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  1. Team loses OTA Practice due to CBA rule violation

    I agree, I would be willing to bet that Pace would have gone through with it to try and save face in the moment to the detriment of the team when it's later revealed he didn't pass and ends up not contributing due to recovering from his injury. One thing Pace proved in his time as GM as he had conviction on moves and not even common sense could stand in the way.
  2. OTA notes

    I can appreciate Johnson's take on this and shows maturity and professionalism. Rather than whine and pout, he straight up said he knew he'd have to prove himself to the new staff. That's the reaction of a hard worker that doesn't expect to just be handed the starting spot.
  3. Fields Mechanics

    This is what it really boils down to. At this point all we or the media can do is speculate and try to read the tea leaves. As fans we want to look for the positive possibilities because we have a vested interest in it all working out. But till it actually plays out on the field we won't know for sure. One thing for sure is first impressions matter, if there's stumbling out of the gate you'll have the nay sayers being vocal about how they told you so. Likewise if things start off good the opposite will be true. We have to keep in mind it's a marathon not a sprint. It's probably going to take time for the offense to fully find its identity rhythm.
  4. Tarik Cohen

    His story is so hard to read, can't imagine going through what he's been through. It can be easy to lose sight of players as individuals. I've always liked Cohen and he's been easy to root for. I agree with Adam, it would be nice if he could still be a part of the team/organization in some way. He's the kind of personality you want to have around, and even if his playing days are done I think he can still have a place here.
  5. Fields Mechanics

    I feel like the college game can allow QB's to get away with mechanics issues that they can't get away with in the NFL. Coverages are tighter, windows are smaller. Timing and ball placement is so much more important. Cleaning up footwork, and mechanics is often one of the bigger adjustments QB's seem to have to do to successfully make the transition from college to pro.
  6. Fields Mechanics

    I like this about him too, it shows his passion for the game and having that passion drives him to work hard and be the best he can be. Will he turn out to be the franchise QB we've been desperately searching for all these years/decades? The jury's still out but if he doesn't become what we hope he does it won't be for lack of effort, hard work, etc. This makes him easy to root for as an individual and what he can bring to the team.
  7. Roquan accused of rape

    Does feel a bit catfishy and very well could be someone trying to cash in knowing he's a pro athlete and and is after his money. It's possible something consensual happened between them, the timing does throw some doubt on this, if it happened in Feb, and she claims to have witnesses and had a rape kit done, yet nothing is said publicly till now. We also don't know what actually happened or didn't happen. Pointless to form any conclusions one way or another at this point. Best to let things play out legally. Pro athletes, and celebrities male or female can be easy targets for people looking to trap or take advantage of them for financial gain. Doesn't mean Roquan is innocent, doesn't mean he's guilty, he doesn't strike me as the type, but, I don't know him personally. The fan in me is hoping this is that he's innocent, and the accusations will turn out to be false. I think if we've learned anything recently from cases like this that we need to be careful to condemn or cancel someone simply on accusations alone.
  8. Free agent WR Keith Kirkwood

    It's possible they are holding out to see what comes out in the June 1st cuts? I too am surprised that we haven't seen much activity in FA on the OL recently. There are some guys out there. It's also possible we're talking to agents and there just hasn't been anything to report. As for Kirkwood, never heard of him, I think they are taking the shotgun approach.
  9. Play Action

    PA does take the QB's eyes off the defense but only for play action part of the play. It's a very brief time. I always found it crazy that under Nagy we hardly ever used play action even though our run game was having success and opponents didn't respect our passing game and were more often playing the run especially with Nagy's play calling being so predictable. It's quite simple, if your run game is effective play action will be effective, but we didn't do that. And play action is even more effective with a mobile QB like Justin. Defense is closing down to stop the run, and have to react that the play is now a pass, but if they get back in coverage there's often lanes to run where Justin can pull it down and take off. Under Nagy the league was playing chess and Nagy was playing checkers. RPO's became the shiny new thing, but as you mentioned defenses adapted quickly and the RPOs aren't as effective anymore. I want to see Getsy install a real NFL offense tailored to our players. One that actually does the smart thing rather than being an OC who think's he's smarter than everyone else. There's nothing out there that NFL defenses haven't seen, you just need to be flexible and be able to attack defenses in different ways and adjust in game.
  10. Horsted waived, Rysen John claimed

    This surprised me but no way of us knowing what the reason for the failed physical was or if there was an injury that we were concerned about? I'm starting to get the sense that this staff is taking medical evals more seriously than previous regimes. With our past issues with injuries that to me could be a good change. We seem less likely to invest in players that have physical concerns. We'll never eliminate potential injury issues but I feel like we are monitoring this more closely. Here's hoping that bodes well for having better team health in season.
  11. Greg Gabriel Interview

    He makes some great points about age not being as big a factor as it used to. Also had no idea he's only 11 months older than Hester when we drafted him.
  12. Bears claim Chris Finke

    Camp body
  13. Draft Class Thoughts

    Also really glad we went in with 6 picks and came out with 11 selections and did not touch any of the 2023 picks. With this draft and FA moves, along with improved coaching, the opportunity is there to lay the groundwork in 2022 to enter next offseason and the 2023 draft with more targeted additions that can put us in a position to truly be competitive. With our NFC North rivals improvements on the offensive side of the ball, it makes sense to try and strengthen a very weak secondary, so this may help us keep games closer and thus more competitive. We weren't going to address all our needs in one offseason. Especially with limited cap space and draft capitol.
  14. Draft Class Thoughts

    Very thorough writeup, on the picks. I must admit that outside of the prospects that got the most attention pre-draft my knowledge was quite limited. I found I was doing my research on these players after we'd picked them. While I was thinking we'd go WR/OL or OL/WR with our 2nd rounders, I think we got two solid starters out of these picks with both Gordon and Brisker. I like what I've seen and heard about Jones. He strikes me as very versatile and could be used in a lot of ways. The OL that we drafted I knew absolutely nothing about. I liked seeing that we entered day 3 with 3 picks and ended up with 7 selections ( I believe). And Poles took several bites at the OL apple. I can see us adding a vet to fill the LT spot this season. At the very least we've added depth to the OL and who knows one or more of these guys might develop into a solid starter. It's awesome to see someone like Hicks who's super excited to be drafted by the Bears. It's easy to forget what it means to the guys at the end of the draft and even UDFA's It's their shot at their dream of making an NFL roster whereas the top tiered prospects it's generally not a matter of if but when they'll get picked. I have no doubt this kid will work his butt off to make the cut.
  15. Foles released

    I too wish we’d gotten something for him, tells you what his marker is. Since he left Philly he’s not been blessed with landing in a good system. good guy wish him well.