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  1. MVP's so far

    A position of worry is no longer. Now, QB... That said, is it: a. Eddy Dinero b. Eddy Money c. Steady Eddy (i prefer this one)
  2. QB Hell

  3. QB Hell

    At this point, it is what it is. 1. The verdict still isn't out. We've seen flashes of great and flashes of bad. What is consistent is inconsistency. With that, the coaching staff (um...Nagy) needs to fine tune the game to his strengths. Make it easy for him to succeed. The coaches, the line, and receivers other than ARob didn't do that last game. He's still green. Sure, by most counts, a QB should get it by year 3. But, Tru has some caveats. He barely had time at school and his year one was a virtual waste under Fox. I kind of see him at year 2 right now. I was hoping for more, but I think it is just that. His real game will show next season. 2. Maybe pre-season matters. 2 years in a row, we look ill prepared out of the gate. I get the trade off. Injury v preparedness. Right now, Nagy is gambling that losing game 1 is better than potentially having an injury. Let's see what he does next year. 2. Pining about what could have been is a fools errand and meant for PS4 Madden football. Go nuts in a video game using Watson, Mahomes or Montana for that matter. We drafted Mitch. By all counts, he and Watson were the guys to get. Maybe we picked wrong. Pining over what we missed is dumb as paint. If we don't like Mitch, let's look forward and see who we can draft. Which leads me to... 3. Start drafting QB's regularly now Pace. Yeah, we were behind the 8 ball on number of picks. Our cupboard was bare. It's not any more. So now, it's time to move from Daniel after this season and get a legit back-up w/ some potential for more. And if somehow a stud drops to us...it's worth the gamble. Maybe it lights a fire under Mitch at worst... I;m giving the guy a chance. He's the best we have and what's on the street is trash. It's just up to the coaches to work with what he can deliver, all the while trying to grow him. It's not an easy task. But, these coaches are making McD's wages... I have faith. But, I am concerned. Let's see what things look like on Sunday. Bear the F Down!
  4. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    Huh? I have the Bears D, man! Like 60 points a week right there!
  5. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    I got the impression, that the owner makes the choice...or basically default to whatever costs the owner the fewest rounds...
  6. Titans @ Bears-Preseason week 4

    I think we run with him barring someone very good getting let go. I just think we don't let it spiral out of control. He gets a few reasonable misses, then if a couple too many we cut him and get a guy. Or we just bloody damn go for it on 4th and 2 pt conversions!!! F kickers!
  7. Cutler coming back!!!

    Don't care...
  8. Kicker Battle - Elliott Fry waived, Pineiro's job to lose

    As many of said, I think it's really about not having any faith in Fry, and the potential upside of Pineiro. With an eye on who gets released and who is available via a vary late round pick trade.
  9. Cedric Benson

    Very sad...
  10. Fugly

    Having Mizzerable Mizzell off the team would be the best thing to come out of pre-season...
  11. “The Journey”

    Fun, but needs a better soundtrack!
  12. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    I won't be available 8/31 in the evening... Day time is OK.
  13. TalkBears Keeper FFB League #1

    I just really can't do 9/4