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  1. 53-Man Roster Projection

    Agree on Whyte, he's shown little that makes me feel like could even grow into a role. He doesn't have great vision, or determination. He looks indecisive in the backfield which time is precious and he waits to long to make a decision. Patience is a a virtue for a back, but overthinking and dancing will get you nowhere unless your name is Barry Sanders. I'd keep Montgomery, Davis, Cohen, and Nall. If we keep Whyte I'd rather it be on the practice squad. Shaheen from our perspective has shown little to justify continuing to invest in him. He may be looking fine in practice, but you don't keep guys cause they are practice studs, you keep guys cause they can contribute on game day and thus far Shaheen has contributed little on game day. I like what I've seen from Bunting he passes the eye test to me, he looks natural, has good hands. I can see Sowell sticking due to his work ethic and he has potential. Pretty sad when I feel better about a converted lineman in Sowell then I do Shaheen who's "natural" position is TE. Braunecker will probably make the 53. The TE waters on our roster are more murky.
  2. Andrew Luck retiring

    probably is, he'll face more heavy boxes now that they don't have to respect the pass game as much. But the volume should be there.
  3. Bears at Colts - Preseason Week 3

    He's got a good shot at making the practice squad, good kid, plays hard, has had a decent preseason with one game to go. One thing I liked about the turnovers we got in this game is they weren't the dumb luck variety where a ball just bounces to someone or is thrown right to them. These were athletic plays. The pick six Bush took the ball from the WR and was able to get up untouched and take off. The TD off the sack fumble later to recognize it was a live ball to scoop and score. Guys were fighting and making plays. In a game that seemed like it was going to be lopsided in favor of the Colts. Second half was bottom end of the rosters but there were some really good individual plays made. The late TD from Brey to Horsted (sp?) lob throw and catch was beautiful. They also took time to honor Chuck Pagano which was very classy.
  4. Andrew Luck retiring

    it is sad. Indy could have done a better job protecting him. He took a heck of a beating when he was playing. I agree this team is now in better shape than it was when Manning got hurt and they rolled out Curtis Painter and the suck for Luck tour was on. With a healthy Luck they were set to challenge in the AFC. Now they will be a middle of the road. I agree with Adam I still see them winning 5-6 game possibly even finishing 500. Which we know what that's like and the struggle of trying to win vs draft position. Playoffs are no longer a realistic goal. The AFC South has gotten tougher. The timing of the story breaking didn't help either to have it come out during a Colts/Bears preseason game I'm sure made it harder on the fan base. Still didn't make it right for fans to boo him at the presser. Not very classy. It sucks for sure as a fan base but from Luck's position you can understand his choice to maintain a quality of life. I'm sure it was an incredibly tough decision but he had to do what was best for him. And he may have even had some urging by his doctors to consider retirement. Just a tough one all around. On a selfish note though I'm glad neither of my fantasy leagues have drafted yet, I was targeting both Luck and Hilton, and even Mack.
  5. Andrew Luck retiring

    We heard people talking about it at the game and my first thought was this is a joke. Then I googled it. How crazy! Wasn’t that long ago he expressed confidence he’d be ready for week 1. Good guy, loads of talent just horrible luck wit injuries. No pun intended. I feel bad for Colts fans. That has to suck going from a top tier QB to Brisett 2 weeks before the start of the reg season and now the have to scramble to find a starter.
  6. Bears at Colts - Preseason Week 3

    Just got back to our hotel from the game and I echo what Adam said kwit had a much better game and was quite active. Nall has looked good this preseason and tonight he had a huge run on 1st and 30 following an offensive PI and a holding. I feel he has earned a roster spot. He would have had a TD a few plays later were it not callled back Bush’s pick 6 was a thing of beauty. We need to find a better backup QB. Daniel is awful. The offense started to move the ball with Brey. Not that he’s the answer but the offense found some rhythm when Daniel left. Pineiro seems to have secured the job. Perfect on the night including the 58 yarder. I was hoping we’d have given him a shot on the 4th and 17 that we went for I believe in the 4th. Nearly all the first half was meh on both sides of the ball with a few highlight plays sprinkled in. We couldn’t move the ball anwe struggled to stop them. A lot of missed tackles and poor angles. Yeh one play their WR pretty much juked two defenders out of their shoes and scored an easy TD. On an interesting side note. The guy sitting behind us was Clifton Duck’s uncle. Pretty cool. The kids a long shot, but neat to talk to someone with a connection to the team.
  7. Cohen Will Have Reduced Role

    We certainly have enough weapons to keep Cohen and others fresh.
  8. Just a kid

    this screams "just take my money" lol
  9. Gould re-signs with SF

    Not a surprise. SF had made it clear they weren't going to cave. Many of us would have liked to see him return to Chicago, once the tag was applied that pretty much ended any hope of him coming back here. We have to move on and hope we find a solution at kicker.
  10. How Mack was got

    Great point and a very likely scenario. We should at the very least go deep into the playoffs making our first near the end of the first round, and the Raiders are the Raiders and will likely suck making their 2nd about like having a low 1st.
  11. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    I think Davis is better than Mizzell and Cunningham. He filled in well when he needed to in Seattle. He wasn't brought in to be the long term solution but to give us good vet depth at the position while Montgomery gets up to speed in the offense. With Howard being gone Cohen is the vet in the backfield and it's nice to have a guy like Davis there when you bring in Montgomery and Whyte as rookies. I see us starting the season with a RB committee initially headed by Davis or even a more close split between Davis, Montgomery, and Cohen. From there I can see Montgomery at some point taking over the lead role. He's got the talent and is in a great situation to become the lead back.
  12. How Mack was got

    It is very cool, it shows the commitment Pace has when he sees an opportunity to improve the team and has strong conviction. It's a stark contrast to what we've had in the past, vs where he is relentless and worked on the Raiders GM and Naggy worked on Gruden. They had to move quickly when window of opportunity opened for Mack to be traded. I like the aggressiveness and for a player like Mack who's a generational talent and a great teammate it's hard to pass that up even at a high cost. Without his diligence Mack would have been somewhere else wreaking havoc on opposing offenses and we'd be left thinking what if.
  13. Blewit waived

    I agree too, were it not for the injury he'd have likely remained the kicker in Oak. He's definitely got the leg to make all the kicks. Here's to him (or whoever it ends up being) makes us forget about the Parkey experiment.
  14. PFF hates Trubisky

    Mitch did pull of the pretty cool Ditka look last Halloween. I really like seeing that Naggy has an appreciation for the history of the Bears and encourages that with his team. I don't know if the headband thing fits Mitch's personality. It became an outward rebellion thing with McMahon in response to Rozelle, for the 5,000 fine he got for wearing the Adidas one. It'll be interesting to see if or how Mitch incorporates headbands, but, I love how the Pace/Naggy, and the Bears are embracing their rich history. Even more so as this is the 100 year celebration.
  15. Blewit waived

    Chris Blewit waived I for one am breathing a sigh of relief that we won't open the season with a kicker named Blewit (not his fault), but the jokes write themselves. So now we're down to Frey and Pineiro. Ultimately what's most important is finding a long term solution at the kicker position. We can't continue having the kicker position cost us games.