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  1. Trade Quinn?

    Arizona hasn't replaced Chandler Jones. I think that could be a possible trade partner.
  2. Bears sign Pennel, release Attaochu

    Pennel actually spent time on injured reserve during TC IIRC and then got released.
  3. Hicks gone

    I didn't like him trashing the Bears for not giving him an offer. He doesn't fit this scheme
  4. Post June 1 Cap

    Duane Brown should be the target.
  5. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    I'm going with Kmet. Looking at the team Luke Getsy came from the TE had a significant role in the offense
  6. The previous GM might have stood by the signing! I like what Poles did.
  7. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    I'm going with a real surprise DE Charles Snowden who spent the entire season on the practice squad but, was heralded as a premium UDFA
  8. OTA notes

    I'm so into embracing the negative national press about the bears because, I remember in 2019 the same media projected the Bears as a Super Bowl contender! I wonder how many of these experts had the Bengals reaching the Super Bowl.
  9. Tonga at under tackle is a wildcard also.
  10. AZ you're right. Robinson is getting some hype while in shorts and coach speak is the key to keep a hungry rookie grinding.
  11. Under Appreciated

    You have a top RB list without Jonathan Taylor?
  12. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    One option not discussed is trading for players with existing and expiring contracts that the cap space will be needed for. There may be some Colts' defensive players available next year that may be enticing to this defensive staff next year and maybe in a couple of days when the June 1st cuts hit. The Colts also are change DCs so there may be some scheme casualties from them as well. Chris Ballard is a savvy GM that doesn't tip his hand early. I truly believe we may see quite a few transactions by the GM during this upcoming period.
  13. I remember the buzz about the UDFA signing of Charles Snowden and like Trevis Gipson he was a DE also that the previous regime thought was a LB! I'm thinking that this is another sleeper in the mist.
  14. Roquan accused of rape

    I watch Good Morning Football, Get Up and First Take every morning and I have not seen this story mention period! So, I'll wait but, Roquaun since drafted has exhibited a different approach to life. I don't know if everyone remembers about the stories about Roquan and the adult films star and the pictures that surfaced. I'm not as sold on Roquan as most Bear fans because of his injury history and size.
  15. Free agent WR Keith Kirkwood

    AZ please don't get me started on Lynch, he gets way too much credit for fleecing Pace for that one trade but, he is just like Elway when it comes to looking for QBs, he's never satisfied. Jimmy G although oft-injured has been decent for them and has gotten them to the SB and a play away this year from returning this year. John Lynch is the most overrated GM in the league IMO.