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  1. Good as Gould

    Yes he is and YES, my favorite teams are Da Bears and ANYONE playing the Puckers!
  2. I moved to Phoenix Arizona!

    Yep, the West rocks. We live in La Quinta just east of Palm Springs, CA and the weather is great. A bit warm in summer, but we've all got pool access!
  3. New Bears fan

    Congrats. Great looking girl.
  4. 2021 Choice

    You'll get there one day, just saying.
  5. Our DBs are going to kill us this season. Rams receivers are all alone.
  6. And why didn't our D get on the plane from Chicago?
  7. Ifedi looks worthless. But Gipson is doing quite well along with Igy on D.
  8. What if the Bears Move to Arlington Heights?

    What a non issue. They aren't moving to a new state, just to a better, larger venue in a suburb of Chitown. Gosh, when they moved from Wrigley did every one think the world was ending? I'd love to see my Bears in a modern state-of-the art stadium like so many of the other teams.
  9. 2021 Schedule

  10. Tarik Cohen's Twin Brother Died

    Thank you Connor. Yes, it's tough, but bottom line, she was with us and we have those memories.
  11. Tarik Cohen's Twin Brother Died

    Thanks Pix. yeah, I share your loss. Nothing can replace her.
  12. Tarik Cohen's Twin Brother Died

    Hey, bottom line is that Tarik has all my sympathy, and I know, from losing a child, that nothing I can say will help him. Tarik has been a great Bear, solid player and involved in the community. He's the type of player you want on your team. I can just tell him that the pain of loss is always there.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft thoughts

    Agree. We just need OTS, especially LT. Jason, where are you? IMdO, we have the interior, but tackles are our weakness. Get this solved and Dalton/Fields are going to be fine.
  14. OT Next

    He is a liability. A DB gets in his face and he costs us yardage or the game. Trade him or cut his incontrolable ass.