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  1. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Not necessarily. As you mentioned, we have guys we can extend. My guess is if they sign someone, it will be a poison pill deal on an up and coming player.
  2. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    I don't actually think we'll be after free agents next year. Poles will probably want all the quality picks he can get. Trading Monty will get us more than comp, so go for it if it's worth it.
  3. Roquan accused of rape

    Totally agree. The whole Insta ID and post looks totally catfishy.
  4. Supporting Cast False Narrative

    Same here. I'm also still thinking that at some point that Quinn gets traded to a contender before the deadline. (Ala Von Miller)
  5. Article on Velus Jones

    Pickens is a dbag.
  6. Fields Mechanics

    Yes, yes. I remember us all taking about his mechanics but wee never touched his feet. Why this didn't occur at Ohio State is a glaring display of the difference between one of the top programs in the nation and the NFL. Nagy should never be allowed around a QB again. I'm glad our staff is doing the right work.
  7. Fields Mechanics

    Thanks for sharing. That looks much better. The muscle memory should be ok if he can maintain exact repetition. It's the same thing with baseball hittng and pitching mechanics. My guess is he's been advised to not throw unless his QB coach is present to ensure repeatability.
  8. Fields Mechanics

    The other thing Justin should be working on is his arm motion on the release. It's long and slow.
  9. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    Our OL still needs a serviceable LT. Other than that, call it addition through subtraction. Getting rid of Ifedi, Simmons, Wilkinson and Hambright will cut Fields sacks in half. I can't begin to tell anyone how terrible they were for us. At this point I really don't care who we sign as a left tackle, just as long as they have a season or two under their belt as a starter.
  10. Old school meet new school

    I never understood why anyone would want to keep them away. It creates a positive vibe, great PR, shared knowledge, not to mention the fact that none of them will talk smack against you in the media.
  11. Draft Class Thoughts

    The pass wasn't intended for Finke. Gordon handed Finke off to the deep help and broke on the guy running the out/crossing route. It'd be great to see what was happening behind the pick. Looks like the QB threw too early and slightly low. Regardless, it was definitely an ill advised pass, considering the cluster of traffic.
  12. Tarik Cohen

    Just saw it. Not good. FWIW, he looks way out of shape.
  13. Horsted waived, Rysen John claimed

    Good thought. He is a willing hitter and that will draw respect quickly. Eddie Jackson's days of making "business decisions" should be over. Otherwise, his next business decision could seal his fate to unemployed.
  14. Supporting Cast False Narrative

    Another point to make about the talking heads wanting to see more help for Justin is what we have to evaluate. They are introducing a new scheme and asking the OL to change their physique. We spent draft picks on OT's last year. They are going to want to see what these guys have to offer after they condition properly. Bringing in a vet at this time takes reps away from Jenkins and Borom, thus hindering the cohesion of the OL. The WR room has been talked about in a few threads. IMO, the group is suspect with upside. Also, IMO, we have enough to work with. I suspect they will extend core players at some point in the season further helping our cap situation. If push comes to shove, Poles probably has a few agents on speed dial in case the LT project comes to a dead end. Again, I'm nervous about this most of all. Some things we have to take on faith until we learn not to.
  15. Off Topic Question

    Marques King and Reggie Roby are all I remember. Randall Cunningham even boomed one off once.