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  1. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    I'd love it to happen sooner than later...but it won't. I've been w/ you on this. But the Bears aren't. The best hope is we have epic fails w/ Chase Daniel behind center, so all can see that it just might be a coaching and personnell issue. Thus resulting in no shows at Soldier, thus resulting in an angry Virginia. Thus resulting in coaching/gm change in the off season. Feels like deja vu all over again like w/ Trestman/Fox. Third time's the charm.
  2. Post mortem

    No doubt. The problem is also the GM and his inability to gauge talent correctly.
  3. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    It's not healthy for us to dwell on what could have been. Hell, we could have had Brady. It's all about what we can do going forward.
  4. Post mortem

    The Gould ship sailed long ago. He's not even playing now and missed as many kicks as Pineiro... Had SF not tagged him, sure. But, we need to move forward not look backwards.
  5. We CAN Win with Trubisky

    I think this plan sums up what many of us are thinking...Nagy just might be the bigger problem.
  6. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    Thanks for posting that. Great work.
  7. Post mortem

    I truly wish they will can Nagy, but unless he epicly loses the next 6 weeks, they will bring all the clowns back. Unless somehow, Pace convinces the McCaskeys that it's all Nagy's fault and gets one more shot at a QB and coach. (I'd really like Dave Toub as HC...) I want a complete re-boot. You keep Mack. He's been disappointing this season, but he's still more valuable than 2 potnential failed picks. Especially if Pace is doing the picking! You player personnell plan, I'd love to see happen!
  8. Post mortem

    Yes! The Offerman 11 year please! I guess I just feel taken advantage of by this team. Sold a bill of goods that any reasonable person would expect a refund for... This is why so many fans still pine for '85 and the Url years. It's all we have.
  9. Post mortem

    My glass is no longer half full regarding anything with this franchise. It's as bone dry as the Saharan desert... It's like family. You can't choose them like you can choose your freinds. I'd give about anything to just jump on the Patriots or Baltimore bandwagon and feel what it likes to have a completent well run professional team to root for. But, I can't. I'm stuck in our own personal Hell as we wait this regime to be ousted and let the next one try and build for a few years. Easily 5 years from now until we are relevant again. 1. We have no QB. I really like Tru as a person, but not as a QB. He aint' it. Neither is Chase. 2. We have no TE's. Burton flashed last year, and then faded. We've not had completent TE play since then. Shaheen is yet another Pace miscue. 3. Cohen, Gabriel and Miller are nice. But I've had it with Mighty Mouses. Cohen can return, and the other guys flash, but they mess up far more often than one would like. And when going against defenders, unless you place the ball ridiculously perfect, their height challenged bodies can't get open from DB's. Sorry, I'm short too. I don't play agasint 6'7" monster men. They simply aren't good enough to make up for the height issue. No one here is Steve Smith in the bunch. 4. Nagy is a fool. He's a fraud. His game plan and play calling are meant to light up a Madden opponent. Not a real football team. He's so intent on being tricky, he's eschewing winning for trying to be right. F him. I hate him. I hate that dumb visor. I hate that he's a nice guy cheerleader. That's all he is. He is a f'ing joke. From the Andy Reid tree. Well, la-di-frickin-da. Reid's sorry a$$ has never won despite the regular season epic numbers he puts up. Great for fantasy, not so much in reality. Nagy is the dumba$$ who mis-called the big playoff game for them years back and somehow parlayed that into our HC gig. I swear I bought right into it and probably would've bought the Brooklyn Bridge had it been offfered. Then he gets Helfrich. Who? College proven only - nothing pro. Heistand the genuis, who can't seem to teach guys jack now. And then Childress!? HA!!!!!!!!!!! That clown sucked when we went against him when he was in Minny. Again, never won jack. The Reid tree...a diseased tree of puss and manure. 5. Pace can pound sand. Right now, SF and the Raiders are laughing all the way to the bank with our trades with them . If I could undo the Mack trade, I wouldn't. But, it's only because Pace would pick complete garbage with the first round picks while somehow trading up w/ ghosts in order to rid ourselves of those pesky first round picks in a couple years. F Pace. He can eat a bag of you know what. 6. I am challenging myslef now. To not believe in this horribly run franchise. They have not earned the right of fans to have any hope. Until they PROVE they can put 2 successive successful seasons together, I will assume we will be the clown show that we always are. I will still root, because it's my damn blood. But, I wll refuse to believe until then. 7. See #6 regarding giving any money to this franchise. I will not attend a game. I will not buy any product. Nothing. You get no more of my money McCaskeys until you give me something in return. Rant over. I needed to purge that. Thanks for placating me. I'm still here as a loyal follower. But, I will approach it with trepidation and cautiousness never trusting in this franchise until proven otherwise. I thought last year was the corner turned. Wow... Man, was I wrong. Last year was the anomaly. As the Talking Heads said..."Same as it ever was..."
  10. Personnel Management - Looking at Pace

    We do need CB as I think Price will be gone. As will Dix. SO, add S to the mix. OTherwise you have it. I think we are ok at RB, and can grab a guy ion the late rounds. THe biggest need is QB. Then OL, the TE, then DL, then DB, then replacing Floyd. We have a lot of holes. With a better QB in the mix, we can bandaid up a lot toher than TE. We need a legit TE. We don't have one.
  11. Burton and Shaheen ruled out

    Woo hoo! No dead weight!
  12. Calling Jackson, Mack, and Floyd

    You got my vote!
  13. Whitehair back at Center

    Because while everyone else is playing chess, we are playing Candyland... Not even checkers. Checkers requires some skill and not just dumb luck.
  14. Tribune Article on QBs in 2017 Draft

    The big takeaway is that Pace did not meet w/ Watson. That seems like he's not doing due diligence and failed at his job. A fire-able offense in my book. Not saying he should be, but saying others have been fired over less. And his chicken sh&t a$$ didn't want to comment on the article. Boo.
  15. Cam Newton will accept trade to only one team

    I'm not sold. That said, he is the one potential available guy that has a ridiculously high ceiling. From that standpoint, it might be worth the shot. I'd give up one of our 2's for him. But, I think they'd want more.