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  1. Roster Turn Over - Next 3 Years

    Great piece! Pace has done a pretty good job. If he wants to be great, he has to make the next jump on fitting the right pieces into place to replace departing veterans while 3 peating over the Patriots each time.
  2. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    It all depends on who they sign and the best we would get is a late 3rd.
  3. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    I believe Montegomery was brought in to be the guy, but also know he will be worked into that role and not have it handed over. Davis was also brought in to have a role and could grasp early playing time as Montegomery gets accumulated. This offense is known to put up great RB numbers. KC has had Jamal Charles, Spencer Ware, Kniles Davis, Chandrick West and Kareem Hunt who all shined when given the chance. I only hope the group we have now can start putting up similiar numbers. Looking at KCs RBs helps me realize how Howard didn't fit, no disrespect because a monster truck racing a nascar on a nascar track isn't a fair comparison. Put the nascar on a hilly truck track and the results are different. So I think Davis will shine early on then once Montegomery takes his place he will move to the 3rd option. Hopefully Davis puts up huge numbers and gets interest from other clubs so we can have the option to trade him. This cutting players has to stop, we need to keep them until FAs if we ever want to get compensation.
  4. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    He is in a nearly perfect situation. His only possible drawback is Davis flourishes and takes snaps away. If that is the case, Run DMC will be a hit and the Bears offense will be a high powered threat meaning a long playoff run can happen. If we get that, I do not think fans or Montegomery would care about not being the top rookie RB. Even at 800 yds rushing, I think that is a success.
  5. Run DMC

    Fun video. I think the Club Dub will be bumping to some DMC this fall.
  6. New OT T.J. Clemmings

    I remember hoping the Bears would draft him. He was raw coming out. Maybe HH can flip him into a commodity. From Walter Football: Summary: Early in the draft process, some prominent TV draft analysts projected Clemmings to be the top offensive tackle in the 2015 NFL Draft. In speaking with NFL teams, they never had Clemmings rated that high and view him much differently. They like Clemmings, but feel he is more of a developmental project. The need for Clemmings' development is understandable as 2014 was only his second season playing on the offensive line. Clemmings was a defensive end to start out his collegiate career and moved to right tackle as a junior. Clemmings started 13 games at right tackle in 2013. Clemmings played well in 2014 for Pittsburgh. He is a good athlete who can be a force as a run-blocker. Clemmings needs to improve his technique in pass protection as he can be slow to react to speed rushers. That issue became very apparent at the Senior Bowl when Clemmings really struggled in practice during the pass-rushing one-on-ones. Speed rushers were running by him, and that seemed to cause him to snowball and struggle in pass blocking against bull rushers he normally stops. In the ground game though, Clemmings blocked well and opened up holes. Entering the NFL, Clemmings strength is his run blocking. He can bulldoze defensive linemen out of their gap and open holes in the ground game. He shows real power to ride them down the field and sustain his blocks through the whistle. Clemmings also is a good athlete with quickness. That's were the left tackle projections come from, but he needs a lot of work before being ready for that. Clemmings is a good run-blocker, but needs a lot of work in pass protection. Some have talked about moving Clemmings to left tackle, but he should develop on the right side first. General managers with two teams told WalterFootball.com they graded Clemmings as a third-round pick, but believe a team that likes him enough to draft him would do it in Round 2. Another general manager said they have a second-day grade on Clemmings, while yet another GM said they have a fourth-round grade on Clemmings. On average, sources feel that Clemmings should develop as a guard or right tackle. In the 2015 NFL Draft, Clemmings looks most likely to be a second- or third-round pick.
  7. Who Is Your Pick To Breakout?

    Players take different times to breakout. It took Fuller nearly his full rookie contract to click. The key is how long can a team afford to wait to find out. The Bears went in knowing Shaheen will take time, does he click before his time is up. The team is loaded with players that have or should. Who is on deck whether they were a high pick or not: Floyd, Bullard, Nichols, RRH, Irving, Fitts, Iggy, Shelly. Trubisky, Davis, Montgomery, Burton, Shaheen, Nall, Miller, Gabriel, Ridley. Not many options, but to be way out there, I am going with Shelly on D, I think once he gets his foot in the door, he will shine and enjoy the spot light. On offense, Nall is my guy. I think he is the "secret weapon" Nagy let get accumulated on the PS to handle his multiple roles as the joker. He will shift from RB to FB to TE and even WR. His long speed and yards after contact will make him a nightmare to scheme.
  8. 100th year in existence ( Super Bowl)?

    This year has the makings to be special. The improvement in the running game with Mitch and WRs in year two of Nagys O will be fun. We get a lead will allow Pagano to do what he does best in attacking offenses. It is getting sick how deep we are at some positions like WR and RB. Guys like Nall, Hall, Wims that may not make the team.
  9. New TE and WR. uwww

    I do not think any of these moves at TE mean anything in regards to Shaheen. The Bears will have at least 4 TEs on the roster. Burton, Shaheen, Braunecker are locks. Sowell and Raymond will compete. Burton mysteriously was unavailable for the Bears biggest game of last season. I think that burns Pace and Nagy more. If they keep Nall as a FB with his preseason leading 7 yds per carry, I think he can do what Burton can in a pinch if needed. Shaheen does have a lot to prove, but he looked the part early on in preseason until his injury. This is Shaheens make or break season, year 3 you have to produce.
  10. Top Contenders for Rookie of the Year

    I am not surprised at all. His style fits the system, he compares to Kareem Hunt, he has the opportunity to take the position as the featured back. I know Henderson may have been the top guy, but once he was taken Pace made sure to get the next guy. Montgomery probably checks more boxes over Henderson too. Have to see him play, but I think we got a really good player in rd 3.
  11. Epic Important Telling Roster Moves

    They went into last season with Burton, Sims, Braunecker, and Brown (Shaheen on IR) Right now, we have Burton, Shaheen, and Braunecker. They need more competition to get 4 solid options
  12. Good stuff

    Maybe Pace brings it out more, but the Bears have always had a strong family culture going back to Piccalo from what I recall.
  13. Signed a ST Ace

    Pace traded up for Kwit, he might have some conviction left in him to keep him around. It would be nice to get value out if him in a trade but very unlikely. I did see him being a great fit for Fangio as an in the box tackling machine like Chris Borland was for SF. He just doesnt have the lateral speed to cover.
  14. Signed a ST Ace

    Have to see how it all unfolds. He is competition to Kwit and Iggy and possibly Trevathan who is on the last year of his deal. I dont think they would look to move or cut him and take a step back from mlb position.
  15. Rookie Minicamp

    I think Bar either makes it too. Our practice squad will be loaded for pickings. Might have to have a few IR injuries.