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  1. Week 2 fallout

    We don't have the head aches of Antonio Brown or Melvin Gordon. Haven't lost a Tyreek Hill or have Andrew Luck retire before the season. What we do have is our own frustrations with our expectations. We see one RB run for a buck fifty and we want that. Same for a QB, pass for 300 and we want. A TE and WR to break a hundred and we shall have that too. Well, game one, Rodgers was 18-30 203 and then 22-34 209 against the Vikes. Trubusky against Denver was 16-27 120, or GB 23-35 171. Completions percentage is not that far off. This is comparing him to a so called goat. We are programmed to want and want it right now, so we frequently express our needs. I think in time as the season progresses we will be less needy. The mistakes will drop and stats will increase as they get up to game speed and shape. Can we live with this if our guys finish the season healthy and are in the trophy hunt. Will we remember next year when we start off sloppy.
  2. Nagy goes balls out running it. Glad to see Montgomery get his first score. The Bears need to have a respectable run game if they want the pass game to work
  3. We might not be moving or controlling the offense like we want but it is progress. Keep running and eventually there will be a miss or it will cause a DB to bite and a WR will be open for a big gain.
  4. Good catch lol. I even slip when talking about him. I dont thi k I would matter if we drafted Mahomes or Watson. I think Chicago is where QBs go to die.
  5. The Vikings payed a high price for their mid level QB. Cousins has been in the league 8 years too. Rex will never make it out of Chicago, doesnt matter who the Bears have at QB they will never survive or succeed.
  6. I think Nagy spent some offseason time preparing for this matchup. He is going to bait Fangio and do a switcheroo. It will come down to the trenches, if Daniel's makes the right line calls and they give Mitch time, he should settle down and not make rookie mistakes. The Bears awaken from hibernation and feast on Broncos for lunch 25-6.
  7. QB Hell

    It is frustrating for sure. Good Rex... Jay...Mitch, Bad Rex, Jay, Mitch. One, he is not as bad as Thursday and two, he will never be Pat. What they need is for him to understand the game and yet he is a ways off. I think he spent the offseason learning the plays but not seeing how they play out with the NFL speed. At least they have an option on him because this version won't make it to year 5 unless he learns quick. We will be back to signing a vet or trading draft capital bc we want to win now.
  8. Fangio overrated?

    I ain't saying Jack until our game is over.
  9. This week cannot get over any quicker

    Watching Sundays games is not helping. Young QBs having career games, WRs throwing up 150+, RBs scoring and hitting the century mark. To make it even worse, we only scored 3 freaking points...3. Gonna be the low turd after Monday. Next Sunday needs to get here fast to get this nasty taste out. Nagy has his work cut out to get this team up to speed. They owe us a game. The offense owes the D.
  10. Antonio Brown saga

    Did you see Browns social media, he had a camera crew there. This was all pre-planned and for as quick as he was a Patriot, I'd say they were involved. This has to have team owners furious and it will add language into future contracts making it tougher for these to happen.
  11. Sunday Early Games

    Minnesota looks pretty tough out of the gate too. The good part is the Bears could scale back on offense and it would help imo. Get a run established, add some screens, then once that is going some deep shots to soften the d
  12. Antonio Brown saga

    It is unfortunate for the Raiders. If this was the plan all along, they should be granted compensation. It is good for the Bears as it helps us get value back in the Mack trade, but I would hate to see players use this tactic in the future. Wonder how long Gronkowski stays retired. This might have him thinking one more ring.
  13. Antonio Brown saga

    Glad I only have Brown in a free FF league as a WR1. Took AJ Green with a late pick, now I will hold two inactives on my bench. If the Bears do not turn around from Thursdays performance, the Raiders might have a high first round pick from us. Lord, please help Nagy, Trubisky, and the 5 OL find the vision and power to defeat the remaining opposition. Amen
  14. One Play to Sum up the Game

    I think we seen some woes of switching Daniel's to center. He had some troubles making the calls at the line. Let's hope this was the worst game the oline played and it is out of the way.