , now close the deal on a coach and build the collective vision. It will make for a good offseason.
  4. The Same O'le Same O'le - What A Complete Joke

    I had a personal interaction with him as well, away from football and he was every bit the douche and maybe more.
  5. reported: pace and nagy gone

    Congratulations George, now follow through on doing the right thing; move Ted over to a business development role (head up the Arlington project) as he eases towards retirement. Get either a President of Football Operations or hire a GM with some powerful responsibilities. Baby steps, now execute on the next chapter
  6. Bears at Vikings Week 18 Official Game Thread

    Probably a most fitting end to this season; some flashes but in the end, the pantry was stocked with sub standard ingredients and the chef turns out to be batshit stupid.
  7. Jim Harbaugh?

    Just the holiday spirit, lol! That tweet is pretty much the ball game on Pace. Interesting that some of the top GMs have/had great QBs : Big Ben, Brady, Brees. Hitting on or acquiring that elite QB can provide breathing room for sure. As for Pace, my blood boils to think George could convince himself to retain him. In just about every measurement, he’s mediocre. Keeping him in place and firing Nagy is an insulting gesture to the fans. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect any better from George, he truly is a dolt and he’s surrounded by idiots that tell him he’s special. It’s truly too bad Virginia didn’t step in years ago and keep her sons at bay.
  8. Jim Harbaugh?

    Maybe they transition him into a business side role like Ted had; Ted tutors him and they work hand in hand on the Arlington Heights project. It would make George happy, keeping his bureau around, and satisfy the rest of us who don’t want him anywhere the football side anymore.
  9. Jim Harbaugh?

    I just don’t get him staying. For me the jury is still out on the last two draft classes. Pace trades away far too many picks, at all rounds, so how do you add players? FA? FA is an expensive proposition. My opinion is rounds 4-7 are for roster bodies; it’s great when you hit but, and I don’t have numbers to back this up, but true playmakers or guys that move the needle (elite) don’t usually fall in these rounds. So Pace needs to hit on the stars in rounds 1-3 I don’t think he’s done it: 2015: Eddie Goldman-remaining player- above average round 2-probably last season with club 2016: Whitehair (rd 2), Bush and Houston-Carson, one above average and two serviceable players 2017: Jackson and Cohen; both average, hoth round 4 2018: Roquan, Daniels, Iggy, Nichols- superstar, avg or slightly above O lineman, special teamer, avg. D lineman 2019: Montgomery and Shelly: above average back and special teamer 2020: Kmet, Johnson, Gipson, Vildor, Mooney: avg TE, DB with promise, DE with promise, corner at best sb special teamer and receiver who probably will be a #2 at best( which isn’t bad) probably too early on these guys but my gut says Johnson will be the only difference maker 2021: too early In Pace’s tenure 46 players drafted; 25 remain with team- 54% retention; is this good or bad? During his 7 drafts; 65% times of the picks were from rounds 4-7; (30 players) Rounds 1-3 rounds 16 players drafted; 2 WR, 2QB, 2 TE- offensive impact positions and there is some duplicity here . 9 of these 16 remain on the roster. Under Pace he’s produced .430 winning%. Say the first three years he’s sculpting his roster- they had a .290 %. Year 4 through 7 the winning % is .530%. The team peaked in 2018 under his reign, since then they are performing at a .460 clip I know about the trades ie Mack and I don’t condemn the thought behind them but they also serve to place more pressure on future picks to still elevate the roster and team performance. I don’t see a convincing case for his retention other than George is a dolt. They need new voices in the building and the higher up it can get, the better. Sorry for the ramble.
  10. New Bears fan

    Mazel Tov!!! Congratulations!!!!
  11. Potential Head Coach Candidates

    Dave Toub seems to come up in a number of conversations about the head coach position. The league is full of older coaches who never seem to land the big job; I wonder what has been in the way of him landing the head coaching position? Is it because he’s a special teams coordinator? There’s been examples of coaches from that role making it. Just wondering what’s been in Toub’s way; bad interviewee, resume not impressive enough?
  12. Fantastic Article

    I second this. It’s long past time to get a director of football operations to run the show, no more of this half assed approach. Let Ted ride out into the sunset; George needs to get serious.
  13. Fantastic Article

    Thanks AZ, that’s a great summary on the article. I was amazed at the lack of contact with former players, not that they’re obligated but George and Teddy had a free education at their doorstep by picking the brains of former Bears. Can’t get better at a craft you don’t study and show true curiosity. The handling of the Patch report showed exactly how clueless and ignorant this leadership team is.
  14. Fantastic Article

    My apologies on two fronts; first if this has already been mentioned and second because I can’t figure out how to link it but Dan Wiederer had a great article in today’s Chicago Tribune about the leadership of this team. A great, great read. I can only hope George is finally truly enlightened because there’s some pretty damning stuff there.
  15. What are you looking for?

    There seems to be a general malaise that appears to have settled in on a number of players. The season is lost and a number of them appear to reflect it in their play. Smith and Grant played like men possessed. I’m sure for various reasons (pride, contract,etc.) but as a fan I appreciate it. This franchise sure could use a major shock to the system. They need a major dose of confidence and swagger from the top. George needs to get someone in who walks the walk and takes no prisoners. George and Ted are too milquetoast. They inspire no one and they don’t project confidence. A rebirth is desperately needed