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  1. Roster optimism

    I’m firmly on the Monty is trash train. He proves it every year.
  2. Roster optimism

    Definitely. I hope he sticks.
  3. Roster optimism

    I rather win 9.
  4. Roster optimism

    I wonder when Master T will take that bums Montgomery roster spot
  5. Draft Day 3

    That’s how you build from scratch
  6. Draft Day 3

    All the OL Stans should be thrilled. I’ve loved the draft so far filling in holes and adding depth to the offensive line. Of say Whitehair is gone.
  7. Draft Day 3

    He’s a plodder. This isn’t the eighties
  8. Draft Day 3

    Monty is garbage. Why pay him?
  9. Draft Day 3

    Kramer center
  10. Draft Day 3

    Sweet our Left tackle of the future
  11. Draft Day 3

    Love Ebners catches espn has showed. Can split out wide and work from the slot. All big 12 returner
  12. Draft Day 3

    Another returner ebner
  13. Draft Day 3

    Ross wr is still available too
  14. Draft Day 3

    I have a feeling we’re going to take some swings at 3T i would’ve loved the punter
  15. Draft Day 3

    Garrett and Melton are still available. Jobe doesn’t seem like he fits our defense.