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  1. Fields Mechanics

    Agree on all accounts.
  2. Under Appreciated

    I was getting bored, I actually watched a highlight film for David Montgomery today, A good football player.
  3. Charles Snowden Being Overlooked ! Another Wildcard

    I haven't heard him mentioned in any camp talk. I didn't expect much from Gipson at first, but he's turned into a player. Hopefully a few surprises happen.
  4. OTA notes

    There has been so much negative press(mainly do to not grabbing a OL or WR with its first two picks) that the general theme is we have no talent, this is ridiculous. Our defense could be top 10 . Flus has showed those results were ever he has coached. Here he starts with one of the better pass rushes in the league. Our offense has questions but if Fields is the real deal , he has plenty of targets.
  5. OTA notes

    That's where Darius Leonard plays for the Colts, premium position in Flus defense.
  6. OTA notes

    It could be just him not being in shape up to what they might have wanted him to be. I doubt if its because he dont hustle. Doesnt mean anything right now. Also Brisker and Gordon are the real deal. Constantly making plays. A podcast with Jahns and Hoge that were at practice and were surprised with Morrow on how fast he is. Also praised the fullback Blasingame. Also noted how well built Pringle is at 6'1". Everyone is praising Gordon and Brisker. How great would that be if they end up being all pro type of players. Barring injuries we should be close to a top 10 defense with the added speed and D-backs.
  7. Roquan accused of rape

    Websites are waiting to comment for sake of such a serious accusation whether there is any actual truth to it. I seen it on Twitter and of course you have to be careful with junk from Twitter. I seen it on a prominent NFL writer twitter. The fact she claims to have did a rape kit with his DNA as proof was in Feb, and you dont hear anything about it until May should tell you the all you need to know. Why would South African officials wait to deal with this? It would have been headlines in Feb. I think it is all bullshit.
  8. Draft Class Thoughts

    There obviously a problem or someone else would have signed him. Hopefully his condition gets better and then we can sign him.
  9. Roquan accused of rape

    Clearly the logical stance is to let it play out. He never has come across as a loose cannon, but you never know who people are. I hope not but no one knows. Like you said, even his they had consensual sex, that doesnt mean he raped her. The truth generally wins in these matters. Without doing much research the girl comes across as a sensationalizer by her social media content. Having been a world traveler (26 countries) if a persons is looking for action, it is quite easy to find.
  10. Roquan accused of rape

    A South African girl accused Roquan Smith of rape on a trip he made to South Africa this winter. She claims to have DNA evidence and pictures. Pictures of being together doesnt prove anything but DNA samples could be deadly.
  11. Draft Class Thoughts

    Not sure where to stick this but seen an interview with Morgan the OL coach that stated he likes Borom a lot and was his idea to move him to LT. Also it was mentioned that in his last yr in college, he did not allow a QB pressure, the only OT in college football that yr to do that. He played for Missouri in the SEC . That's a big deal.
  12. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    Pringle signed a one year deal, if that doesn't motivate you to play better, might as well quit football.
  13. Fields Mechanics

    I think the best trait Justin has going for him, is he works hard to do his work. Not everyone has that desire. When covid hit the Big 10 they said they were cancelling the season. He personally took it on himself for them to change their mind.
  14. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    That's a good article. Actually with all that I look at have never seen Bears Digest before. Now I am hearing all this noise about Quinn wanting to be traded. I think it is a joke. They never sight a source where he stated that. The day before the draft he was interviewed and told the reporter, (he hoped he didnt get traded). Why has this changed? No source given. If someone wanted to be trade , the draft is the most logical time to say that and for it to happen. Any contender that needed a edge rusher drafted one. Cant believe so many writers have bought in to this. Players with their egos always want to be the dog on the defense. With Mack gone, he's the man here.
  15. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    Pettis is a long shot. He is capable of being a playmaker but other than his first yr, he has no production. I figure there are several WRs that are step up or step out type of tryouts this year. David Moore is another that has showed some production but has no been consistent every where he went. As much as E St Brown has the size and speed they need, he has never had production. Mooney Pringle Jones III ( E St Brown-Moore-Pettis-Sharpe-Newsome-Coulter) 3 of these are out, Newsome is only a slot WR, I think he is gone. Coulter has some size and speed but probably not happening. Sharpe is a no brainer to me, he has some game even thou he's not a burner. St Brown , Moore, and Pettis can play the X but one of them are gone. If Pettis takes a step forward he has the speed. David Moore had 13 TDs in 3 yrs at the #3 WR which is formable. St Brown Sharpe Moore He has been more consistent than Pettis and has 4.38 speed.