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  1. New TE and WR. uwww

    Bradley Sowell is now a TE ( must mean Coward is looking good to be our swing tackle.) Taquan Mizzell is now a WR. good luck with that.
  2. Running Back By Committee, Not.

    I think what Nagy wants is all of his RBs to make plays no mater on many reps they get. I think Davis starts as leader in carries but is David M. is special he will quickly take the lead. Cohen has his place already laid out. He had 87 his first year and 99 last year. He will have between 80 and a 100 coming this year. Last year we had 468 rushing plays out of total offensive plays of 1013. As the offense progresses this year out play total is going to go up. say 1100 to 1200, so their will be more rushing plays to go around ,500? So all will get their time plus the specialty plays. I think MT has less carries as we will have less need of him to make rushing plays with a better offense. 44 last year, cut down to 25.
  3. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    Braunecker is a fringe player that is an important ST player. He can play some snaps and have backup value.
  4. Bears Trade for Kicker

    Their is a lot of national personalities thinking it is a circus. They say to find a Vet that is out there or gets cut. Last year as you said they went out and got a vet with the 3rd best percentage in the league. They gave him a good contract thinking he was on the upswing to be consistent. That didnt work out. i dont care how going over every kicker available looks bad but they are checking out every scenario to figure it out. There is no clear right plan to find a kicker. Just try, Robbie is out. SF is keeping him and trading a higher draft pick to pay a kicker 5 mil isnt a good plan either. Just let it play out and hope they find a good one.
  5. Signed a ST Ace

    The Bears signed a ILB Kevin Pierre-Lewis. He has ties to new ILB coach Mark DeLeone. He played for the Jets last year. He played under DeLeone in 2017. 6'1 236 lbs. had a 4.51 40 at his draft class. My question, would they leave him on the roster and cut someone like Nick Kwiatkoski or Joel IGGY ? As they look for special team players, I see them keeping 8 LBs . 4 in and 4 O. Curious why they make this move other than for ST type of situation.
  6. Bears Trade for Kicker

    I have seen a lot of people (nationally) think this is a joke the way Pace is handling the kicking circus. They say just go out and get a vet that is cut or has been let go. Last year Pace signed a vet that had the third best percentage in the NFL, that didnt work out. I applaud him doing what ever it takes to try to find a kicker. There is no correct policy to find a kicker, roll the dice.
  7. 2020 possible draft needs

    The problem is very few teams has 2 high priced Ss , Jackson will be extended next year. I dont think Long is gone after this year, when they redid his contract to have a favorable cap hit this year, they added that to next year, if we let him go next year according to Over he Cap he has a 9.5 mil cap hit. That wont happen at that price.
  8. Pace

    I have to give Pace credit for his aggressiveness as a GM.He has traded in every draft he has had. He has made many mistakes but for us to come to the point of having probably the best young roster in the game, he had to have a helluva lot of hits. He signed Parkey last year to a big contract as Parkey was the 3rd best K in the league in 2017. He thought he had his man, he was wrong. Today he goes after a backup that has NFL experience for little of nothing, a 7th round 2021 pick. He brought in a kicking guru, Kohl and ends up signing two of his clients. Blewitt and now Pineiro. He identifies needs and addressing them. Last year WRs and this year RB and Ks. If Pineiro works out his contract is 495 and 650 thousand for the next two years. Another move I liked is today he signed a Princeton WR that he will make a TE, Jesper Horsted . 6-4 225. He had 15 TDs last year and over 1200 on 92 catches. He has 4.71 speed at the combine but pulled his groin on that run. He said he can do in the 4.5s when healthy. I think every draft pick makes the roster this year. He designed all of his signings to end guaranteed money after the 2021 when we have to pay MT. Their are several UDFAs that could make the roster or at least the PS. He started slow but has stepped it up the last two years to put us going to the SB this year or the next.
  9. Our future SS?

    So was Calahan . He played S in college.
  10. Our future SS?

    Hub Arkush was one of them and the other was one of Windy City Gridiron writers.
  11. The Bachelor: Kicker Edition Has Begun

    Our new kicking guru Kohl has recommended him Eddy was at one of his kicking camps. This is a smart move for a cheap price if he works out. He had a contract with Oakland and for the next 2 years of 495 and 650,000. Also we signed Jesper Horsted , a 6-4 225 WR that they will make into a TE. He scored 15 TDs last year at Princeton.
  12. Our future SS?

    Josh Woods a SS they got in last years UDFAs group that they keep calling a LB was the player that shined the most this weekend. He was on the PS all year, he played SS at Maryland, if he makes the regular roster this year, he may be the next SS.
  13. Bears Hired Kicking Consultant

    between Blewitt and Fry.
  14. Rookie Minicamp

    I think they go in the season with him on the roster and then put him on the not able to perform list.
  15. Rookie Minicamp

    I can see every draft pick making the roster. Also a couple of UDFAs Hall and Raymond come to mind.