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  1. OTA notes

    It is great to see them spending time together building chemistry. I recall this with Cutler, Trubisky, and not sure about Grossman. But Cutler would join Marshall in Florida.
  2. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Attaochu is the Big Surprise .....cut. NT Mike Pennel signed today.
  3. OTA notes

    There was a good chance Braxton Jones would grab hold of the LT position and not let it go. He has the arm length and lateral movement for the wide zone. So they are moving Borum over to RT and Jenkins to the bench in this remix. I don't know what it means until TC, but this was something they tried.
  4. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Right, like to see one or two linemen drafted make some type of impact. I think our GM and his assistant will be great as long as they don't start gambling too much.
  5. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    I hope he sticks to building through the draft. Every trade has kept us in the mediocre to bad window for 25 years.
  6. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Very rarely do the good ones hit the market. If they are on the market they are not the teams top priority or they believe they can replace them with a cheaper option.
  7. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    This will be a position that can make or break a GM/team. We like and want to see our young players drafted or signed progress and succeed, but then we have all this money we have to spend. We can spend a little on Oline while we wait for one of our young guys to develop, so 1 to2 year window. What else? Maybe another vet WR like Will Fuller to throw in the mix and a DT to help.
  8. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    I watched a swift podcast showing how Borum/Jenkins only have 33-1/2 arms and Poles firmly believes in arm length. All the OTs brought in this year, Braxton Jones, Davenport, Coleman, have 35 plus arms. He said don't be surprised if Braxton Jones takes the LT position.
  9. Article on Velus Jones

    I don't think we have to worry. Jones is what the Bears and Fields were looking for. He will line up at multiple positions. Pickens will mainly line up outside. Pickens may be a good deep threat, but Jones will be a threat anytime he touches the ball. It will be exciting watching how it all turns out. I would even say Herbert surpasses Montgomery and Monty becomes the goal line/short yardage back.
  10. Draft Class Thoughts

    I wouldn't count on Larry O. He was upset about the process. Also, other players did not like the fact the Bears pulled the contract of the table. This will be a high draft pick next year.
  11. Offensive Scheme Breakdowns

    I do not see 32nd, but until Fields can prove he can play and win, the Bears will be in the bottom 5-8 teams. Bears could have lost a couple more games last year too (cincy and tenn) so I do not think they were better than it. They do have a favorable schedule this year but will also have a new system to learn. I see 5 or 6 wins and if they compete in each game it is all right. A top 10 draft pick slot can give them maybe 2-3 blue chip players that will put them in the playoff class and we need that more than barely making the playoffs.
  12. Tarik Cohen

    Seen a report out that Tarik was training live online and his Achilles blew out. The guy cannot catch a break.
  13. Article on Velus Jones

    This guy is Jakeem Grant with size. I am not so sure he was taken too early either. I dont think he makes it to round 4 if the Bears didn't take him.
  14. Article on Velus Jones

    I think we got a gem. He is top 10 in the NFL for speed. Velus knows he could have timed 4.2 40 if he came off the line straight. He will have to be accounted for wherever he lines up on the field, especially having a QB who can fly. No worries about him not being a traditional X wr or limited routes. He will also put the time in to learn, he carries a white erase board with him to learn like flash cards. LIKE Devin Hester was landed round 3, the Bears have another special player that will win the city.
  15. 2022 Schedule

    I will be pessimistic on this and going with 5 or 6 wins. I do not see how the Bears have improved as well as Minny or Detroit has over the last 2 years. Like i said i am being pessimistic. I think one horrible year will give this team the draft capital to finish the rebuild.