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  1. Fox’s take on Bears offseason

    If I remember correctly Fox was complaining about Gould and he is the main reason we got rid of late great Gould.
  2. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    Everybody is in play this year, its the year after they have to make some tough decisions.
  3. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    I kind of agree with whoever said Wims may be fighting for a roster spot even though he may be very good going forward. With Ridley and Hall (E) it may be a battle. I think Marvin Hall may be cut if the rooks look good.
  4. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    I see it playing out that way because with Mack's contract and having to pay MT, unfortunately Robinson with have to leave. I think Robinson will be a top 10 WR this year which will be hard to dump next year, but in two years with MT getting paid. He will be gone.
  5. Roster Turn Over - Next 3 Years

    In getting rid of players, I think many replacements are already on the team. For example Joel Iggy has not made any kind of splash but is being groomed to take over for Trevathan next year. Until he plays it looks like a bad idea, but it will be played out according to a plan. I think we have Princes replacement already on the team, Toliver or maybe Joesph. I think we are set to change WRs as our starters big contracts start to affect our cap. You always do a good job with your posts.
  6. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    So everybody picking Wims, what makes it a breakout season 30 catches? I would say that is a mild breakout, or just getting more opportunities? I think there is many players that improve. You can make an case for many players. For us to go to the SB, MT has to take a big step. A defense with several great players, Hicks-Mack-Fuller-Jackson, I still think Smith stands out and makes the pro bowl, not as an alternate. He has good stats from last year but I think he will soar in big plays at critical times that pushes him to a star on a great defense.
  7. PFF hates Trubisky

    I would call him average last year, but he had some good moments. I think he will be top 10 this year with the offense going into its second year development.
  8. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    I went back and watched all the games in a condensed version and the second half of the season he was very noticeable. I think going into the season healthy, he makes a big splash. I think with Pagano they will be more aggressive. Last year with Mack getting most of the rush calls, he was used in coverage more than normal. I think this year, we see him sent more. I think Macks improves his sack total being here for the whole year and Floyd getting 8-10 which would be fine going forward. Also I see R. Smith grabbing more than 5 with his speed and another year of experience. I can see us leading the league in sacks barring injuries. Last year we were 3rd while KC and Pitt led the league with 52. I can see KC sliding since they lost several sackers. Pitt should still be there as a contender.
  9. PFF hates Trubisky

    Anytime a system rates A. Amos as one of the top 3 safeties in the league, something is wrong with the system. It is just one tool to use to diagnosis a player, not the most important.
  10. OMG

    For me I think there is more value in Dix over Amos. Amos is a good player but very little in splash plays. Dix has the upside of of producing and making a bigger impact. At 3.5 Dix also is playing for a contract which has high incentive to produce. Also playing with a better defense should help. I think there is value in trying to prove to GB that they screwed up and make them pay in the two games we play them.
  11. OMG

  12. OMG

    I made a comment on a twitter account that claimed Bear fans have anxiety over the speak talk that Amos is better than HaHa. I put out the stats that clearly show HaHa as a splash player. That HaHa was a cheap acquisition 3.5 compared to 9. That HaHa only has to be the 10th best player on a good defense where Amos has to be a savior for a poor defense. I have never had so much attention on twitter. It totally brought out the homeless people living in Wisconsin. Over 60 responses to my statements. They are dumber than I thought. I have always thought Amos was a good player and would have like to kept him, but a cheaper HaHa is more desirable than an expensive Amos. I get HaHa even though he had one pro bowl year, might not be a great player but the Packer fans think Amos is the bomb. Did I miss something watching 4 years of Amos? .
  13. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    Last year as we looked at our RBS what had a solid RB in Howard, a specialty RB in Cohen, and Cunningham and Mizzell. This year we have Montgomery and Davis that could both be very good. Cohen has his niche in the offense, but will never be the 250 carry guy. I wish them all to have success. Probably 300 carries to distribute for the two and who ever leads doesnt really matter to me. PLUS they throw in Patterson and Whyte for some specialty plays and we have the bomb with our running game this year.
  14. Blewit waived

    A lot people are viewing our kicking completion as lame and say to find a vet cut off another team. Last year we signed a kicker that was a vet that was third in the league in kicking. It didnt work out but that is what a lot of people want us to do this year. Just go with someone and hope for the best. Its not an exact science.
  15. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    I think the big difference between the two RBs is Nagy, he will put Montgomery in a better chance to succeed and our offense will have more offensive plays this year.