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  1. Next Gen Stats

    As the neg. Nancy here I only see what my eyes and head see. When I look at everything from games played over the past two years. Press conferences, how the team talks about him, how they talk about game planning. Now Long says we need to get back to basics. Really? It just does not seem like a franchise moving in the right direction when it comes to QB play. Yea there is blame to go around with all phases of the game. But when was the fist time he put the team on his back and won a game? The playoff game last year was three quarters of sad play. Had he connected on that pass before the kick we would of won outright. They were gifted the win last week. Every week it seems there is one excuse after the other for poor QB play. And then yea but he made this play or that one. This week is a good chance to start making some progress in the whole team going forward. And having Trubisky make the Tampa game last year the norm not the exception!
  2. Week 2 fallout

    I understand that Trubisky is the guy all this year and next. But guess I'm the negative Nancy here. I just don't see him as a franchise QB. And I don't believe you can win a SB without one. We had the greatest defense in the late 80's early 90's and one of the best in the mid 2000's. We only made it to two SB's and won one. We could not even get back to one in the Ditka era because we had no consistant QB play. And that was in a era that you could win with a great D and serviceable QB. In todays game it takes a lot more that just a great defense. Just to much offense allowed. And I agree there is a lot not clicking yet this year. But as good as everything was working most of last year is still not going to be enough with Trubisky. With all the teams that have a Fran. QB that are so far ahead of where Trubisky is. And where I think he is going to get. I hope I'm way off, I have waited for 60 years to have a great QB. We have had great everything else.
  3. Upcoming Schedule - Silver Lining

    I would love to be so positive. But I've lost all confidence with the offense this year. It looks more like year two of Trestman than anything else. Not in the sense of losing the team but just a fluke last year. I bought all the hype on Mitch over that last year. But all the signs that I tried to blot out are ringing in my head. Nagy always being optimistic about Mitch and how he's progressing. Saying that all the mistakes in camp were planned. Not letting him play in preseason. Going from 101 to 202. What coach has ever used terms like that. And now they say they are going back to 101. I just have no confidence with all the explanations I have heard since training camp started. I just don't think He has IT. No matter what it is. I hope I'm wrong but a few good plays here and there can't keep me from seeing all the things I think I see.
  4. Can't fault the players they were gases all the fourth quarter. But can't keep playing like this and win. Why did I not see any players suck on oxygen on the bench?
  5. QB Hell

    Best I can see the Colts still have the rights to Luck if he returns next year, but they could trade him. If anyone knows better let me know.
  6. Fangio overrated?

    Yea it's an overreaction but after all the talking heads saying the Bears D was going to a drop off. Maybe it's the players and not the coach. Maybe he's the one that's going to take a step back.
  7. QB Hell

    I agree the ball to Robinson is a throw I would hope Mitch takes every time. Considering the game and time. It was a 50-50 throw to a receiver that should make that play more times than not.. It looked like Robinson slipped or did something. But it is time for them to start drafting a QB every year.
  8. One Play to Sum up the Game

    I go back even earlier. The first play of the game on offense. A simple pitch and they could not get it right. A sure sign to me they were not ready too play in weak one. MS on purpose.
  9. Antonio Brown saga

    So he shits on two teams and fan bases and he gets rewarded in less then a day. I'm just about done wasting my time and money on the NFL. Pro sports truly has no soul. And he posts Gods Plan. LMAS
  10. Your right,m thanks for reminding me. I was so disappointed that they did not run I lost the fact that the D played a great game. I was yelling at the TV almost as much as I did in 85 when they did not let Walter get a TD. I failed to see the good parts.
  11. So time to overreact, but they seem to be over hyped and in for a large letdown this year. Based on the display this week 7an9 would be a good record. Someone tell me something I can hang my hat on going forward. Mitch just looked lost out there all game. Totally out coached on every level of the game. And this from a new coach who never showed anything above average in the past.
  12. Have not even showed anything good or something they can build on offense. Just offensive offense!!
  13. I guess all the disrespect is founded. Just a sad game and not sure how I can pull a positive out of this. Last year they looked good and ran out of steam 2nd half. They were never in this one. Sad display by a team that is suppose to be a playoff contender
  14. "Man Bill, I’m coming to your house! That sounds amazing!!!!!" Yea, just finished my 2nd pulled pork sandwich. Great flavor. Just smoked pork and a good hard roll, simple and delicious! Gotta love smoked pork. So win lose or draw this in on Nagy. Gotta do a better job getting your team ready for a week one milestone game such as this. Where is the run game?