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  1. How Mack was got

    Great point and a very likely scenario. We should at the very least go deep into the playoffs making our first near the end of the first round, and the Raiders are the Raiders and will likely suck making their 2nd about like having a low 1st.
  2. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    I think Davis is better than Mizzell and Cunningham. He filled in well when he needed to in Seattle. He wasn't brought in to be the long term solution but to give us good vet depth at the position while Montgomery gets up to speed in the offense. With Howard being gone Cohen is the vet in the backfield and it's nice to have a guy like Davis there when you bring in Montgomery and Whyte as rookies. I see us starting the season with a RB committee initially headed by Davis or even a more close split between Davis, Montgomery, and Cohen. From there I can see Montgomery at some point taking over the lead role. He's got the talent and is in a great situation to become the lead back.
  3. How Mack was got

    It is very cool, it shows the commitment Pace has when he sees an opportunity to improve the team and has strong conviction. It's a stark contrast to what we've had in the past, vs where he is relentless and worked on the Raiders GM and Naggy worked on Gruden. They had to move quickly when window of opportunity opened for Mack to be traded. I like the aggressiveness and for a player like Mack who's a generational talent and a great teammate it's hard to pass that up even at a high cost. Without his diligence Mack would have been somewhere else wreaking havoc on opposing offenses and we'd be left thinking what if.
  4. Blewit waived

    I agree too, were it not for the injury he'd have likely remained the kicker in Oak. He's definitely got the leg to make all the kicks. Here's to him (or whoever it ends up being) makes us forget about the Parkey experiment.
  5. PFF hates Trubisky

    Mitch did pull of the pretty cool Ditka look last Halloween. I really like seeing that Naggy has an appreciation for the history of the Bears and encourages that with his team. I don't know if the headband thing fits Mitch's personality. It became an outward rebellion thing with McMahon in response to Rozelle, for the 5,000 fine he got for wearing the Adidas one. It'll be interesting to see if or how Mitch incorporates headbands, but, I love how the Pace/Naggy, and the Bears are embracing their rich history. Even more so as this is the 100 year celebration.
  6. Blewit waived

    Chris Blewit waived I for one am breathing a sigh of relief that we won't open the season with a kicker named Blewit (not his fault), but the jokes write themselves. So now we're down to Frey and Pineiro. Ultimately what's most important is finding a long term solution at the kicker position. We can't continue having the kicker position cost us games.
  7. PFF hates Trubisky

    I expect him to take some major steps forward this season. Year two in this offense, year three in the NFL. We now have 3 RB's who can catch out of the backfield, we've added talent at WR to an already talented group. Year 1 hampered by a horribly predictable and bland offense, year 2 he and his teammates were learning a new system and he was working with virtually a completely new group of weapons. This year he is heading into camp running the same offense with mostly the same teammates. There should be no excuses for Mitch and the offense to show significant progress. This is his year to start shutting up some of these critics. You never know how long the championship window will stay open, but now is the time to strike. We have the talent to contend for and win multiple championships.
  8. Mr Hicks

    IDK, if it were Parkey he'd probably miss and hit the cross bar so to speak lol
  9. New Packers Head Coach on IR(?)

    Well, when the Bears are in the Super Bowl and his Packers are taking their annual playoff vacation you can invite him to your Super Bowl party ;P
  10. Burton Hernia

    Also possible he has just tried to power through it hoping it will go away on it’s own. I know I tend to do that, while my wife starts saying I should see the doctor and I try the Monty python approach “I think I’m getting better.” lol Anyway this seems to be a recurring issue that he’s just tried to live with/deal with. Hopefully getting the surgery done takes care of the problem and he can help the Bears win games. If he can’t stay healthy and can’t be dependable the Bears will have to look at other options. It sucks that we’ struggled to find long term consistency at the TE spot. We can find talented guy who can’t stay healthy or we find guys who can but are duds on the field.
  11. Coach on Mitch

    I think so to, it sounds like a general offseason compliment, that mostly means he feels Mitch is more fluid and comfortable/confident in leading the offense. And the game has slowed for him to the point where he's more focused on reading the defense better in understanding what they're doing and how best to attack it. Proof will be in the pudding when the season starts and the games count.
  12. New TE and WR. uwww

    this is a good point, and Naggy does like to get creative. It would eliminate drawing attention to him being eligible as teams are now all to aware that inside the 10 Naggy likes to pull something from the bag of tricks. Not having an official make the announcement of Sowell being eligible. Good point also by BearFan NYC that he'll likely still fill the roll of a 6th OL as more of a blocking TE who will occasionally catch the ball. He did show good hands on his one TD reception for an OT. Looking at it in this light it makes more sense. Like others I have a feeling Mizzell will be gone and that I see as addition by subtraction. He's not good at RB, he won't be good at WR, with our group of WR's I'd rather see someone else get the practice squad spot.
  13. New TE and WR. uwww

    No way Mixzell makes t roster at WR. We are stacked there with real WRs. The Sowell move is puzzling
  14. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    They've definitely been exploring options at TE. Maybe it says something about their confidence level in Shaheen.
  15. Bears Trade for Kicker

    Wasn't long ago when we were one of those other teams agonizing over 3-4 other key positions and even more. There is an element of comedy in it all including a kicker who's name lends itself to jokes. I've heard Chicago Sports radio personalities laughing at it and using the term circus and while I haven't listened much to "experts" takes on it I'm sure the guys on the Score aren't the only ones seeing humor in it. When we signed Parkey his past performance wasn't the thing being question it was more the contract. Now after his one season here in which he cost us at least a couple wins that would have gotten us at least a #2 seed and a first round bye and then cost us a first round playoff win. My take is people can laugh all the want. I really don't even care what the process looks at finding a solution at kicker as long as we find a solution at kicker. If Pace can get this position fixed the how won't matter so much anymore. I have a feeling Pineiro has a legit shot of winning the competition, and being our week 1 kicker.