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  1. Dieter Eiselen

    He was an undrafted free agent that signed with the bears this year. I can't find any articles that show his age. Anyone know is age? Interesting prospect, 6-4 310 LG from Yale. Was an Olympic weightlifter from South Africa and started all 4 years at Yale. Also an all star rugby player. Watched some tape on him and every play he put someone on his back. He is addicted to watching film which should allow him to assimilate to the NFL quicker. He loves football, smart ( Yale degree) and hard worker. Sounds like player that could stick.
  2. New Playoff Format

    Mongo was right, it should be 8 teams , that would even the field better for e every team.
  3. New Playoff Format

    Last year the 2 teams that got In were Pitt and Rams . That would have been okay. Once a 7-9 team gets in , people will bad mouth it but if it's our team we will at least get to see 1 more game whether they're good or bad. As a fan I'm all in for more football. Definitely will be a better game than some of the trashy games that get on the schedule. We would have been in the running last year for the last spot and would have kept the hype up for our last few games. So i see it as being a good thing.
  4. Home Field Advantage

    You can still be right having fun.
  5. Home Field Advantage

    You said your done with this after you started slamming something I said when I was responding to lucky. Knowing that would trigger me . Then you said I get my panties in an uproar every time you post something. Apparently you're not capable of stopping this pettiness but I'm going to go against my nature and will stop here. Mongo made the point and he's right. So smart off all you want , I quit this stupidity.
  6. Roquan Smith

    Had he played all the games last year, I think he would have made the pro bowl. This year I think he takes another step forward with all the accolades. I also seen a story on the top 25 best teams from the SB over the last 50 years and the 1985 bears team was #1.
  7. Home Field Advantage

    I look at the CDC website every day and one interesting stat I seen yesterday is that only 5% of the cov19 deaths are from patients under 40. The average age of the cov19 deaths is 81. That 80 % of the people that catch the virus have no or low symptoms. So like you said we have to concentrate on the most vulnerable to the disease. It's still 3 and a half months away from regular season games and I think we end up having spectators in the stands for most of the games. Florida and Georgia are now open with no spikes in death totals.
  8. Home Field Advantage

    You must be off your medication, you literally make no sense. You really should stick to sports, at least your posts should a resemblance of intelligence. Stay at home = herd immunity? Herd immunity: the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination. "the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease but ranges from 83 to 94 percent" Herd immunity has nothing to do with stay at home policy. Since I had the disease , I researched it more than you which is quite obvious by your remarks. You need to do a little research first or I would be wasting my time talking about the virus with you . There is some really good studies being done in France, South Korea, Taiwan and California dealing with the antibodies testing which suggests why I assumed the virus is similar to the common flu in death rate.
  9. Choosing Our Starter...

    I pretty well agree with your points. You literally could do a video with his highlights and if someone didn't know him, they would think he is a star player. I think it's all mental and stress does change his decisions. I think he could be a decent QB if he was with a SF or Baltimore offense . Strong running team , use his legs more often and not complicated passing scheme. It just won't be this year with our offense. I would love to be wrong.
  10. Home Field Advantage

    How dare you research subjects and give factual information. This is a sports blog. Kidding, I'm a smart ass so I can see why I get into battles with people but I can't remember one instance where you never gave well researched ideas with well thought opinions. I haven't always agreed but always gave you credit when you deserved it. When you disagreed with me you never gave an opinion that contained malice . Things have been very calm around here until lucky and grizz decided to slam people. Grizz in my last post when you mentioned (herd immunity ) of which I never did , how does that term reflect politics? The economics of football reopening is an NFL thing that has nothing to do with herd immunity which is a scientific term related to diseases.
  11. Choosing Our Starter...

    The most idea situation is MT becomes the person his draft status projected. If he fails we have someone capable of good play. I think if Foles wins the job , keep MT interested by giving him a Tayson Hill role as a specialty player a few plays a game.
  12. Home Field Advantage

    You're really good at stating facts and show no information to back it up. I shared my personal experience with the disease being oversees. I contracted the disease and can only give you how it affected me. Can you share your personal experience with the disease? Oh you never contracted it thanks for your MSM view of it. AZ posting about how some of the lockdowns may affect the football games.!( nothing political) . He didn't try to give a moral view of it . I particularly like your statement ( rushing to a reopening so we can watch football in all the respective states is not the majority view) . Can you show me a source for your statement? I didn't see any polls that showed those confirmation facts. Many states have put out the stay at home order, red and blue, so how is that bias and political? I think if you buy into hysteria model view of the virus, stay the freak home. If you live in a nursing home, surely never go out. In Pennsylvania the governor ordered cov19 patients to recover in nursing homes and 70% of the deaths in that state came from nursing homes. That is a political statement, it was a democratic governor. So when all this is over and the facts show that the virus mortality rate is similar to the common flu, ( my opinion now and facts will prove that true or false)you going to stick to the same hysteria model of the virus? Lame lame lame lame
  13. Most, least, best , worse

    I think with more weapons his role will be diminished more this year. I think he's getting a bad rap for having a bad statistical year. The bad offense gave use less plays in the offense that brought everyone's stats down. The only one that excelled was ARob. Being play calling and a more productive offense will add more opportunities for everybody's stats to look better. I think the 2018 season gave Nagy more of an attitude that the team will be better the more he expands to his offense. He needed to adapt to the situation , instead he pushed his O that wasn't working and was stubborn to change. I think he probably learned more from the mediocrity we had and will be better at his job this year. Also with improved speed and a more productive TE position, it will help his overall play calling.
  14. Home Field Advantage

    Lucky your the one that stated sports and politics shouldn't be mixed on a sports site and yet your the one that changed the post into a political discussion. First of all AZ didn't say anything political, said some simple facts and how it might affect the games we will watch. Being in Thailand ( hopefully I get to go home on the 28th) there isn't anything mixed with politics. A couple months will make a big difference on how we view this virus. Here they will be open on June 1st to 90% of every thing. They have around 3000 cases and 56 deaths. They never completely closed down but had restrictions for 2 months with a population of 70 million. My point is other countries are adapting and its ending up not being the death virus as people tell you it is. I caught it at the end if January and it was mild, with no hospitalization. At 67 but healthy it wasn't hard on me. Obviously people with existing health problems are the most vulnerable. I think you have to compare this to other viruses not wars. The details are totally different. By the time we get to September, we will find out that the mortality rate isn't much different than the common flu. Many states and countries will be open and display that everything can be closer to normal without all this hysteria and the sports will start to get back to normal. If your don't agree just lock yourself in your house and you won't have to worry about it.
  15. https://dabearsblog.com/2020/atm-death-by-inches

    There is nothing wrong with having club dub, you only do it when you win and it brings people together. Also I don't think having your players like you or dislike like you affects your authority in a sports room. Its being consistent with holding people accountable and treating everyone the same. With 53 bodies in the room , they respond to different thi gs. Good players will motivate themselves and some are just lazy and need to be pushed. I think Cohen not having a good year was not all on him. Play calling and a bad offense contributed to a poor yr. You have to him going forward not sideways.