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  1. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    Would we get a comp pick if we just let him walk after the 2 years?
  2. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    It could be done in season this year if the arrow is pointing very high...
  3. Blewit waived

    I see no issue going with him and keeping an eye out for a vet cut later...
  4. Blewit waived

    A name shouldn't matter...but I won't disagree w/ you!
  5. PFF hates Trubisky

    So true! This group of guys are really easy to like!
  6. PFF hates Trubisky

    I got my Navy Mack last year, so I needed a new hero! I'd love to see Tru take on the headband! Fun is indeed the word!
  7. PFF hates Trubisky

    F PFF... I love Tru! I just pulled the trigger on the new retro white jersey for him!
  8. Bears 100 Celebration

    We are so blessed to have such an amazing woman as the team's owner!
  9. Mr Hicks

    Still better than a kick in the shins!
  10. Mr Hicks

    That is super awesome!
  11. PFF hates Trubisky

    Everyone hates Tru, but Chicago
  12. 2018 Butkus award winner

    So sweet! 2 kickass dudes!
  13. Burton Hernia

    This simply concerns me about his reliability. He wasn't leaned on all that much in Philly, and we he was by us, he got hurt. This season seems to be integral for him. Perform and stay healthy and he could stick around. Otherwise, we have have to hope for more out of Shaheen and hope that Dax Raymond can surprise.
  14. Burton Hernia

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/29/bears-trey-burton-out-of-otas-after-hernia-surgery/ Bears’ Trey Burton out of OTAs after hernia surgery Posted by Michael David Smith on May 29, 2019, 2:55 PM EDT Getty Images Bears tight end Trey Burton did not play in Chicago’s playoff game after he popped up on the injury report unexpectedly. That injury turned out to be serious enough that it’s still affecting him, almost five months later. Burton is not participating in Organized Team Activities, and Bears head coach Matt Nagy said today that it’s because he had hernia surgery. Nagy confirmed that the hernia surgery is related to the issue that kept him out of the playoff game. At the time, Burton said he felt he let the team down by not playing, but there was no pushing through it, saying his groin locked up and he simply couldn’t play. That the injury is still affecting him now shows that it was a major issue, but Nagy said he expects to have Burton back on the field when training camp opens in two months.
  15. New TE and WR. uwww

    What great news! Means Mizzelerable is out!