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  1. TalkBears Keeper FFB League 2022

    I haven’t been able to access my yahoo account yet. Could someone tell me what players of mine are potential keepers please?
  2. Preseason Game 2 CHI @ SEA

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this whooping though!
  3. Preseason Game 2 CHI @ SEA

    The starting o line wasn’t great to my untrained eye.
  4. TalkBears Keeper FFB League 2022

    Friday nights and Sundays from 1-8 Dont work for me
  5. Pick a Roster

    They have so much money wrapped up in trash recorders and tight ends. I’d pass
  6. My updated predictions

    Yea see Watson
  7. Roquan Smith requests trade

    They should call Dallas immediately. Jimmy Jones loves him some high class Linebackers
  8. My updated predictions

    Bryce is the truth but I have faith our qb will develop. Best case scenario is a three first round pick haul while only dropping to five and grabbing the best OL
  9. My updated predictions

    If we have the number one draft pick are you taking the Bama Qb, the best OL, the Bama DE or trade back?
  10. Roquan Smith requests trade

    I’m not interested in paying a LB big money. Trade him
  11. T. Jenkins

    Sounding like a bust
  12. Camp notes

    I like Jones. We need to come up with a nickname for him
  13. Camp notes

    Wow, a LT awesome
  14. Are the 2021 Bengals a good comp for the 2022 Bears?

    Yes you’re crazy
  15. My updated predictions

    Half game above Vegas