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  1. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Truth be told, we know nothing about any of the OL at this point and how they will fit together. Seems like they are depending on a lot of young players and coaching up. The phrase I have come to loath. "Coach them up." I've waited for that for decades. When do we get coaches who seem to do that, above just getting them on the field. If they are always changing the lineup it seems like they have no idea at this time what they have.
  2. Post June 1 Cap

    This exactly. I ranted and ranted last year about no LT with pro experience all summer and most of training camp. They still have no real experience at either tackle spot and one starting guards. They tried last year with two rookie tackles, how did that work out? Best I can count they have only one offensive lineman right now with more then two years experience at a starting level.. Whitehair and I guess Mustafer counts, but really? At this point it looks like, let's find five guys who can stay healthy and stay on two feet for most of the plays and we'll continue to work on that. Guess that's what you have year one in an almost total rebuild.
  3. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    I'm going to say that the def. backfield comes together and starts to function like it did when Make Brown was back there.
  4. Hicks gone

    One of my all time favorite Bears. Wish him the best.
  5. Under Appreciated

    I can't think of one running back who runs inside would not take one cut and go if called and it was open. Maybe with this new staff, linemen and scheme he will have that choice. Don't have the stats but I believe he had one of the lowest yard before contact?
  6. Bears sign QB Nathan Peterman

    Is he the son of the Peterman catalog on Seinfeld?
  7. Draft Day 3

    Not much of a draft nick anymore. But they have done what they said they would do so far. Did not give away any picks and added quite a few more. This is a two three year work in progress. I would of done a little different the first three picks, but they are hopefully building a team, not just drafting players like I would.
  8. Pringle arrested for doing...

    I feel pretty safe is saying this. Can anyone on here say they have never done this before. With a kid in the car is stupid and no I did not have kids in the car when I was doing it, just the kids with me.
  9. Holes to Fill

    I can't believe they would do that again this year. I'm keeping the faith.
  10. Holes to Fill

    The bottom line for me is how this staff schemes on Off. and DEF, the type of player they will be looking for going forward and how they will coach it. I assume a lot of these new guys won't make the team, but they should have certain traits that the staff is looking for. Other than seeing improvement from Fields, who is really on the field this year is 2nd, except for the big dogs. But I will try to live in a dream world and most will exceed their past. One can hope.
  11. Free agency begins

    I heard a stat, so it might be wrong, that Rogers is at 50% completion rate with MVS and 65% with every other player. Not a good sign.
  12. Off season movement

    While I will sit and complain. Yo'ur right on both of them. Didn't want either.
  13. Free agency begins

    You brought a smile on to my face on not a happy day for me. Thanks!
  14. Roster Going Forward...

    So with Daniels gone is this our new OF line. Jenkins, Borom, Mustafer, Whitehair, Simmons? Not what I expected 2nd day inn FA. Thought, hoped and na I did not pray for something! Maybe that's the hold-up. Are Poles and Cunningham coming out of retirement?
  15. Free agency begins

    Rough count 12 Guards, 2 centers, six Tackles. I tried not to count those who were free agents and resigned with their team. And none fit the Bears scheme to protect Fields? How slim is the Pickens going to be in the next tier?