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  1. Gordon Signs

    This was a couple days ago and leaves just one draftee, Brisker, pending. I'd expect that to be done soon but it also depends on when Brisker is available to sign if he chose to go out of town during his break. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-sign-top-draft-pick-kyler-gordon
  2. Interesting to see any Bears offensive player get some props on NFL Network. https://www.nfl.com/videos/pioli-shares-his-up-and-coming-te-to-watch-in-2022
  3. Mooney Interview

    I can't imagine buying a new Ferrari and just parking it in the garage and saying I'll see how it drives next year. If the QB coach was constantly with Fields working on his mechanics I might say ok, go ahead and put the big turbo kit on it first then let's see it run. There was none of that.
  4. Mooney Interview

    I haven't listened to the interview, just read the summary here: https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-more-organized-now-says-darnell-mooney Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/darnell-mooney-in-studio-time-to-cash-in-on-white-sox/id1210156055?i=1000567483239 In a podcast interview with Redline Radio, described Matt Eberlus' team as entirely organized and the Matt Nagy regime, well, not so much. "It's night and day, man," Mooney said on the podcast about Bears practices now. "It's smooth. I mean everything. Everybody knows where to go, when to do something, what's the expectation, what's the standard. You know what you're getting out of the next day. It's not coming in and just like, 'uh, what we got going on?' This is not a surprise to anyone who watched this team last year and it's a good sign for the future of the franchise until we get to see the product on the field.
  5. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Week 1 against the 49ers is a great way to start. They know the offense inside and out and the defense sees it everyday in camp. Plus they have a really good Dline. Will this look like the Cleveland game last year?
  6. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    Dozier just got placed on IR.
  7. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    I like Jones but by his own admission he has a lot of work to do including figuring out how to get snap counts down. I'm glad for now that Jones appears to have at least settled into the backup OT role and it's obvious Borom will be our swing OT. For a 5th Rd pick that's a win... or back2back wins if you count Borom in there. For his part Jenkins wasn't moved from RT but we'll see if he's the backup RT or not. We have to wait for the pads to come on because Jenkins game is all about timing with his hands and then once he's got you, taking you where ever he wants to go. He may have had some other issues like conditioning with the faster cadence they want on offense. I'm not giving up on him. Who thought we'd have a reasonable debate about who our top 2 OTs are? All prognostications were about which FA we should be bringing in to cover the glaring need. Regardless of where Jones lands, I get the sense they are ok with the top 3 OTs or we'd have seen more shuffling toward the interior. They wanted to see how fast Jones can learn under the pressure of working with the 1's. We don't have that assessment but we do have 2 straight days of Fields and the offense playing well to close out OTAs. They still had pass rushers coming after them in those drills and I haven't seen any reports that Fields was routinely moved off his spot due to pressure. Admittedly our Dline isn't a finished product but you have to start somewhere. Lastly, if the team is intent on accelerating Jones' education at LT, and by default possibly moving Borom/Jenkins inside to RG, then parking Robert Quinn in front of him with pads on is the perfect training opportunity. Jones is struggling with snap count issues and getting off the line a bit late, and Quinn is really talented at that not to mention his other pass rushing skills. Helping to get the true top 5 Oline on the field has to factor into the trade value and if I were the coach I'd be very hesitant to move on from that. That value carries forward into next offseason in a big way too because if Poles knows he's set at OT the focus goes elsewhere.
  8. Trade Quinn?

    Then you’d think it would be a surprise contender like the Bengals were last year. There’s no way to predict that. It could even be us with this weak schedule. The defense would have to carry things especially early on and Quinn would be a big part of that. Take him off the team and that slim chance becomes next to non-existent as there are no other consistent rush threats across the D front. I’m patient either way I just want to watch a team that enjoys playing football again.
  9. OTA notes

    After reading this I'd say Jones still has a way to go to earn a starting role. That doesn't mean he's out of the competition and it was good to see the coaches throw him in with the 1's. His future definitely looks bright. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/progress-braxton-jones-made-shows-he-will-compete-at-tackle This article outlines his approach, which we've already seen with a few players: https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-planning-different-approach-to-training-camp-practice
  10. OTA notes

    And Olin's son's friend, Kramer, is now on the roster Olin no doubt is getting some feedback on what is happening in the room.
  11. OTA notes

    He hasn't moved yet, they've kept him at RT but he did drop down to reps with backups. About the only conclusion I can see is that our top 3 OTs are Jenkins, Jones, and Borom, and that Borom will be a starter on one side or the other. If Jenkins is the backup, I find it hard to believe Mustipher is the better option at RG and that they wouldn't even give Jenkins some reps at RG in OTAs to see how he does. All eyes will be on the Oline once camp starts.
  12. Post June 1 Cap

    We'll see but we're starting to get some noise about Jones looking ok so far at LT. We're far from Jones winning the job but at this point with him earning at least 6 full practices with the 1's I'm starting to feel comfortable that he's doing enough to at least be the backup OT. This whole thing with Borom at RT could simply be the fact they don't want Jones learning both sides as a rookie and want to see if Borom can handle both. I still feels odd that, if this were a sign of a demotion, Jenkins was kept at RT with no looks at RG whatsoever. Jenkins had very few reps all last year and they were at LT so he's basically a rookie and this could be the same scenario: Keep him in the RT spot to get him as good as he can be there. Borom might end up the LT starter/swing OT and then if he or Jenkins go down they shuffle accordingly with Jones coming in at LT. We'll know what they think of Jones during the first week of camp. Given all that, I'd have to say Borom is the real surprise so far among the Oline. He's the only player I'm aware of getting consistent 1st team reps at 2 spots. https://www.dabearsblog.com/ "Who is the early talk of practice? Braxton Jones. Don’t be surprised if Jones is given a chance to be the starting left tackle when the Bears return for camp."
  13. Trade Quinn?

    I just wonder if there has been some noise behind the scenes and Quinn's agent has picked up on the news. Just like the Bears all teams now have a good sense of their roster and gaps. Adding someone before camp starts is ideal. In the press conference Eberflus didn't seem too bothered by it.
  14. Trade Quinn?

    Quinn didn't show up to mandatory camp. Somebody needs to get the rumor mill fired up.
  15. Bears sign Pennel, release Attaochu

    No reason to keep a bottom of the roster player with no upside. At least give the practice snaps to someone with more upside and see what they do with it.