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  1. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    "KC only led in sacks for one reason and that was because teams were so far behind they had to pass starting in the 2nd quarter" What he said. I have never had faith in Andy Reid teams for the same reason I never had faith in Lovie Smith teams. They excelled in one area only. Mahomes is a rare talent but you still need a balanced team to win it all.
  2. How Mack was got

    He's the whipped cream on top of the Sunday, pun intended, that Pace and company have created. Now it's time to but the cherry "Mitch" on top and let us all enjoy
  3. Punky QB VS Mitch

    “We have a great relationship,” Trubisky said. “It all started last year, and it’s just going to keep growing better and better. It’s just that player-coach relationship, that constant communication and just me doing whatever he wants and envisions and translating that right to the field. "me doing whatever he wants". Can't see McMahon ever saying anything like that about Ditka. Different time but same place.
  4. Mr Hicks

    My purpose was just to say how much I enjoyed watching Mr. Hicks not only on the field but how he carriers himself and this team. It' all good!
  5. Mr Hicks

    For complete disclosure it's "a laser signature not a real autograph". Did not catch that on the back. They must have a bunch for most players to send out to acknowledge your email etc.
  6. Mr Hicks

    So I sent a simple email to the Mr. Hicks care of the Bears a few weeks ago, just telling him that he has become one of my favorite players in the past 60 years. I enjoy watching him and his interviews and told them I thought he seem like just a big guy having fun. In the mail today was an autographed photo. For an old fart it made me feel like a kid and made my day.
  7. Burton Hernia

    Just put a hernia truss on. They are almost useless. Kinda like the old school jock straps
  8. Trubisky Progressing

    "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". I hope Mitch bounces up and punches back harder.
  9. Pagano's Defense

    Yea, he's more like the hoodie
  10. Pagano's Defense

    Not sure yet but I would not mind a little more crazyness. Not Buddy Ryan type. I do know that Pagano is a lot more dapper in a suit than Vic.
  11. Burton Hernia

    Could be BS. But the human body is not a machine. Things happen that sometimes don't make sense and screw everything up. It's not always just cut and dry. Hernia surgery can be just a pain the the ass. err groin. Its not just a cut and dry operation. Thats why they make you sign a release. Don't have any idea what the truth is. Just know that I've had so called routine surgeries that ended up costing me almost a year of my life and years later still effecting my life. Things can go really wrong.
  12. Over 30

    Not sure what's up. Dreams of being raped by 29 virgins to wannabe gm's. I thought everyone here thought they could be GM's.
  13. Burton Hernia

    Not in anyway equating my two hernia surgeries to what Burton has gone thru. And I'm sure Im not the only one here who has been thru this. Can't even think about the forces that are required in any pro sports. Just very painful for the six months before and more than two month after I had my 2nd surgery as a mailman lifting twisting. Playing a sport that requires such torque and strength. Not happening.
  14. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    Break out season. For this team to get to he top it has to be Trubisky Stats, probowl all pro, TD's interceptions, does not matter. The only thing that does is did he lead this team to a victory in the SB. Anything less is a failed season. One of the greatest QB's ever to play the game always had the tag. Did not win a Super Bowl. And he only made it too one. Thats the only metric we should measure anything. As great as the 85 team was I have always been just as disappointed that they never made it back let alone win again.
  15. Over 30

    Best I can tell only three maybe four players on the bears roster who might really be on the team at start of season are over 30.