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  1. Prince & Gabriel to be cut...

    It's all over the twitter... Jahns in particular caught my eye
  2. SB - Torn, feeling like an a-hole...

    I like your assessment!
  3. SB - Torn, feeling like an a-hole...

    I think, as a Bears fan, and feeling slightly petty about things...I want both teams to lose. A - SF, while they have Robbie (and that's about the only reason I don't mind them winning), they are where we want to be. The story of how Lynch fleeced us, how we let Mostert go, etc...will be played over and over again. I kind of don't want to hear it. B - KC, yup...we will forever hear the Bears took Tru over Mahomes. That dead horse will be flogged ad nausea. Then, Tyreek Hill having domestic problems...kind of hard to root for the guy. That said, Reid seems like a likable chap, and I don't mind him finally getting one, thus validating Nagy? And Mahomes pissed me off flashing the "10" bull@hit when he played us. Still bugs me. So, I want both to lose. But, I think my appreciation for what Gould did for us leans the balance of the scale in SF's favor.
  4. Hicks & Cohen Trying to Recruit Ebron

    Agreed. Seems like his ship has passed. That said...if we draft a stud, I don't mind someone holding the spot while they get up to speed.
  5. HOF

    Great share Az!
  6. John DeFilippo = QB coach

    Ooh. This looks to be a very good hire.
  7. Draft Game...

    What website is this off?
  8. Mahomes vs Watson vs Trubisky Last Quarter of Season

    My pleasure! But, I'll still be happier when they are literally bounced...
  9. Mahomes vs Watson vs Trubisky Last Quarter of Season

    Chile, the Packers suck. THey will be easily bounced in the playoffs. They are a fraud given victories by numerous officials.
  10. TalkBears Keeper FFB Playoffs

    Does the winner of 7th place/consolation bracket get anything?
  11. Pineiro The Worst Kicker in the league

    Isn't it time to flip the script and start going for 2 on a regular basis? Why not play the percentages? Screw PATS. I get going for a sure thing FG or if you absolutely need it for a win/tie, etc. But, why not embrace the new world? https://apnews.com/c3d16ccf272a41eb99bb95f4d27c1d0b NFL teams have gone for a two-point conversion 59 times this year through seven weeks and have converted 34 (a 58 percent success rate), according to Pro Football Reference.
  12. Mahomes vs Watson vs Trubisky Last Quarter of Season

    The immature comment came from Hub, so I'm only speculating on what he means exactly. And it would probably mean across the board. He simply doesn't have enough experience both as a QB and a leader of men. You can see how he tows the line in interviews, almost looking for permission to talk. At some point, he should just be himself and not worry about it. Same would go for how he play on the field. Just speculation.... I can be an amazing medical student who puts in lots of study and still be too immature to actually perform surgery. I think that's where he's at. Has all the tools and desire...just needs it to "click"
  13. Christmas Card

    Happy Holidays! Stay warm!