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  1. PFF hates Trubisky

    Worthless analysis. They say he is as inaccurate as Bortles yet just in 15sec of looking at their stats Trubisky completed in his second season and first year of new offense 66.6% of his passes while Bortles has never exceeded 60.3% in 5 seasons. Again it's a few negative plays that standout in people's minds because, especially in this case, I think that's what they want to see to back up their view of what Trubisky is. It's not even worth arguing about especially if they can't even look at some basic data. We all know the glass is half full with Trubisky it's just a question of if you think the arrow is going up or staying flat.
  2. PFF hates Trubisky

    I'm just saying when you look through their individual game stats almost all QBs are inconsistent. Then there is Drew Brees. Trubisky just needs to hit on two or three more intermediate/deep passes per game and that goes away. It's those missed big play opportunities that stand out (at least to me) and often the players he targeted were open. With him in the second year of this offense and play calls and reading the defense reportedly coming more naturally for him I'm hopeful he'll be more focused on his throwing mechanics. When he has his body all lined up he can fit the ball into some very tight windows even with players on the move. If he wants to be a legit franchise QB those are the plays he has to make.
  3. PFF hates Trubisky

    First Trubisky got injured on a late hit, not by running or because he was running. He was actually laying on the ground at the time. Running like that in the open field and sliding early is far less dangerous IMO than staying in the pocket. A player could just as easily take a cheap shot on him in the pocket. If he were trying to be a RB and take on tacklers as others like Cam and Jackson have done at times...that's bad for longevity. ...and so you agree with Jackson being ranked ahead of him? What about Watson who just said last week he's starting to understand his offense (in his 3rd year) and reading defenses better? Neither of us said Trubisky is a top 10 QB. You say he is inconsistent in passing yet he has 66% completions and six games were over 70%. His comp% is ahead of Brady, Wilson, Mahomes, Goff, Mayfield, Rodgers, Jackson, Darnold, Stafford, Rosen, and Josh Allen. For comparison with the new gold standard: With Pro Bowl WR/TE/RB, and in his second year in the offense, Mahomes had just one more game (7 total) over 70% completions. Of course there are some inconsistencies in Trubisky's passing, and inconsistencies in his reading of defenses but the data in many ways shows he's solidly in the middle of the pack if not ahead of many names rated well ahead of him (Goff for sure). Yet a QB who is middle of the pack relative to his peers who is also near the top of the pack in running ranks below them? That certainly didn't hold true for Cam Newton, Jackson, Wentz, Mahomes, and Watson when they were running around. For those QBs the ability to scramble and run made them more special and moved them up in the rankings despite poor completion %. In his nearly MVP year Wentz was only completing passes at 63% and finished 2017 with just 60% completed. Moreover in 2017 he never had a single game over a 70% completion rate. FWIW he improved in his 3rd season quite a bit. National media types don't watch Bears games, not like we do. We are hyper-critical, as most fans of teams are, of our own players.
  4. PFF hates Trubisky

    I'd say in passing both are about equal. Foles has significant limitations under pressure and Trubisky shines more often than not in those moments. Mostly I see Foles ahead of Trubisky on reading defenses and being able to make the quick decisions. However, he wasn't always that way, especially not in his 2nd season. Then there are the adhoc plays and designed read-options that a defense must account for with Trubisky on the field. Do you think Foles will provide the running threat or yards that Trubisky does? Zero chance of that. Yet the media ignores his ability to run. In support of that ignoring his running consider Lamar Jackson and his 4.7ypc versus Trubisky's 6.7ypc. Yet Jackson is ranked 15th on USA Today's list. (This is their ranking of a team's QB situation not QBs per se). So Trubisky is better at passing than Jackson completing 66.6% of his passes vs. 58.2%. Plus he is more efficient running than Jackson too. Trubisky QB rating 95.4 vs. Jackson at 84.5. And if you say that Jackson is limited in his running yards because defenses are stacking the box well then shouldn't that make it easier for him to pass? Meanwhile these same knuckleheads put Goff at #7 despite their own precaution that even after 3 seasons in the NFL he can't read defenses on his own and still has to rely on his HC calling the play. Maybe they were watching a different Superbowl than the rest of us.
  5. PFF hates Trubisky

    I didn't realize he started going after people in the media too. That usually doesn't end well for the player.
  6. How Mack was got

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush still holds true today.
  7. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    KC only led in sacks for one reason and that was because teams were so far behind they had to pass starting in the 2nd quarter. Even then their D was still horrible. At this point they've gone the Indy-route and are all-in on offense and the D will be held together with glue and staples.
  8. PFF hates Trubisky

    At least our team isn't dealing with this crap from our franchise QB: https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/04/baker-mayfield-to-duke-johnson-youre-either-on-this-train-or-youre-not/ Then Mayfield's WRs had to have a personal chat with him about respecting other players. https://heavy.com/sports/2019/06/browns-baker-mayfield-duke-johnson/ The NFL is filled with ups and downs even for elite players. How a QB handles the downs early in his career says a lot about their character IMO. Trubisky has already weathered a ton of criticism in his first two seasons (as seen in this thread from outside sources) yet he's always handled himself with class, continues to work hard, and focuses on improving his performance first without criticizing his teammates. OTOH Mayfield is already showing plenty of signs that won't be his M.O. From the way he treated Hugh Jackson on the field in front of everyone, and now his teammate Johnson it's clear he won't or can't handle things with class. Brown's fans should be elated because of the future the roster has but if I were in their shoes I'd be nervous about what Mayfield could become if/when things go downhill.
  9. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    We have him for 2 more seasons since we picked up his 5th year option. He hasn't produced at a high level but he's versatile and I still view him as nice chess piece to have on the field. That's especially true given the likelihood of Pagano's blitzing schemes. I think the most likely outcome is that we keep him for 2 more seasons and let him go in FA. If I were Floyd I wouldn't sign an extension now either. He just needs one season with 10+ sacks and he'll be a highly sought after FA. With our Dline he's got a as good a chance as he'll ever have to make that happen. Call it the Amos effect.
  10. Floyd - Bigger, Stronger

    Find a long term deal with Floyd now. The quote below is from Trevathan who usually doesn't give that kind of detailed praise. The article has more good info on how Floyd is developing at the guidance of our new OLB coach Monachino. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-spt-bears-leonard-floyd-breakout-season-biggs-20190617-story.html “I don’t know many linemen you got, but you better put some more on there because he’s been putting his best foot forward,” Trevathan said. “He’s been working his tail off and he’s been learning this defense in and out. I’ve been seeing him be more explosive, putting on a little more weight, a lot stronger, a lot more fundamentally sound and he appreciates each day and he’s getting the most out of it.
  11. OMG

    This is a case of people wanting what they don't have. With HHCD the Packers didn't always have a disciplined player, nor one who liked contact, but he made some big plays. They are now willing to give up few big plays to get the sure thing. Meanwhile in Chicago we had the sure thing in Amos but there were no big turnovers/fumbles/etc. to go with it. But he also didn't give up the big play to the offense. Amos will take good angles but they always start 3-5 yards behind the receiver and he'll contain the play from getting behind him. For $9mil they have Amos. We get HHCD and Goldman, or Floyd, or Roquan. If you want to stay in FA deals we got HHCD and Patterson.
  12. OMG

    They have different traits as players but to even attempt to compare HHCD at $3.5m vs. Amos at $9mil is ridiculous. I liked Amos as a player, and I'm happy for him that he was awarded with that nice contract especially because he's a Packer. All I ask is that they put him at FS.
  13. Brandt - Projecting Top 5 Rookie RBs

    I'm not nearly that high on Davis. I think he'll always be, at best, a 3rd RB for us, maybe fill in as a spot starter. His versatility might make him standout in our eyes early on but remember that he's being compared to Cunningham and Mizzell. I kind of hope this is a 1 year deal and he's replaced by a rookie or a much cheaper vet next year. That would mean Montgomery has a stranglehold on the starters job and we save $3mil in cap space minus new salary.
  14. Guess who is #1? Some of this is situational of course and so landing on a good team helps. Plus, in this past draft there really wasn't an elite RB talent. IMO there isn't a whole lot of difference between Montgomery and Jacobs, except for draft value. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001033290/article/2019-nfl-season-projecting-the-top-five-rookie-running-backs
  15. PFF hates Trubisky

    We can ask Rodgers if his WRs make a difference but he's already made that public knowledge. Yes, having AR12 makes Trubisky better just as he made Bortles better. The Rams game is the one Trubisky came back from injury and it was clearly his worst game of the year IMO given his experience in the offense at that part of the season. He acknowledged trying to do too much in that game and then responded with Completion % of 71, 86, and 69 along with QBRs of 120, 113, 86 to finish the season. Then he threw for 300+ yds in the playoff game and had a likely game winning drive with seconds left in the game IF anyone other than Cody Parkey was our kicker. That playoff game wasn't pretty for the offense. Howard ran for a whopping 35yds.